Anti-gravity Tasting Casio G-shock Gw-a1100 Watch

In 13 years, British designer Lou Dalton cooperated with Casio to design the Casio G-SHOCK GW-A1100 watch based on Casio’s flight timepiece GW-A1100. The black watch body is deeply elegant, Atmospheric and extremely dynamic.

   For this watch, Casio also published a related video to deepen everyone’s understanding of this watch. This video invites Lou Dalton and GW-A1100 designer Nathan Jones to personally explain the theme design concept of cooperation, how to inspire Lou Dalton to create her spring and summer 2014 and other topics.

   This joint GW-A1100 is also equipped with a TRIPLE-G RESIST device, which can withstand the impact of impact, centrifugal and vibration forces, and also has a 20-bar water resistance function, which further ensures that the watch will still operate in any extreme environment normal. In addition, the GW-A1100 uses a solar charging system with sufficient power reserve for 29 months of continuous use.

Summary: The super cool design and super powerful functions make this watch both inside and out. It is a truly high-performance watch, worn elegantly and elegantly on the wrist.