Timeless Classic Reappeared Yesterday Tissot Nostalgic Classic 1936 Replica Watch Tasting

Tissot has a 160-year history of superb watchmaking and is constantly committed to the pursuit of perfect watch manufacturing. During the 2016 Basel Haute Horlogerie and Jewellery Show, Tissot launched this nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch. ‘Extraordinary creativity, rooted in tradition’, this watch reinterprets the classic series launched in 1936. The design inspiration can be traced back to the watch revolution of the 1930s. It is the watch that gradually replaced pocket watches and became the dominant Years. Now let’s recreate history and taste classic. (Model: T104.405.16.012.00)

Timeless classics reappear yesterday

Overall watch display

   After the First World War, men realized the importance of the practicality and portability of watches. Watchmakers began to study the manufacture of portable watches. At first, arched rings were welded on both sides of the pocket watch, so that Wear the strap to create a watch that can be worn on your wrist. At this point, people gradually abandoned pocket watches and switched to wearing watches. The Tissot nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch reproduces this traditional manufacturing style.

Dial front view display

Independent small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial

   The white dial follows the elements of the earlier models. The Breguet Arabic numerals and time hands have a strong retro style. You can see that there is a separate seconds dial at six o’clock.

Case details

   The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the polished case has a round and smooth outline, exquisite and elegant. When exposed to light, it displays a unique luster of metal.

Inherits the classic retro-style lug design

   This ‘U’ lug shape inherited the design of the important improvement of pocket watches at that time. The strap can be worn through the lugs for easy wearing. This is also the ’emphasis’ of re-engraving, because it is a very meaningful sign of watch transformation.

Reversible back cover and movement display

   The back of the watch has a reversible back cover, which is also very retro and classic. After opening the back of the case, the Seiko-made movement has a panoramic view. The EAT6498-1 is a manually wound movement with blue steel screws and Geneva stripes. The Tissot brand logo is engraved below.

Dark brown leather strap

Stainless steel pin buckle display

   The dark brown leather strap has a vintage feel, and the strap design is also unique. In order to facilitate the flip of the case back, the strap is designed to be detachable, which is also a feature of history. Carefully sewn white thread, walks and straps on top, meticulous and neat.

The overall effect of the strap removal

Summary: The reason why the classics are called classics has its profound meaning, which means that history cannot be forgotten at the same time. This Tissot nostalgic and classic series, engraved the great change of pocket watches to watches, unique design with the retro style of early watchmaking, the classic reproduction. The flip-open cover and detachable strap are the highlights of the watch design and the essence of the classic. It is very connotative and retro.