Selected Watch Exhibition Held In Kunlun Dubai Mall

Swiss watchmaker Corum recently exhibited its exclusive selection of watches at the core of Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the UAE. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the largest distributor of Swiss watch brands in the UAE for more than 60 years, and Corum wanted to express its willingness to invest in the Dubai market.

HamMohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Elissa Khoury and Antonio Calce (from left to right)
For more than 30 years, Corum has launched a number of different classic watch styles for its original long mechanical movement, and has become one of the pillars of the Kunlun watch-the Bridges Kunlun bridge series, which is the main exhibition series of this exhibition. As a representative of Corum Kunlun watchmaking technology, Golden Bridge watches have spawned a series of the most symbolic Corum watches, from the most complex Ti-Bridge watch to the romantic Miss Golden Bridge women’s gold bridge watch, Writing new chapters in the history of watchmaking. With the outstanding design and sophisticated technology of the Bridges Kunlun bridge series, Corum has established its unique position in the Swiss watch industry.
Antonio Calce said: ‘We are honored to receive the support of partners like Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. We can rely on their expertise and elite status in the UAE, especially in Dubai. This provides Corum with this market. A unique opportunity to showcase true watchmaking technology.
Coupled with such excellent watches as our Bridges Kunlun Bridge series, we will take the brand to a higher level. ‘
Mr. Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, said, ‘Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons attaches great importance to the relationship with Corum and continues to strengthen each other’s cooperation. I am honored that the exhibition will highlight the main characteristics of the brand. By rediscovering the brand’s DNA, this exhibition will strengthen the relationship between Corum and our customers. We believe that the UAE, especially Dubai, has created an ideal for luxury brands The platform reconnects the needs and needs of local and regional markets. ‘
形象 Corum’s image ambassador, Lebanese singer Elissa Khoury, and more than 200 guests and 80 media representatives attended the opening ceremony held in the evening.