Global Supermodel Bella Hadid Unveils New Tag Heuer Store In Ginza, Japan

Global supermodel and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Bella Hadid was recently invited to officially unveil a brand new store established by TAG Heuer in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Since its founding in 1860, TAG Heuer has been adhering to subversive rules and avant-garde innovation, and today it has launched the first fully modular intelligent store to create a new experience for customers.

TAG Heuer’s new flagship store in Ginza, Japan
   Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Group Watch Division and CEO of TAG Heuer, specially invited Bella Hadid, a brand ambassador and international supermodel with millions of followers in global social media, to attend the opening ribbon cutting and experience the Japanese culture. She and the famous Japanese actor Nakamura Shito broke the lid of the sake barrel and kicked off the new store with a traditional Japanese mirror opening ceremony. Bella Hadid then began visiting the store. From digital wall and counter display screens to in-store layout, all aspects of the new specialty store are completely modular, using the revolutionary concept first seen in the watchmaking industry, allowing customers to fully experience a completely different and innovative shopping experience.

TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador Bella Hadid experiences the new iTAGs interactive showcase.
   After visiting the avant-garde world of TAG Heuer, Bella Hadid also experienced ancient Japanese traditional tea ceremony. She tasted this sacred moment with curiosity and elegance. She sat in the tea room to enjoy the tea ceremony ceremony in the beautiful garden of Happo Garden, while learning about the tea ceremony.

TAG Heuer brand ambassador Bella Hadid first-hand experience Japanese culture.
   Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH’s watch division and CEO of TAG Heuer, said of the new store concept: ‘Luxury today is more true and simple than ever, and can transcend time and space. TAG Heuer’s personality and quality , Service and unique interpretation of luxury. This brand new store perfectly fits the brand’s pioneering spirit. The Ginza store is the best place to showcase this innovative concept, ensuring that excellent customer service is firmly rooted in Japanese local culture. ‘

TAG Heuer new store in Ginza, Japan
   TAG Heuer’s Chief Executive Officer of Japan Kawamura added: ‘We are very honored to invite TAG Heuer brand ambassador Bella Hadid to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new store in Ginza, Japan. She is a true indicator of fashion and her performance on social media has made her The inspiration for young people today. Bella Hadid represents our young and tech-savvy customer base, and the new store concept is built for them. ‘

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm chronograph with blue bezel.
   Bella Hadid is very familiar with interactive technology, especially the brand’s epoch-making new iTAG high-tech interactive display cabinet. As long as you easily click on the iPad embedded in the booth, you can browse your favorite watches. Through the intelligent system synchronized with iPad and iTAG, the watch on the revolving frame can appear on the screen immediately, which is convenient for customers to appreciate. Customers can also send selected products to their mobile devices, and when logged into my tagheuer.com, they can extend the shopping experience beyond the physical store.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon chronograph, carbon style.
   ‘This TAG Heuer store in Ginza is awesome! It is very easy to browse the watch, and it is easier to buy a watch. And it is really fun to choose from any iPad!’ Bella Hadid emphasized: ‘I I am very glad to participate in the opening ceremony of this new-style specialty store. Through these fascinating rituals, I will fully experience Japanese culture! ‘

TAG Heuer Link Lady Bella Hadid Special Edition watch.
   The new iTAG system allows customers to experience the high-tech interaction of virtual reality when buying watches, and provides a variety of feasible options, such as pick-up service after ordering online, or a more comprehensive VIP exclusive space on the second floor Watch introduction. The TAG Heuer sales team will provide more services in real time, and their smart watches and iTAG will stay connected at any time. When customers want to try out the watch of their choice, they can directly notify customers through the watch. The watch now has a client application installed to ensure unforgettable service. Store staff now play a new role, not only as a guide, but also as a core person in sales, creating more enthusiasm and appropriate service for the customer experience.

TAG Heuer Link Lady Bella Hadid Special Edition watch with Bella Hadid signature on the case back.
   Through this unique concept, TAG Heuer is closer to the younger generation who heavily uses the Internet, and it is also more out of the traditional and conservative watchmaking industry norms, as always, the pioneering spirit of watchmaking.