Louis Vuitton’s Fifth City Limited Table

The sixth-generation successor of Louis Vuitton, Benoit Louis Vuitton, announced the city limited watch and LV advanced diamond watch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the fifth city to publish a city limit list after Paris, Taipei, Hong Kong, Nagoya and other places.
 Only after his 30th birthday was Benno responsible for the watchmaking department. Orders from all over the world passed through his hands. He admits that he already has 14 LV custom watches. For maintenance, he will change the watch to wear every two days; he also revealed that in addition to LV watches, he will also collect watches from other competing brands.
 He pointed out that LV custom watches pay special attention to personalization and unique design. For example, Chinese artist Hu Bing ordered a diamond watch with the ‘HB’ initials. In addition, there have been requests for custom-made watches with flags and diamonds, for the purpose of gifts or heirloom. Yesterday, a limited edition of eight diamond diamond watches were released in Kuala Lumpur, attracting many celebrities in Malaysia to come and appreciate them. LV also invited watchmakers from Switzerland to demonstrate the precision of LV watchmaking at the scene.