Cai Zhuoyan Attended The 185 Anniversary Celebration Of Baume & Mercier Watch

Baume & Mercier, one of the world’s oldest Swiss watch manufacturers, coincides with the 185th anniversary of the brand’s celebration this year, and especially in the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Show invited Miss Cai Zhuoyan to attend 185
Anniversary celebrations, witness a new page of the brand.

   At the celebration, A Sa personally performed the 36.5mm automatic watch of the Chrysmak series. The round bezel is set with 78 diamonds and dazzling. The dial is made of moisturized mother-of-pearl, and the hands are delicate and elegant. The alligator leather strap is more noble. At the meeting, she shared the unforgettable moments of her life with everyone. In her opinion, in addition to measuring time, the watch can also retain precious memories, which is the best testimony of unforgettable moments in life.

   The Baume & Mercier watch also prepared a small surprise that day, and presented another exquisite 36.5 mm moon phase watch of the same series. The crescent window in the center of the dial shows the moon phase, and every detail is delicate and unique. The bottom of the table is engraved with the intentional words designed by agent Mani: ‘STAND
‘You’ means that no matter what happens, Mani always stays with Ah Sa. This watch is of special significance, which makes Ah Sa jealous. I hope that with this gift, I can accompany my precious memories and stay forever Time. The 36.5 mm diameter women’s watch of the Chrysler series is equipped with an elegant and round polished polished stainless steel case, which shows the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology. The watch is equipped with a high-precision Swiss quartz movement with an appearance design Bright and generous: The white dial is extremely simple, with Roman numerals and elegant Barton time scales, a low-key date display at 6 o’clock, and a crescent-shaped window in the center of the dial showing the moon phase, each detail is delicate and unique.
The wear-resistant sapphire crystal perfectly protects the watch from wear and tear over time.

   For the third consecutive year, the masterpieces participating in the “Watches and Miracles” Asian Haute Horlogerie show coincide with the 185th anniversary of the brand’s celebration this year. A number of timepieces will be launched on the exhibition to pay tribute to traditional Asian culture and highlight the brand’s nearly 200 years Extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship. The new work blends traditional Asian culture and once again shows the unique emotional significance of Baume & Mercier watches beyond the test of fashion and time. The brand also celebrates the 185th anniversary of the founding, and hereby presents an exclusive new work: the Clayton series 18K red gold 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch, this pocket watch is specially launched for the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia Advanced Watch Exhibition, limited edition of 30 pieces, A tribute to the brand’s birth year 1830.