Corum Pre-basel Admiral Flying Tourbillon

Since its establishment in 1955, Kunlun Watch Corum has adhered to the tenet of breaking through traditional ideas and trying to create outstanding timepieces, and has established a unique position in the watch industry with its outstanding performance. And principles, to produce a wonderful new work that injects new imagination and practical functions into the traditional complex timepiece function: Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Flying Tourbillon to welcome the brand’s factory 60 Anniversary.

 CORUM Admiral Cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch, the 12-sided bezel of the red gold case cleverly echoes the 12 nautical flag hour markers; the case diameter is 42 mm and the thickness is 13 mm. Quite precise, water-resistant to 50 meters

The tourbillon came out in the 19th century. It is a revolutionary technology developed by predecessor watchmakers to improve the accuracy of timepieces. Today, it is still known as a symbol of the technical level of micro-engineering in Swiss watches. Technology is supreme; however, the general tourbillon timepiece is very expensive, and the watch owners mostly take it out to admire it, but Corum’s new admiral Cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch vowed to reverse this Concept.
The Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon brings together the best of advanced watchmaking technology, but its design concept focuses on practicality, meaning that the watch owner can always wear it on his wrist and watch the moments and moments. The movement of this new work is worthy of appreciation: the tourbillon frame is assembled on large ceramic bearings, which is more stable and durable; the movement plywood and base plate are made of stainless steel, which is harder than ordinary brass components; it also depends on the solidity of steel parts Stable characteristics help designers to develop and present the wonderful visual effects of a one-minute flying tourbillon. It can be seen from the dial opening that the bottom plate and the splint structure stop at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. At first glance, the tourbillon seems to float in the air. In fact, the entire tourbillon frame is connected to the movement body through the two steel arms of the splint. The smoky gray crystal glass dial is decorated with the red gold-plated CORUM logo at 9 o’clock, which reveals the exquisite straight-line sanding effect of the bottom plate; the fan-shaped dial-back date controlled by the vortex cam is above the dial, and the date hand is pushed further each day until the end of the month On the 31st day, it automatically jumps back to 1 and expands the date display for the next month.

 CORUM Admiral Cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch dial with 12 nautical flag hour markers best highlights the relationship between the watch and the Admiral Cup, and implicitly evokes the glorious tradition of the Admiral Cup sailing race

From the back of the crystal glass case back, you can see the first-class craftsmanship of the CO 016 movement: This movement is equipped with a miniature pendant with the 18K red gold CORUM logo to avoid covering the subtle operation picture of the tourbillon assembly. The diameter of the miniature pendulum is only 17 mm, and the winding efficiency reaches 2, which means that it can provide 72 hours of power reserve when the mainspring is fully tightened. Since the mainspring needs to supply power to the travelling system and the tourbillon at the same time, the 72-hour power is an outstanding technology. Level. The technical value of the Admiral Cup Legend 42 flying tourbillon watch is also reflected in the finest details: for example, the balance screw of the balance wheel can evenly distribute the weight on the balance wheel frame. This is an example of the classic technology of the fine watch tradition; For example, the faceted cutout red gold-plated minute hand is delicate and elegant without losing practical functions. It is particularly pleasing against the smoky gray transparent crystal glass dial.