Shang Weisha Jeanrichard Arsenal Cooperation Ignite Red Passion

Swiss watch brand JEANRICHARD has become the global partner and official watch of the Premier League Arsenal Football Association. This long-term cooperation relationship marks a major milestone for JEANRICHARD and also makes Arsenal a global focus again.

As a global partner and official watch of Arsenal, JEANRICHARD will support its home stadium, Emirates Stadium, and launch a limited edition Arsenal watch to fully develop this successful partnership.

Coincident teamwork
Football is like watchmaking craftsmanship, a philosophy of life. The team spirit, dedication and watchmaking spirit that it embodies coincidently, so each attracts a group of loyal fans. For JEANRICHARD and the Arsenal football club, the two are synonymous, and the journey of cooperation is a natural one. The history goes back to 1886. A group of arsenal workers founded Arsenal and developed it into one of the most successful clubs in European history. Now, 125 years later, Arsenal with the nickname ‘Gunner’ not only has won many awards and awards. It is famous for its long history, and the concept of ‘bringing up new stars’ embraced by the leader Yun Ge is world-famous.

At the end of the 17th century, watch pioneer Daniel Jeanrichard also ambitions to educate the next generation and teach his life philosophy-passion for work, genuineness, fair play, team spirit and loyal cooperation. He carefully passed on the rich knowledge and this superior spirit to the next generation, and established the ‘mentorship system’, which has been passed down to this day and has a profound impact. Arsenal and JEANRICHARD have thus refined the same philosophy of life, based on heritage, and fulfilled their mission with enthusiasm and dedication. In response, Bruno Grande, Chief Operating Officer of JEANRICHARD, said, ‘Both have a strong history, while maintaining a young and dynamic team style. Both are pioneers in the industry, and heritage is our common goal. Arsenal players and Like JEANRICHARD, they use every minute and second on the court to complete the difficult mission with enthusiasm and dedication. ‘As Arsenal’s global partner and official watch, JEANRICHARD will support its home stadium, the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal’s timing, rhythm, style, and elegance on the court are also important elements for watch fans who are familiar with JEANRICHARD watches. Such a combination of two will undoubtedly make the two coincide. Teamwork is more deeply rooted.

The limited edition of 250 Aeroscope watches in the world is eye-catching-the black titanium case is beaded and sandblasted, with a red dial and strap, full of vitality. DLC-coated titanium Material / JR66 self-winding movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 100 meters / Diameter 44mm

Special edition Arsenal watch ignites passion
The best way to show the sincerity of cooperation is to launch exclusive watches. Therefore, taking the opportunity of the Basel Watch Fair, JEANRICHARD announced the launch of two Arsenal watches. At the press conference, the legendary soul of Arsenal, former player Robert Pires, and Tom Fox, the management representative of the club, together with Bruno Grande, CEO of Shangweisha, unveiled two special edition Arsenal watches. For Pires, it is a precious opportunity to see a watch with Arsenal color as the design focus and carry it on and off the court. This first special edition Terrascope watch is designed with the concept of land and earth, and emphasizes the player’s skills on the court and the extension of the main stadium, the sense of belonging and affection for the club. The case is made of stainless steel, with a gray dial decorated with straight satin and red luminous materials, inspired by the club’s red logo. The brand’s logo symbolizes the ‘gunman’ and is engraved at 6 o’clock. The screw-down caseback is engraved with the brand’s logo and uses the JR60 self-winding movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters. From the perspective of sports watches, the 44mm diameter fits exactly with the passion for sports shown by football, and is worth wearing and galloping across the field. This watch combines fashion, performance and elegance, which is exactly the unique football style that Arsenal has displayed on stadiums around the world.

Arsenal’s starting lineup training center located in Hertfordshire, UK. Mr. Bruno, CEO of Sunvisa, officially gave each player a limited edition of Aeroscope and Terrascope Special Edition designed by Sunvesa for Arsenal.

Timing, rhythm, style, and elegance are the style that Arsenal displayed on the court, and are also important elements displayed by JEANRICHARD. It is this inherent inner spirit that promotes the natural cooperative relationship between the two.

The second watch for Arsenal is a limited edition Aeroscope chronograph, limited to 250 watches worldwide. The case is designed with a striking black DLC-coated titanium case, beaded and sandblasted, with a honeycomb red dial and rubber strap (with a black strap option). For Arsenal watch fans, the color design of this watch is particularly attractive. The red round satin finish decorates the Arabic numerals and scales transferred with black luminous material on the chronograph dial. The raised hour and minute hands are also the same material. The use of luminous materials is still legible even in the dark. The black and red combination is the most interesting design of the dial, reflecting the expression of sports vitality and passionate moments on the court. This wrist watch’s youthful, energetic and personalized appearance reflects Arsenal’s fast dribbling, smooth rhythm and the power of football as it passes through the air. At 3 o’clock is the small second hand, which looks like the club’s ‘gunner’ logo.
For players, time is extremely important. And these two special edition limited edition watches, with full technological strength and passionate design, represent the enthusiasm for sports that is most easily ignited on the green field. It was also highly praised by Mr Bruno, CEO of JEANRICHARD. ‘Whether in the field or in the field of watchmaking, team spirit, enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and the desire for victory are the common ideas of Arsenal and JEANRICHARD Schweizer. We share a common philosophy of life, and are brave to meet challenges and believe in hard work. The result and longing for success at every step. That’s why we launched two watches-to remember this resonance, and to pay tribute to the philosophy and philosophy of life we ​​hold. ‘

Arsenal with the nickname ‘Gunner’ is not only known for its award-winning history and long history, but its leader Yun Ge’s concept of ‘bringing new stars’ is also world-famous. Today, the addition of JEANRICHARD exclusive watches will be even more dynamic.

Terrascope’s design concept is the earth and the earth. The stainless steel case is fitted with a gray dial decorated with straight satin and red luminous materials. The inspiration comes from the red logo of the club. Stainless steel material / JR60 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 44mm

New gear for match day
Since JEANRICHARD launched the Arsenal special edition watch, the players who should have their best are sweating on the court. Therefore, Mr. Bruno, CEO of Shangweisha, has officially given Shangweisha’s Aeroscope Limited Edition and Terrascope Special Edition specially designed for Arsenal to each player. The watch will become a player’s match day equipment to follow them in the match. For JEANRICHARD and Arsenal, following the establishment of a partnership and the launch of exclusive watches, the long-term relationship between the Swiss high-end watch manufacturer and London’s famous football club has reached another milestone. This time, the JEANRICHARD watch will closely follow the Arsenal players and make zero contact with the green field. Regarding this good luck, Bruno said, ‘I am very honored to give Shang Weisha watches to these energetic and talented players, and we will continue our partnership and emphasize the player’s own philosophy of life. Shang Weisha is very We are proud to accompany them on the 2014/2015 season and beat exciting journeys on their wrists. ‘These two made their debut in front of international media and watch lovers at the Basel International Watch Fair in March 2014 Watches-Shang Weisha Aeroscope Arsenal Limited Edition and Terrascope Arsenal Special Edition watches, became eye-catching after the release. These two dynamic and dynamic watches, because of joining Arsenal’s home team color-red elements, have been loved by fans and watch fans. At the same time, many of its details are in line with JEANRICHARD’s life philosophy, showing the passion of Arsenal fans and football fans for football. For those who like to accept challenges and pursue a better life, JEANRICHARD has always conveyed the temperament and spirit of adventurers. The cooperation with Arsenal Football Club and the launch of a special watch extends this spirit and enthusiasm to the greenery field, creating another type of exploration of unknown fields with high-end Swiss watchmaking technology.