Mt-g Series King Style Forge The Fortitude Of G-shock

Originating from the belief of creating a watch that never breaks, G-SHOCK has continuously broken through itself and continuously innovated since its birth in 1983. In the research and development of watches shockproof, protection, long-lasting, technology Design and other roads have persisted for thirty years. In order to achieve the perfect fusion of toughness and beauty, G-SHOCK has infused the essence of the research over the past 30 years into the brand’s high-end analog watch series MT-G and developed a unique combination of metal and resin in this series The special strong structure makes it a symbol of perseverance.
  The MT-G series bearing the name of fortitude is called ‘Metal Twisted G-SHOCK’. It is produced by G-SHOCK’s most backbone Yamagata factory. Professionals with skills recognition will show the beauty of excellence with their exquisite craftsmanship It is a high-quality watch that perfectly combines advanced technology with superb craftsmanship. Its biggest feature is that the watch body incorporates a technology protection structure made of a combination of metal and polyester. The hard metal parts greatly enhance the watch’s ruggedness. It also brings the unprecedented rich texture of pure polyester watches. Tough polyester, this ‘rigid-flexible’ design allows the watch to achieve both strength and lightness. At the same time, it uses a three-dimensional dial panel made of a 4-layer mechanism to further enhance the watch’s anti- The impact ability fully demonstrates G-SHOCK’s ultimate pursuit of Toughness spirit. In addition to the tough structure of the watch body, the MT-G series also has a TRIPLE G RESIST design (using a pointer shape that can achieve the best weight balance to achieve impact resistance, anti-centrifugal force, and shock-resistant resolute structure), Smart Access system (from The control system composed of five motors and an electronic crown allows the watch to achieve the advantages of both versatility and excellent operability.), TOUGH MOVEMENT system (including G-SHOCK’s proud thin and light wave solar technology, strong and tough Support structure and hand position automatic correction function. While ensuring the watch is long-lasting and accurate, it achieves good impact resistance and automatic correction function for hand position offset.)

MT-G’s Fortitude Evolution


 The first GC-2000 phenotype of the MT-G series was born in 1999. As the first G-SHOCK with a second hand, the GC-2000 inherited the G-SHOCK’s shock-proof performance, and also derived a series of special shock-resistant structures combining metal materials and resin. This rigid and flexible new suspension concept combined with an ingenious triple protective cushioning device makes this analog watch reach the G-SHOCK highly shock-resistant and durable standard.


 MTG-911D-2V_ introduced in 2006 is a rare pure electronic phenotype in the MT-G series. As the G-SHOCK 2006 theme series product, the biggest feature of this phenotype design is the use of black ion coating, and the black ion coating on the surface of stainless steel, which is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant than pure stainless steel. , Can also ease the discomfort caused by metal sensitivity. It is worth mentioning that G-SHOCK has launched a special version of MTG-911DMS-2V for the movie ‘Mission Impossible 3’, and the actor Tom Cruise has also worn this watch in the movie, so to Tom Ruth’s fans are extremely collectable.


 With the continuous innovation of G-SHOCK watch technology, MT-G series watches have also continued to improve. The MTG-1000 launched in 2007 not only uses a new dual shock-proof structure combining metal and polyester, but also has advanced technologies such as G-SHOCK’s world-leading solar radio waves, 3D dial design, and five-motor independent drive.


 As of 2011, MT-G launched MTG-1500-1A, this phenotype can be said to be another peak of the spirit of creating G-SHOCK TOUGHNESS! The watch is equipped with an automatic time-correction function that receives 6 radio waves from around the world, and has both digital and pointer displays. It is equipped with a TOUGH MOVEMENT tough movement with both functionality and ease of operation. Power saving and miniaturization, equipped with solar charging system and super energy-saving mode, the pointer is made of aluminum with very light weight, and through the very close connection design at the root, can achieve better impact resistance, stopwatch measurement and When the mode is switched, the liquid crystal display and the small needle can operate at the same time, showing the extraordinary kinetic energy of MT-G.


 MTG-S1000D-1 is the latest MT-G phenotype developed in 2013. The rigid appearance is made of advanced stainless steel, which is combined with low-conduction, light-weight alpha gel resin and metal, which can bring excellent protection to the watch. In addition, the 3G protection device can improve the ability of shock resistance, vibration resistance and anti-centrifugal force. Other details include 6 rounds of radio waves, solar power and other functions, uncoated sapphire glass surface, and one-click operation of the Smart Access intelligent operating system non-slip buttons. Make this watch sturdy in appearance and use, and full of coolness.