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Golden Autumn in August, the moon is high. Whether in the East or the West, the moon has always been the most mysterious being. Countless people seek the infinite secret behind this beautiful star-how it has the power to control nature. Adhering to the spirit of scientific inquiry, the Swiss Athenaeum watched the world with the “Trilogy of Chronographs”, and once again devoted itself to another astronomical watch masterpiece—the moon phase watch. The Swiss Athens watch is famous for making astronomical nautical watches. The Moon Phases launched this time presents a unique style of the moon’s true trajectory. The idea of ​​Dr. Ludwig Oklin, the talented designer of the Athenian table, is to integrate the celestial system of the sun, the earth, and the moon, and scientifically describe the tide changes caused by the moon phase profit and loss, and the gravitational attraction between the moon and the sun earth.
    This watch combines the two moon phase rotating disks in the movement into one. The alternating changes between the new moon and the full moon displayed on the moon phase can still be accurately displayed in the next 100,000 years. [Fantasy of the Moon] Simulates the moon’s orbit around the earth and the imaginary sun’s orbit around the earth. The Athens watch ingeniously placed the latter on another turntable, turning it every 24 hours. This design is foolproof to ensure that the moon phase profit and loss around the world can be accurately displayed. The global tidal phenomenon caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun is also completely and accurately displayed on the ‘moon of the moon’. This unprecedented mechanical watch can show the current tide status and trends on any particular coastline or ocean. The spring tide caused by the cumulative effect of the tidal power of the sun and the moon can also be clearly seen on the dial.
    [Imagination of the Moon], can be called an astronomical watch with the perfect combination of high-end technology and artistic design. The 46mm dial features premium mother-of-pearl with hand-painted earth graphics. The exquisite freehand faceplate rides the self-developed UN106 movement, and is equipped with a silicon escapement and a silicon hairspring made of cutting-edge technology. [Imagination of the Moon] is also a very practical travel watch with a pointer calendar indicator and patented quick-adjustment device. You can press the (+) and ( -) Button, adjust the hour hand forward or backward to the required time zone at any speed, and the waterproof depth can reach 100 meters. Available in 18K red gold and platinum, each limited to 500 pieces.