Why Don’t I Advocate Buying An Old Panerai Anymore?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Panerai is one of the most popular watches sold. In the Panerai sold in circulation, there are still a large number of early models and discontinued models. Due to their classic styles and affordable prices, they are still the main force of sales. I hope that what I said below will not affect the business of watchmakers. I must admit that I don’t know much about two brands of watches, one is Vacheron Constantin and the other is Panerai. This is due to some previous work experience. On the other hand, because I have thin hands and I don’t think I can wear it, I don’t see much and don’t know much. But this does not mean that I haven’t bought it. These Pei have finally been worn by others, and I haven’t worn it for a long time. After limited contact and the purchase of several Peihai, because once it involves buying a watch, the market will look more, so I have some understanding of some Peihai with a large circulation, so I have a view on Panerai There has been a change, from the recommendation of the old Pei Pei to the no longer advocating that people around you buy the old Panerai.

The largest Panerai of the year, 111, because of its classic style and entry price, people bought in large quantities. And the 6497 movement used in this watch also planted hidden dangers for a large number of N factory products in the future.

In addition to 111, another very large amount of Pei, 005, the OP lightning logo on the disk is very eye-catching, and the encrypted bottom of the 6497 movement also lays a hidden danger for the N factory.
   The reason is very simple. The quantity of plant N is too large.
   Let me tell you a story first. I used to get a Panerai from the N factory. I always heard how the N factory and the ZF factory were god. When I first took the P factory from the N factory, I found out that it is really God. For those who have not contacted the N factory, a true Panerai and a N factory Panerai cannot distinguish between true and false. why? Because the Panerai of the N factory, such as the 111 and the true Panerai 111, even the movements used are the same. Please note that the movements are the same, using the same model movement, ETA6497. Since the patent protection period of the ETA movement has expired, all manufacturers can make imitations. To put it another way, can you say that the 6497 movement made by other manufacturers is a fake movement? It is indeed a real movement. It is manufactured according to the original drawings and proportions. It is a genuine movement. So for inexperienced people, it can’t be distinguished. Later, I looked at it for a while, and slowly saw the difference between the N factory movement and the original factory. The N factory movement is made according to the standard version 6497. Originally there was no gooseneck trimming. The 6497 of Panerai 111 had a gooseneck trimming. Therefore, when factory N imitated the original factory decoration, a gooseneck fine-tuning was added, and the appearance of the gooseneck fine-tuning was no problem. The problem lies in the screws of the gooseneck fine-tuning against the fast and slow needles, because the screws are added later, so The screws often can’t push the position of the fast and slow needles, and there is a very clear gap between the fast and slow needles, which can directly distinguish the N factory and the Panerai true watch (the N factory has already imitated the shock absorber exactly). In addition, there is another difference. The 6497 movement of Panerai True Watch has the ETA company’s small flower logo on the splint under the balance wheel, which is not available in N factory (it is more obvious when viewed with a magnifying glass). As you can see, the fake watch has almost reached the extreme. It is difficult for people who are not experienced to distinguish between genuine and fake.

It is this ETA6497 movement that has become the source of all problems. Please note that the picture is the standard version 6497. Panerai’s 6497 added fine-tuned goosenecks.
   So why do I just stop buying old Panerai? Because the old movement can be easily imitated by the same type of movement, the worst-hit areas are 111 and 005, because 005 is a dense bottom and opaque, you can’t even see the movement, and it is easier to imitate (but use It is also the same model 6497 movement, but has not changed the shape of the gooseneck. The quantity of Panerai of Factory N is really very large. Not only is it easy to sell, it is often out of stock, and there are a large number of agents taking goods for sale. Although we bought a genuine Panerai, but because there are too many fake watches, you will even be treated as a N factory if you wear real watches. To be honest, this is why I never buy a Rolex water ghost, whether it is black Still green. The technology imitated by the N factory was not so high before, plus the luminor bridges of 111 and 005 are too classic, and the price is an affordable price for entry, so I also recommend it to people, but now it is not, I think it is the opposite Makes people suffer.

Note that the fine adjustment weight on the balance wheel of Panerai’s self-produced movement cannot be made by any folk imitation watch, which is a sign of judging Panerai at a glance.
   Since the discontinuation of ETA movement models, Panerai has all used its own production movements, including high-end positioning manual long-power P.2000 series, manual three-day power P.3000 series, pearl tourmaline P.4000 series, manual long-power P.5000 series, automatic 3-day power P.9000 series (Panarai’s self-produced movements have developed at a rapid rate in recent years). These movements cannot be copied by folks. Folk imitation watch movement can only imitate one shape, and the technical parts on the watch cannot be imitated. Like the balance wheel. Previously, because many N factory watches used domestic 6497 and 2824 movements to make watches. Although the movement of the watch was almost the same as that produced in Switzerland, the shock absorber did not use KIF and Incabloc shock absorbers because it used domestic shock absorbers. At first glance, the triangle-shaped shock absorber reeds are known to be from the N factory. Later, the N factory increased the degree of imitation and completely imitated the shock absorber. Both the shape of the reed and the position of the shock absorber opening were the same as those made in Switzerland, making the watch of the N factory more difficult to identify. But now, the new movements of major Swiss watch factories have upgraded the balance wheel.

Panerai’s new entry model using the P.5000 movement is the best replacement for the original 6497 Panerai. The 8-day long-term power of the P.5000 self-produced movement is impressive.
   Everyone knows that many new watches that use self-produced movements now use cardless balance springs, fine-tuned balance wheels, and fine-tuned weights on the balance wheels. The balanceless weight fine adjustment balance is a relatively complicated technical part of the watch. Except for the brand watch factory itself, the folks do not have the technical strength to make and imitate it. Making a balance wheel even requires 14 kinds of equipment. After 10 minutes of cutting, this technology is not available to anyone else in the watch factory. So we can actually see a lot of counterfeit new Panerai products from the N factory every day. I admit that the appearance is indeed similar, but when I look at the movement, I directly expose the filling. The N factory could not imitate Panerai’s new movement with the Japanese Citizen movement and 2824 movement. Here I would like to say a little more. For Omega watches using the new 8500/8400 series movements, the DLC black plated balance is the best identification mark of the Omega true watch. There is no black plating technology in the folk, and the counterfeiters are yellow ordinary pendulums. Round, at a glance you know it’s a fake omega.

Panerai has begun to use carbon materials to make watches on many new models.

Panerai’s heaviest LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech watch at the 2017 Geneva Watch Fair this year. The entire watch is made of carbon materials from the inside to the outside. The watch does not require lubrication at all and can be maintenance-free for 50 years.
   In addition, Panerai has embarked on a ‘high-tech’ line in recent years. A large number of new Panerai use ceramic, carbon fiber, titanium and even 3D printing technology to make watches (Sorry everyone, I don’t know much about Panerai’s models. I won’t say the model specifically). The standard of the case has been increased linearly, and the technical content and recognition of the case are very high. These are also unique to Panerai. So I highly recommend you buy the new Panerai. At this year’s Geneva Watch Fair, Panerai also launched a carbon fiber LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 watch. The case and the movement are made of carbon material, and the movement no longer requires the use of ruby ​​bearings. This technology was previously verified on Breitling’s chronoworks concept movement, when Breitling used ceramic splints. I did not expect Panerai to start mass production with instant use of carbon materials and the watch will be maintenance-free for 50 years. The new Panerai has formed a huge technical difference from the old Panerai. Judging from the situation this year, Panerai has reached the leading position in the watch industry in new watch technology.

Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech watch does not have a conventional gem shaft in the wheel train (because the smoothness of the carbon material does not require bearings), and a silicon escapement is used. The movement of the movement has a DLC coating Therefore, no lubricant is required.
   It was important that the price of 111 and 005 was cheap at that time. Now Panerai has replaced the entry position of 111 and 005 with the model of its own P.5000 manual movement. As far as the transactions I have come into contact, P.5000’s Pei The Naha price is even lower than 005, so it is a very good alternative model. The 8-day long power also far exceeds the old entry Panerai’s 6497, which is really a good choice. In the end, I hope that everyone outside of Panerai, 111 and 005, will continue to find their own satisfied Pei.