Top Of Time Zone Brief Comment On Athens Dual Time Zone Black Dial Watch

Dual time zone watches are also called ‘GMT’ watches, which can provide another time zone display for business people who travel frequently on the road, solving the problem of displaying the time in two places with one watch. The Athens dual time zone ‘UN-24’ movement watch breaks through the traditional concept and boldly innovates the design. It adopts a window mode that displays the date to display the hour in the second time zone. Under the gorgeous case, there is a mysterious and delicate layout hidden. Next, please enjoy the black timepiece of the ‘UN-24’ movement with the dual time zone of Athens. The official model is: 246-00 / 42

   The exquisite dual time zone watch in Athens boldly innovates the design. The overall layout adopts a new style for unified planning, which allows it to cross the functional advantages and extend into the essence of the design. It provides a good for those who are always on the road. select.

   As shown, at 2 o’clock on the dial is a large window with a dual window display; at 9 o’clock is the second time zone hour display; at 6 o’clock is a small seconds dial, and below the large calendar display window is Athens English logo and anchor mark, clearly visible classic design. Based on the ETA 2892-A2 movement, the UN-24 movement has been improved. The circular display window in the second time zone is designed according to the date display window. It is a bold attempt to innovate, and the movement can guarantee a power reserve of 42 hours. Long.

   This watch uses 18K rose gold to create the case and crown, which breaks through the traditional process design principles, making the lugs square, which has a more three-dimensional beauty; the black scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is fully matched with rose gold. Extremely generous, and effectively protect the case and watch glass.

   The 18K rose gold checkered design crown makes manual winding more convenient, and it does not cause problems such as disengagement or even rotation. The Athens anchor mark on the front of the crown is clearly visible. The crown bridge is different from the previous design. The arc-shaped design effectively protects the crown and adds a new twist to the whole.

   On the 43mm black circular dial inside the black scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, various designs that highlight the three-dimensional feel are out of reach. The cross-symmetrical dynamic Roman time scales are exaggerated and novel; the rose gold hands and non-Roman time scales are manually polished; the square track design in the center of the dial surrounds the hands, the date, and the second time zone display. It is a combination of shapes and is also an alternative The beauty of art.

   The rose gold watch with a black alligator leather strap makes the overall layout more uniform; the claw-shaped connection between the strap and the lugs makes it more secure and not easy to loosen.

Summary: The Athens dual time zone watch is made in Switzerland. The special second time zone display window brings new imagination, and also adds characteristic highlights to the entire watch. The square lug design is bold and exaggerated, and it is also a representative of a new type. I believe that many friends who love Athens will remember its unusual shape. Watches that cross time zones not only make it easier for business people on the road to grasp the time, but also exist as their status symbol.

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