The Women In The Swimming World Will Break The World Record

[Jakarta, August 21, 2018] There will never be no miracle in the Asian Games. The minute and second breakthrough on the time scale represents an unremitting challenge to the limit of sports. On August 21, Chinese female swimmer Liu Xiang broke the world record for many years with a time of 26 seconds and 98 in the 50m backstroke, pushing the limit of this event forward again by 0.08 seconds. As she touched the wall, Jakarta’s blue swimming pool caused an invisible wave, and the timing device of the Tissot watch captured this historic moment. As the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games in Jakarta, Tissot presents special Tengzhi series Asian Games watches that symbolize courage and tenacity to record creators, commemorating this miracle with bright red timepiece time.

Record-setting conquers the blue pool
   At this moment, Liu Xiang had just finished the last stroke in the women’s 50m backstroke final of the Asian Games, and she breathed out of the water. The projection on Bibochi was immediately shown, and audiences around the world saw Liu Xiang’s name. Along with it was her logo that broke the world record, which instantly lit the blue stadium in Jakarta. Everything happened in an instant. The moment Liu Xiang touched the wall of the pool with his fingertips, Tissot’s customized timing and scoring system for swimming competitions quickly confirmed the time within one hundredth of a microsecond, and announced the results to the world. The high-speed camera also recorded this historic moment of breaking the limit.

Tissot watch front controller set by the pool

   As the only sport in all sports that is decided by the players to stop timing, swimming is one of the most enjoyable events on the Asian Games. The short schedule of the 50-meter backstroke makes the event tense and escalating, every second Thrilling. Here, the timing role of Tissot is crucial. This role even came into play before the start of the game: before the start of the game, the staff of Tissot will enter all the historical records of the project into the system, as well as the data of the players who participated in the day. These data will be sorted and provided to referees, coaches, media and commentators as data references, and will also be used to determine whether the player has set a new record.

Tissot swimming timer, used to send start instructions to all players simultaneously

   When the player stepped onto the take-off platform, the Tissot watch’s take-off sensing system was already in place to prepare for the timing to be started. At the moment the command sounded and the player set off, the Tissot watch was set on the synchronized speakers on each take-off platform. The starting instruction will be issued at the same time to ensure that the players get a unified starting instruction; and the take-off board can determine whether the player is grabbing the jump through pressure discrimination; at the critical moment of the player’s relay, round trip or sprint towards the end point, the pressure on the pool wall The board device can accurately recognize the contact between human hands and water waves, record the player’s wall contact, calculate the time, and transmit the final match result to the terminal.

Take-off board and pool end use pressure sensing system to record the most accurate time record

   The fierce swimming competition used to rely on the referee’s naked eyes to determine the small gap, and the human eye’s recognition accuracy was only about 1/25 seconds. At present, Tissot watches are equipped with high-speed camera groups at the horizontal and vertical positions of the finish line of the swimming pool, recording the line-up situation at a frequency of tens of thousands of high-resolution photos per second, providing a reliable basis for the judges in key decisions. In all Tissot watches’ timekeeping equipment, the principle of accuracy first is implemented, so each functional component is equipped with a backup system that can automatically detect and switch errors to ensure accurate time recording in extreme cases. Liu Xiang’s amazing new world record of 26.98 seconds is recorded and certified by this efficient, intelligent, accurate and stable timing system.

Tissot watches provide timing and scoring system and high-speed cameras for swimming games in the Asian Games

Behind the scenes creating a red timepiece
   Year after year back and forth between the swimming pool and the gym, Liu Xiang exchanged this surprise answer to his fate with sweat. The indomitable tenacity and courage is exactly the interpretation of the sports spirit of Tissot for more than 100 years. In the eyes of Tissot watches that have been associated with sports for hundreds of years, sports has never been just a way of life. It is written in the brand genes of Tissot watches. It represents people’s pursuit of breaking through themselves, challenging limits, and treating life as true as possible. enthusiasm.
   As the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games, Tissot is proud to be a fair recorder, to perform official time record certification for all record creators who have the courage to break through and challenge the limits, and give them special wristwatches of Tissot Tengzhi series Asian Games table. This eye-catching red timepiece is engraved with the official logo of the Jakarta Asian Games. It also has excellent water resistance and can withstand water pressure at a depth of 100 meters. The solar panel of the dial will turn the inexhaustible blazing sunlight into electricity, giving the timepiece and its owner a permanent driving force.

Tissot Special Edition Jakarta Asian Games Special Watch

   Tissot hopes to accompany every record creator with this smart touchscreen watch that they are proud of, and record their outstanding performance over and over again in minutes and seconds. This innovative smart watch based on innovation inherits the strong character advocated by Tissot. It is equipped with up to 20 touch-screen functions and accompanies the wearer’s long journey to challenge himself. Every step counts. ‘

Tissot Special Edition Jakarta Asian Games Special Watch

Technical Parameters:

Tissot Tengzhi Series Asian Games Special RMB7,700

-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement
-Antimagnetic titanium case, official logo of the Asian Games
-Touchscreen sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm