Beijing Brand Enamel Hollow Female Watch Yan Jing Inside Charity Night

On December 14, 2008, our company donated a Beijing brand enamel hollow-out female watch ‘Yingxiu’ to the ‘Love Torch Project’ of China Siyuan Engineering Poverty Alleviation Foundation. The project will be used to fund the Rose Valley Project in Beichuan County, the hardest hit area of ​​the 5.12 earthquake. This is another loving donation after Beipiao donated 100,000 yuan to the Wenchuan disaster area in May 2008.
On the evening, celebrities gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing, and there were a lot of pre-show lots. The charity dinner hosted by China Siyuan Project Poverty Alleviation Foundation and inside magazine started on time. The ‘Yingxiu’ table appeared for the third time, and a few rounds of bidding increased from 24,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan. With the auctioneer hammering down, the transaction price of 48,000 yuan applauded the audience.
This is the latest women’s watch developed by our company, and it is also the world’s first hollow female watch with a ring enamel dial. The watch uses an in-filled enamel dial and is equipped with its own SB183L skeletonized bracelet movement. The infill enamel dial is made of silver as the embryo. It is formed by high-pressure mold forming process and then filled with enamel glaze. Then it is glazed in a furnace with a temperature of more than 800 degrees Celsius. The enamel dial is transformed into a magnificent brilliance. The SB183L movement hollows out all the splints, and only 0.4 mm thin bridges are connected between each function drill. The high-end configuration of the movement’s 3/4 splint, gold sleeve, blue steel screws, and gooseneck trimming are all visible, and the delicate design of the movement and the fine grinding of the parts are also visible. The watch has a caliber of 38 mm and a thickness of 8 mm. The designer fixed the ring dial on the movement lining, and flattened the plane on the dial and the dial surface of the movement to become the thinnest mechanical watch made in China. The watch features classical waterdrop lugs and an onion winding handle. The case and winding handle are made of the famous 316L stainless steel, and the mirror and case back are made of sapphire glass. Straps are hand-stitched in bamboo-crocodile crocodile leather.
Yingxiu enamel hollow female watch
Miao Hongbo, General Manager of Beibei, donated enamel hollow female watches to Ms. Cheng Zhuo, Director of Siyuan Love Poverty Alleviation Foundation