The Creator Of Cartier Movement — Carole Forestier-kasapi

As the premier female designer in the watch industry, Carole is hailed as one of ‘after the tourbillon’ and ‘the most powerful woman in the Swiss watch industry’, because it is her that has advanced the advanced complex movement to A new state of art.

 Born in a watchmaking family, all of Carole’s childhood memories are related to watches, and taking apart the parts of the watch is her childhood game. So from a young age, she realized that watches and clocks will be a career for her life. After six years of professional study at La Chaux-de-Fonds’ School of Watchmaking, she joined Conseilray SA and began her career. When she was only 22 years old, she created the first timepiece in her life-the movement of the Zenith Elite series. Two years later, she joined Renaud & Papi as a senior technical officer.
 In 1999, Carole joined Cartier’s movement research and development department, responsible for the development and creation of advanced watchmaking movements, and eventually became the director of the movement research and development department. Under her leadership, Cartier’s movement research and development capabilities have been developed by leaps and bounds. In the past ten years, more than 20 Cartier workshop-made movements have been created, as well as more than 50 advanced watch series of complex functions.
 In 1998, Carole won the Breguet prize for a ‘Magical Tourbillon’ surrounded by a spring and a spring. While at Richemont, she was the driving force behind the two famous tourbillon devices of the Piaget Emperador Tourbillon and Tourbillon Relatif. At the 2010 Geneva International Horological Fair (SIHH), she introduced the Cartier Astrotourbillon Astrotouring Tourbillon. Compared to the relative tourbillon concept, this Astrotourbillon celestial-operated tourbillon movement has a greater breakthrough in design. In 2012, with her outstanding achievements, she won the best watchmaker award at the Geneva Watch Awards, which is known as the Oscar in the watch industry.
 Carole not only has an extraordinary talent for watchmaking, but also always has a great passion. She reminded us that ‘watches evoke our emotions, watchmaking is an art form in itself, and our artistic language is watchmaking technology, which speaks the beauty of art and emotion.’ Today, Carole has joined Cartier. For nearly 15 years, she also has a deep understanding and appreciation of this 166-year-old brand. ‘Cartier is a very charming brand, so as designers, we have a deeper responsibility, not only to bring innovative concepts, but also to continue our heritage.’