Rare Breitling 52 Week Calendar Display Chronograph

Breitling MONTBRILLANT Perpetual Calendar Chronograph
Platinum case, limited to 25 pieces, limited to 20/25, manufactured around 1998, platinum Breitling strap with 18K white gold hidden buckle.
Moon phase, perpetual calendar, 52 weeks display, timing.
Estimated price: 14000-18000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 20,000 Swiss francs
百 The rare 52-week calendar display is used in this Breitling Perpetual Calendar watch, and it is installed on the dial to make the ‘three-legged’ perpetual calendar dial layout more balanced and harmonious. This is the real Breitling, revealing his unruly personality in his bones. The price of less than 150,000 is worth the money for such a small and limited personality Breitling perpetual calendar.