Transforming Classics Into Timeless Chinese Elements In Watch Design

Clock designers are often sensitive to life and design, and have unique insights. They are good at drawing inspiration from beautiful things, inspiring imagination, and interpreting it perfectly. China is a country with a long history and rich culture. Countless legends and stories have been circulating in China for the past five thousand years. Many meaningful symbols have been scrambled to be discovered and used by watch brands. The international recognition of Chinese elements has increased. The better, the beautiful dial, the auspicious meaning, and the clever watchmaking technology, make the watch with Chinese elements more attention.

  Long Feng Cheng Xiang

  The sacred status of the dragon and the phoenix in Chinese culture, which means honor and authority, has always been an indispensable element. Feng, on behalf of Huagui, is auspicious, and it is infinitely beautiful. Piaget has been committed to the design of high-end luxury jewelry and watches, the brand launched the ‘Long Feng series’ watches with Chinese totem characteristics. 18K rose gold creates a 34mm women’s case, exuding the luster of precious metal, and the diamonds are dazzling and dazzling. Looking at the whole, the simple and clear rose gold diamond case, a dancing phoenix on the clean dial, with a white strap, wears a wrist as transparent as a feather.

  The image of the dragon has been tempered by the Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years. Today, the Chinese people today even claim to be proud of ‘the descendants of the dragon’, which also inspired the count’s creative inspiration. The corresponding dragon-patterned watch series G0A36549 watches on the white dial engraved a life-like dragon, and the posture of its teeth and claws soared into the sky. Intersect with the Phoenix pattern.

  Embroidery craft

  Embroidery is one of China’s outstanding national traditional craftsmanship. Its exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful patterns have long been famous all over the world. Different patterns are drawn with fine embroidery threads thinner than hair. The body, the characters can have a vivid look, and the flowers and birds can be reminiscent of intimacy … It is fun and creative, Vacheron Constantin can be described as innovative again, and this wonderful craft is applied to the watch. The amazing technique pays tribute to China’s millennium tradition of embroidery.

  The pattern engraving of this Vacheron Constantin watch is very catering to women’s aesthetic taste. There is a wonderful pen and flower taste, and it only takes a glance to make people remember. Outlined with a pink gold filigree process, it is topped with flower-patterned rubies, hematite and garnet. The delicate and elegant gems are cut and carved with gem carving techniques, and are embellished with finely carved gold leaves and flower stamens, which have the same effect as the precious fabrics decorated with silk threads in Chinese embroidery.

  The veins and round petals show a great attention to detail, giving this decoration a deep and charming effect. Fine and extraordinary ruby ​​carving is a huge challenge. Each pink opal has been individually cut and ground, and is paved with other opals on the dial. The gemstones are separated by only 0.5mm platinum lines. The carved movement perfectly matches the decoration on the dial. The 1003 ultra-thin movement equipped with this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a thickness of only 1.64 millimeters. The gear system is carved into a delicate lace shape using the engraving process, which fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s professional skills in the field of decorative arts.

  Genghis Khan

  Athens Genghis Khan four-hammer minute repeater series 789-80 watch, this watch is derived from the respect for the ancient Chinese hero Genghis Khan, so Athens on the extremely rare black agate dial hand-carved Mongolia is siege of Mongolia Soldiers and horses, and named this table ‘Genghis Khan’. The dolls in the face plate including the musician sitting on the far left with a percussion instrument will be mobilized. For example, Genghis Khan led the army and showed great power. This watch is also one of the few top watches in the world that is not mainly jewellery and diamonds, but still worth more than ten million, which shows the noble status of the four-hammer and three-question watch of Athens ‘Genghis Khan’ for complex mechanical watchmaking.

  The watch is equipped with a Cal.UN-78 hand-finished movement developed by Athens, with a diameter of 27.6mm and a thickness of 8.5mm. The movement bridge is carefully polished by hand with pearl dots on the front and Geneva waves on the back and bevel Bevelled polished, transparent back and cut-outs in the lower half of the dial, provide a chance to appreciate the craftsmanship of Athens. Because the production is extremely labor-intensive, each process takes about 6-8 months, so the pre-order method is adopted. Athens is expected to produce 30 pieces each in the next six to eight years with a price of about 5 million yuan.

  Yin and yang poles

  The following watch must be a collection that many watch fans are eager to own. TAGHeuer, with a history of 150 years, has inspired the design of the oriental yin and yang to create a unique Formula1LadyYinYang watch. This watch uses a 32mm 18K white gold case. The case, bezel, dial and strap are decorated with 234 baguette-cut diamonds and 245 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 7.36 carats. The eye-catching light, clear and straight lines, and the simple and unique ‘stepped cut’ shape perfectly blend with the round diamonds that use bright cuts to show their extreme brightness and sparkle, showing elegance.

  The striking contrast between black diamonds and white diamonds extends to the bezel. The glittering black diamonds are located off-center between 1 and 4 o’clock, representing the ‘yang’ in Tai Chi, and the other half of the white diamonds represent ‘yin’. This contrast effect is also reflected on the bracelet, whose central link is made of black polished ceramic, which is scratch-resistant like diamonds. A watch design that combines symmetric and asymmetric elements is not only distinctive but also attractive.

  Elegant pine crane

  Jacques Droo has always had a deep relationship with China, and Chinese elements have also played a significant role in brand design. Jacques Dro took the red-crowned cranes and pine trees strolling in the gardens in the mountains and forests as a blueprint, and drew ink on the ivory-colored large fire enamel dial, and spread the century-old enamel painting technology, making two lifelike red-crowned cranes leap above the dial, although the fairy crane The design space on the dial is limited, but still every detail is well grasped. The top of the head is bright red, the throat and neck are black, the ears to the headrest are white, the feet are black, the neck, tail flying feathers and feet are black when standing, the head is red, and the rest All white. They either sing and sing, or drink water from the stream. They have a noble and elegant posture, radiating with the vigorous pine trees, and chanting ‘Songhe extension’, which is unique.

  For those who are in love with Chinese classical paintings and arts, Jacques de Lo watch not only has the value of aesthetic appreciation, but also the value of watch collection. For ordinary watch fans, such poetic and artistic, refined care for It is also meaningful to understand the brand culture and enrich your own aesthetic types. Culture and art are vast and profound, and every understanding and further cognition is an improvement.

Summary: Maybe something is ordinary and ordinary in daily life, but after exquisite processing and design, you will feel that the combination of time and them is so wonderful, condensing an inspiration and a work on the dial In this respect, not only the cultural support, but also the design of watches and clocks that require technology is the same, as is life. The beauty is not lacking in life, but the eyes of discovery. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)