Radar Hyperchrome Watch, Ceramic And Metal Blend Perfectly

Rado radar watch dedicated to high-tech ceramics. In 2011, it launched the extremely thin and light ‘True Thinline’ series, and the ‘D-star’ series that goes beyond the past and new sports style. Outside of multiple applications, the biggest feature is the ‘younger’ trend. In the 2012 Pre-Basel data, the radar watch exposed the new ‘HyperChrome’. The watch model is made of ceramics with metal edges on the sides, which is a step forward in layer and texture. The changes in style and style of HyperChrome can also be seen in the brand’s eagerness to welcome young customers.

 Different from the traditional single-ceramic case and bezel method, this time the Radar HyperChrome watch is made with a special ‘shot molding’ technology, which allows the case to be perfectly combined with the side metal edges. The combination and texture have a certain level; whether it is paired with silver or gold steel, it adds a layered sense to a single color ceramic material. This technology is also the exclusive technology of radar watches, showing the brand’s leading position in the field of ceramic watches.

The radar watch uses the ‘shot molding’ technology to make a new HyperChrome watch, which allows the case to have both the high texture of ceramic and the cold feeling of metal.

 The two HyperChrome watches pre-released this time are mainly based on the brand’s classic black and white. The black model is equipped with an ETA automatic winding chronograph movement with a large diameter of 45mm. The main body is black ceramic and the side is silver stainless steel. The metal and ceramic textures are perfectly integrated. The dial is still mainly black and white. The fine time scale and the middle three-ring chronograph dial have a layered appearance. In addition, the large crown on the side is covered with rubber to maintain the operating feel.

HyperChrome black self-finishing chronograph, black ceramic body with silver stainless steel side combination.

 The white part of the HyperChrome watch is equipped with an ETA automatic winding movement. The main body is made of white ceramic and the side is PVD golden stainless steel. The combination of gold and white shows the nobility without losing youth. The dial is quite concise, with a gold hour marker on the white surface and a white luminous third hand; the crown is covered with white rubber to maintain overall consistency. Since the two-tone black and white models are equipped with automatic winding movements, the dial is equipped with an automatic watch exclusive, swingable anchor pattern. According to official radar data, HyperChrome series models are priced.

HyperChrome white self-finishing watch, white ceramic body with PVD gold stainless steel side.