The ‘luxury’ We Chased Together In Those Years

In late April, a piece of news about the luxury brand CHANEL (translated to Chanel) is about to open in Yichang. It was very hot on the Internet. The reporter asked Yichang International Trade Building to learn that the company is still with CHANEL During the negotiation, the details of opening the cabinet will be announced to the public as soon as the two parties finally confirm.

  In the face of many luxury brands, many people are very enthusiastic; but some people think that it is not cost-effective to spend months of salary to buy a luxury product. Although luxury goods have always been controversial, it is undeniable that since the 1960s, the trend of chasing luxury goods has never broken, and the ‘meaning’ of luxury goods chased in each era is somewhat different. different.

  A few days ago, the reporter made a large-scale visit in Yichang to learn about the ‘luxury goods’ that citizens have been chasing together in those years.
  Old ‘Three Big Pieces’ Old Memories

  Ms. Zhang is 62 years old and lives in Taohualing. During the May 1st holiday, she had just checked in her sewing machine for nearly 40 years and returned to her hometown in Huanggang. This sewing machine, which she once regarded as a ‘luxury product,’ was one of the ‘three big items’ purchased when she got married in 1973, in addition to plum watches and phoenix bicycles.

  Ms. Zhang told reporters that in 1973, her monthly salary was less than 40 yuan, and a sewing machine was priced at about 120 yuan, a bicycle was about 150 yuan, and a watch was about 120 yuan. This means that a two-employee family must purchase the ‘three major ‘It takes half a year’s salary.

  Today, Ms. Zhang’s Phoenix bicycle has nowhere to go, the sewing machine is returned to her hometown, and the watch has been hidden in the cabinet at home. At Ms. Zhang’s house, the reporter saw the two 39-year-old plum brand watches. Although they can no longer move around, the strap and dial are still the same as when they were newly bought. It will not be worn on your hands to avoid getting wet and malfunctioning. ‘

  Regarding the ‘luxury goods’ that year, Ms. Zhang thought that although she spent more than half a year’s wages on her family, it was well worth it. ‘After all, marriage is a lifetime event. It is also worth spending some money on valuables, and my lover has passed away for many years. Everything carries our memories, so I intend to keep it. ‘

  The joy of a new ‘three big’ home

  A 42-inch LCD TV is placed in the living room, but for 53-year-old Ms. Hong, she is more willing to watch the small TV of Venus in the room. Although it has more than 30 years of history, it has not failed so far. And it looks no different from the current color TV. ‘This was bought while we were working in Yellowstone in 1982.’

  In 1987, the new ‘three big pieces’ of refrigerators, color TVs and washing machines became fashionable symbols. At this time, Ms. Hong’s family decided to spend a lot of luxury and buy the new ‘three big pieces’ in one go: Jinxing color TVs and Rongsheng refrigerators. And WEINIG washing machines. Jinxing TVs were purchased in local malls with ‘tickets’. Refrigerators and washing machines were purchased by relatives who entrusted unit colleagues to work in Guangzhou Rongsheng refrigerator manufacturer. ‘A total of 4,826 yuan was spent, which is a year and a half of our couple’s salary. ‘She told reporters that after buying the new’ three big pieces ‘, colleagues around came to visit in batches.’ It was summer and we used the refrigerator to make popsicles for our colleagues. It was very comfortable! ‘

  Three-piece gold set

  On the May Day holiday, Mr. Yan and Ms. Mei took a gold bracelet of more than 30 grams and ran across the major gold jewelry stores in Yichang. When they learned that they needed to pay a fee to renew, they decided to put away the gold bracelet. As a heirloom, ‘I will pass it on to my daughter-in-law and then to my grandson.’

  In 1994, Mr. Yan married Ms. Mei. In addition to the refrigerator, color TV, washing machine and air conditioner, when they bought a wedding, they also bought a three-piece set of gold jewelry that was very hot at the time: necklaces, earrings and rings. Ms. Mei told reporters that the price of gold at that time was about 130 yuan / gram, which was about 1/3 of the current gold price. At that time, I bought a necklace of 12 grams, a ring of 11 grams, and an earring of 9 grams. It cost more than 4000 yuan together. money. By 2004, when she was organizing her items, she found that the ‘gold jewelry three-piece suit’ had been put in a drawer for more than three years, so she temporarily took it to a jewelry processing shop to melt the three-piece suit, and then punched gold. Bracelet, ‘It’s easy to save.’

  In recent years, the price of gold has skyrocketed, and Ms. Mei has not forgotten to tease: ‘It has appreciated several times over the years, and maybe it will appreciate even more in the future, which can be regarded as a wealth for future generations.’

  From Baique Antelope to Chanel: The Trend of the Trend

  When I saw Ms. Zheng, she could smell a faint perfume. She told reporters that she has been using Chanel No. 5 perfume in recent years. ‘After hearing the news that Chanel might open the cabinet in Yichang, I am very happy, at least I do n’t have to go out and buy perfume!’

  Recalling her history of using cosmetics, Ms. Zheng said that it can be traced back to Baique Ling. “At that time, wages were not high, and half of them were used to buy these skin care products.” Later, Ms. Zheng and her lover went to the sea to do business. Gradually raised the file, ‘I have used almost all the top brands of cosmetics, now I buy Lancome and Estee Lauder related products in Yichang.’

  Ms. Zheng has high requirements on the quality of life. This year’s birthday of her lover, she sent an Omega watch, from clothes to shoes, purchased at the International Trade Building. The clothes were Audeson, Jagers Lion, Givenchy, The pants were 1881 and the shoes were crocodile. She told reporters that her lover’s clothes were taken care of by her. From Youngor in the 1990s, to Jinli in the 2000s, to today’s international brands, “If there are brands like Armani in the future, I will also buy them. After all, doing business, Clothing is face, just like our women’s cosmetics! ‘

  The transformation of luxury goods from necessities to consumer goods

  Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of China World Trade Group said in an interview that the continuous introduction of high-end brands and luxury brands is the magic weapon for China World Trade Center to deal with the increasingly fierce competition in Yichang. He believes that although there are internationally accepted norms on the definition of luxury goods, for Chinese and Yichang people, it is a change from a necessities of life to a consumer goods.

  He introduced that in the 1980s, the most expensive items in Yichang shopping malls or department stores were still necessities of life, and in the 1990s, consumer goods began to appear. From 2005, some internationally renowned first-tier brands and luxury goods The brand began to walk into the International Trade Building and entered the vision of Yichang people.

  Wang Qionghai, deputy secretary-general of Yichang City Federation of Commerce, believes that it is not significant to discuss the purchase of luxury goods and first-tier brands at a high price, because many people are in pursuit of quality of life and their economic strength is strong enough to consume luxury goods; even There is nothing wrong with a wage earner spending months on luxury goods. After all, this is just individual consumer psychology. He believes that with the opening of the Han-Yi high-speed railway and the gradual realization of Yichang’s grand blueprint for building a large-scale city, Yichang’s economic strength will be significantly enhanced, inter-city transportation in the province will be more convenient, and the city’s purchasing power will be further expanded, which will give Yichang a To increase the growth of circulation and consumption, ‘the huge consumption potential and the radiant capacity of surrounding cities, Yichang will attract more luxury goods to settle in, which is also an important reason for Yichang to attract the international first-line makeup brands to’ sink. ‘

  The entry of luxury goods itself also plays an important role in improving the taste of the city. ‘The entry of luxury goods itself is a recognition of the strength of all aspects of a city, because the characteristics of luxury goods have a long history and deep connotation, and their role Not only fulfilling a dream for many customers, but more importantly fulfilling a dream for a city and a retail market. ‘