Vacheron Constantin Lucerne Store Officially Opened

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin has decided to locate its new flagship store in Lucerne, a German-speaking area of ​​Switzerland. Lucerne is a cultural city, historical city and design city. The climate here is warm, quiet and pleasant. Here You can fully understand this traditional and modern brand.
     Vacheron Constantin opened a new store in Lucerne. Lucerne is a small town on the shore of Four-Cantons Lake. It echoes Maison Vacheron Constantin on the island of ‘En l’ Ile’. The island of ‘En l’ Ile’ is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. The new store officially opened on November 8, 2012. It is strategically located at 10 Kapellplatz. The store’s logo uses the brand’s unique colors and the Maltese cross.
     This famous city in central Switzerland has a deep historical connection with the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, which has been continuously producing since its establishment in 1755. Oscar Frésard was the brand’s first agent in Lucerne, working there since 1896. For ten years, Otto Ahrens at Alpenstrasse 5 and E. Leicht-Mayer & Co in Haldenstrasse have followed him. They are determined to defend the company’s values: always strive for excellence; support innovation, respect for tradition; share passion, the highest-level watches represent the highest state of watchmaking in terms of technology, aesthetics and assembly. Vacheron Constantin store will become a place where people can talk freely, and also a place where people think about time and its meaning. The high-end building materials such as wood, copper and leather are used in the store, creating a comfortable and unexpected environment with a little luxury. The store consists of two floors and covers an area of ​​120 square meters. The first floor is a boutique counter and the VIP lounge is upstairs.