Brilliant ‘star River’ On The Wrist Tasting The Parmigiani Toda Metropolitaine Galaxy Watch

Women’s watches have been endowed with ‘romantic’ elements by designers, showing a style of artistic masterpieces. The Swiss watch brand Parmigiani Fleurier is also the same. Its Mastery Series Metropolitaine Galaxy watch launched this year is to ‘decorate’ the stars in the night sky on the dial, creating a bright ‘ ‘The Milky Way’, flickering and bright. Let’s enjoy this watch together. (Watch model: PFC273-1062500-HA3121)

Fantasy night sky elves

  Parmigiani’s case is made of 18k rose gold, polished and retouched to present the unique luster and delicate beauty of precious metals.

Asymmetric profile

Crown engraved with Parmigiani logo

  The round case design of the new Tongda Metropolitaine Galaxy watch is more elegant and beautiful than other watches in the same series. The cleverness of this design is that the watch uses two asymmetrical contour styles. The crown-free outline on the left is a traditional design. The waterdrop-shaped lugs are at about 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock; the other side The outline including the crown design extends the lugs down to the position of the crown and surrounds it tightly. This delicate asymmetrical design adds more fashion and personality to women.

  The exquisite 18k rose gold bezel is set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds, giving the watch a more luxurious luxury.

  The midnight blue dial is dreamy and pure. Parmigiani uses aventurine to create the dial. Tiny metal inclusions give the aventurine a unique texture. It is embellished with subtle golden fragments, like a star shining in the night sky. It is wrapped around a female wrist. Watching is like having the entire starry sky, which is intoxicating.

  The center-set 18K rose gold hands use a hollow triangle design to prevent the hands from blocking the charm of the starry sky. Below the dial surface is an independent small second dial surface, with the slightly longer end as the second hand, and the other end indicating the date embedded in the dial surface, the overall layout is elegant and coordinated.

  The watch comes with a dark blue strap made of crocodile leather, which is tough and durable.

PF310 movement

  The watch is equipped with the PF310 movement, which is entirely hand-made by Parmigiani Watchmaking Center. It is equipped with a double barrel, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and provides a power reserve of about 50 hours. The diameter of this movement is 23.9 mm, which is very suitable for women’s watches. All visible parts of the movement are polished with fish scales. The masters of the craftsmanship fully modify each part to create a unique effect that the machine cannot reproduce.

  Summary: This new Parmigiani Tonta Metropolitaine Galaxy watch is specially designed for contemporary urban women. With its elegant and unique beauty, the watch reflects the pursuit of perfection by contemporary dynamic women. The gorgeous and graceful appearance design, delicate and delicate The movement configuration is perfect for every woman’s wrist. Watch price: RMB 237,000