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    Top Of Time Zone Brief Comment On Athens Dual Time Zone Black Dial Watch

    Dual time zone watches are also called ‘GMT’ watches, which can provide another time zone display for business people who travel frequently on the road, solving the problem of displaying the time in two places with one watch. The Athens dual time zone ‘UN-24’ movement watch breaks through the traditional concept and boldly innovates the design. It adopts a window mode that displays the date to display the hour in the second time zone. Under the gorgeous case, there is a mysterious and delicate layout hidden. Next, please enjoy the black timepiece of the ‘UN-24’ movement with the dual time zone of Athens. The official model is: 246-00 / 42

       The exquisite dual time zone watch in Athens boldly innovates the design. The overall layout adopts a new style for unified planning, which allows it to cross the functional advantages and extend into the essence of the design. It provides a good for those who are always on the road. select.

       As shown, at 2 o’clock on the dial is a large window with a dual window display; at 9 o’clock is the second time zone hour display; at 6 o’clock is a small seconds dial, and below the large calendar display window is Athens English logo and anchor mark, clearly visible classic design. Based on the ETA 2892-A2 movement, the UN-24 movement has been improved. The circular display window in the second time zone is designed according to the date display window. It is a bold attempt to innovate, and the movement can guarantee a power reserve of 42 hours. Long.

       This watch uses 18K rose gold to create the case and crown, which breaks through the traditional process design principles, making the lugs square, which has a more three-dimensional beauty; the black scratch-resistant ceramic bezel is fully matched with rose gold. Extremely generous, and effectively protect the case and watch glass.

       The 18K rose gold checkered design crown makes manual winding more convenient, and it does not cause problems such as disengagement or even rotation. The Athens anchor mark on the front of the crown is clearly visible. The crown bridge is different from the previous design. The arc-shaped design effectively protects the crown and adds a new twist to the whole.

       On the 43mm black circular dial inside the black scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, various designs that highlight the three-dimensional feel are out of reach. The cross-symmetrical dynamic Roman time scales are exaggerated and novel; the rose gold hands and non-Roman time scales are manually polished; the square track design in the center of the dial surrounds the hands, the date, and the second time zone display. It is a combination of shapes and is also an alternative The beauty of art.

       The rose gold watch with a black alligator leather strap makes the overall layout more uniform; the claw-shaped connection between the strap and the lugs makes it more secure and not easy to loosen.

    Summary: The Athens dual time zone watch is made in Switzerland. The special second time zone display window brings new imagination, and also adds characteristic highlights to the entire watch. The square lug design is bold and exaggerated, and it is also a representative of a new type. I believe that many friends who love Athens will remember its unusual shape. Watches that cross time zones not only make it easier for business people on the road to grasp the time, but also exist as their status symbol.

    For more watch details please see: yadian / 19017 /

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    The Women In The Swimming World Will Break The World Record

    [Jakarta, August 21, 2018] There will never be no miracle in the Asian Games. The minute and second breakthrough on the time scale represents an unremitting challenge to the limit of sports. On August 21, Chinese female swimmer Liu Xiang broke the world record for many years with a time of 26 seconds and 98 in the 50m backstroke, pushing the limit of this event forward again by 0.08 seconds. As she touched the wall, Jakarta’s blue swimming pool caused an invisible wave, and the timing device of the Tissot watch captured this historic moment. As the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games in Jakarta, Tissot presents special Tengzhi series Asian Games watches that symbolize courage and tenacity to record creators, commemorating this miracle with bright red timepiece time.

    Record-setting conquers the blue pool
       At this moment, Liu Xiang had just finished the last stroke in the women’s 50m backstroke final of the Asian Games, and she breathed out of the water. The projection on Bibochi was immediately shown, and audiences around the world saw Liu Xiang’s name. Along with it was her logo that broke the world record, which instantly lit the blue stadium in Jakarta. Everything happened in an instant. The moment Liu Xiang touched the wall of the pool with his fingertips, Tissot’s customized timing and scoring system for swimming competitions quickly confirmed the time within one hundredth of a microsecond, and announced the results to the world. The high-speed camera also recorded this historic moment of breaking the limit.

    Tissot watch front controller set by the pool

       As the only sport in all sports that is decided by the players to stop timing, swimming is one of the most enjoyable events on the Asian Games. The short schedule of the 50-meter backstroke makes the event tense and escalating, every second Thrilling. Here, the timing role of Tissot is crucial. This role even came into play before the start of the game: before the start of the game, the staff of Tissot will enter all the historical records of the project into the system, as well as the data of the players who participated in the day. These data will be sorted and provided to referees, coaches, media and commentators as data references, and will also be used to determine whether the player has set a new record.

    Tissot swimming timer, used to send start instructions to all players simultaneously

       When the player stepped onto the take-off platform, the Tissot watch’s take-off sensing system was already in place to prepare for the timing to be started. At the moment the command sounded and the player set off, the Tissot watch was set on the synchronized speakers on each take-off platform. The starting instruction will be issued at the same time to ensure that the players get a unified starting instruction; and the take-off board can determine whether the player is grabbing the jump through pressure discrimination; at the critical moment of the player’s relay, round trip or sprint towards the end point, the pressure on the pool wall The board device can accurately recognize the contact between human hands and water waves, record the player’s wall contact, calculate the time, and transmit the final match result to the terminal.

    Take-off board and pool end use pressure sensing system to record the most accurate time record

       The fierce swimming competition used to rely on the referee’s naked eyes to determine the small gap, and the human eye’s recognition accuracy was only about 1/25 seconds. At present, Tissot watches are equipped with high-speed camera groups at the horizontal and vertical positions of the finish line of the swimming pool, recording the line-up situation at a frequency of tens of thousands of high-resolution photos per second, providing a reliable basis for the judges in key decisions. In all Tissot watches’ timekeeping equipment, the principle of accuracy first is implemented, so each functional component is equipped with a backup system that can automatically detect and switch errors to ensure accurate time recording in extreme cases. Liu Xiang’s amazing new world record of 26.98 seconds is recorded and certified by this efficient, intelligent, accurate and stable timing system.

    Tissot watches provide timing and scoring system and high-speed cameras for swimming games in the Asian Games

    Behind the scenes creating a red timepiece
       Year after year back and forth between the swimming pool and the gym, Liu Xiang exchanged this surprise answer to his fate with sweat. The indomitable tenacity and courage is exactly the interpretation of the sports spirit of Tissot for more than 100 years. In the eyes of Tissot watches that have been associated with sports for hundreds of years, sports has never been just a way of life. It is written in the brand genes of Tissot watches. It represents people’s pursuit of breaking through themselves, challenging limits, and treating life as true as possible. enthusiasm.
       As the official designated timer partner of the Asian Games, Tissot is proud to be a fair recorder, to perform official time record certification for all record creators who have the courage to break through and challenge the limits, and give them special wristwatches of Tissot Tengzhi series Asian Games table. This eye-catching red timepiece is engraved with the official logo of the Jakarta Asian Games. It also has excellent water resistance and can withstand water pressure at a depth of 100 meters. The solar panel of the dial will turn the inexhaustible blazing sunlight into electricity, giving the timepiece and its owner a permanent driving force.

    Tissot Special Edition Jakarta Asian Games Special Watch

       Tissot hopes to accompany every record creator with this smart touchscreen watch that they are proud of, and record their outstanding performance over and over again in minutes and seconds. This innovative smart watch based on innovation inherits the strong character advocated by Tissot. It is equipped with up to 20 touch-screen functions and accompanies the wearer’s long journey to challenge himself. Every step counts. ‘

    Tissot Special Edition Jakarta Asian Games Special Watch

    Technical Parameters:

    Tissot Tengzhi Series Asian Games Special RMB7,700

    -Made in Switzerland
    -Quartz movement
    -Antimagnetic titanium case, official logo of the Asian Games
    -Touchscreen sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
    -Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
    -Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
    -Size: 45mm * 45mm

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    Congratulations To Chopard-sponsored Porsche Team For Their Victory In The 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours

    Three Porsche drivers won the final victory at the legendary Le Mans track after boarding the first and second places on the Spar circuit. This is also Porsche’s 17th crown in the history of Le Mans. This year’s win once again defends its dominant position in the unshakable field of endurance racing. Representing Porsche was the 919 Hybrid, which was driven in turn by three drivers Nico Hülkenberg, Mark Webber and Romain Dumas, and finally won the championship with the first outstanding overall result.

       Chopard has launched a new watch, ‘the Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jacky Ickx’ limited edition, limited to 100 pieces worldwide. A tribute to Jacky Ickx, a legendary driver who has won six consecutive Le Mans races and is known as ‘Mr. Le Mans’, and he is also a long-standing brand ambassador for Chopard and Porsche.
    Superfast Chrono Porche 919 Jacky Ickx Limited Edition 100 pieces worldwide

    Extraordinary chronograph pays tribute to legendary driver Superfast Chrono Porsche 919

       In 2014, when Porsche team returned to the endurance championship, Chopard became the ‘official timing partner’ for this legendary German team. To celebrate this special collaboration, Chopard launched a Superfast watch inspired by the Porsche 919 Hybrid in 2014, which represented Porsche in the World Endurance Championship (LMP1). This year, Chopard has once again launched a new work-the Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jack Exx Special Edition, and it is limited to 100 pieces. The new watch is designed to pay tribute to legendary driver Jack Aix, who has not only achieved great results, but also has been the image ambassador of Chopard and Porsche for many years. This timepiece uses the iconic colors of the legendary champion driver to pay tribute to his 6 wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

    The Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Special Edition is designed with iconic colors. The Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Special Edition is inspired by the famous German racing car participating in the World Endurance Championship. The dial also presents The iconic color of the Jack Ax helmet. The winning world champion is also a close friend of Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. The racing legend has Bomberg’s record. He repeatedly dominated the Le Mans 24 Hours, so he was called ‘Mr. Le Mans’. To pay tribute to him, the inner edge and chronograph dial of the Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Special Edition is accented with dark blue and white trim, which symbolizes the famous helmet that always accompanies Jack Exx. The elegant silver dial is reminiscent of the silver-gray of a Porsche racing car, making vivid color combinations come out, and the stripes on the dial are exactly like the rear radiator of a Porsche 919 hybrid racing car.

    Jack Exx
       Jack Ex is one of the greatest drivers of the twentieth century. He started his career in motorsport and later became an icon in the history of racing. From 1967 to 1979, he participated in 114 Formula 1 Grand Prix races. At the age of 23 in 1968, he first tasted the joy of victory at the French Grand Prix. Jack Ecks is particularly well-known in the world for his outstanding performance in endurance races, especially in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. Four of the six wins have represented the Porsche team. This amazing record has not been broken for years. The most memorable victory is in 1969. At that time, all the cars stopped side by side on the track, and the drivers flexed their muscles, ready to rush to the car. There is only one exception-Jack Exx. The drivers were too late to fasten their seat belts in order to race against time. In protest of the way he believed to be extremely dangerous and unnecessary in the 24-hour endurance race, the Belgian driver decided to walk to his GT40 . He has fresh memories of last year’s Willy Mairesse accident. The driver’s Hunaudières raced into a skid and was eventually thrown out because of an unfastened seat belt and was seriously injured. At 1400 hours on June 14, 1969, other drivers raced towards the car, while Jack Ax walked firmly across the 24-hour endurance track. In the end, he won the Le Mans race with the smallest advantage in history: 120 meters. It turns out that you can complete a wonderful game without adopting the start method of others. Since then, the history of Le Mans endurance has entered a new stage. The following year, the rules of the game were completely revised. Drowsy Jack Axes risked losing important matches, leading to changes in the rules of the game.
       His outstanding performance is not only the case, he also topped the 1983 Paris-Dakar Rally.

    Excellence, extraordinary motivation
       As a new model of the Superfast series, the Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jack Exx Limited Edition is fully motorsport-like. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the bezel is equipped with a speedometer and is fixed with 8 black screws. The 45mm diameter case is equipped with a highly accurate movement, and its decorative details are inspired by racing engines. The crown is decorated with a black rubber mold runner, and the side stripes are reminiscent of the heat sink of a racing engine. The unique decoration echoes the line pattern of the dial and the skeletonized bridge of the movement. The Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jack Exx Edition is like a real racing car, equipped with the extraordinary Chopard-made 03.05-M. Movement, which is entirely in the brand Fleurier Ebauches ) Completed development, design and assembly. This self-winding chronograph mechanical movement has a flyback function, is extremely accurate, and has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). This watch shows Chopard’s passion and commitment to motorsport.

    Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Special Edition

    • Stainless steel
    • Total diameter: 45.00 mm
    • Thickness: 15.08 mm
    • Water resistance: 100 meters
    • Stainless steel screw-in crown with black rubber moulded runner
    • Stainless steel bezel, the speedometer is fixed with 8 stainless steel black PVD processing screws
    • Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    • The back cover is engraved with the words ‘Official Timing Partner Porsche Motorsport’ and ‘Jacky Ickx Limited Edition’
    • Self-winding chronograph Chopard 03.05-M
    • Total diameter: 28.8 mm
    • Thickness: 7.60 mm
    • Number of gems: 45
    • Power reserve: 60 hours
    • Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
    • Swiss Official Astronomical Clock Accreditation (COSC)
    Dial and hands:
    • Silver dial with matte blue inner rim
    White and silver pad printing elements
    • Black metal textured hour, minute and hour markers
    Covered with Superluminova
    • Central red arrow second hand
    • Red minute and hour counter hands
    • Black metal texture seconds counter hands
    Function and display:
    • Central hours, minutes and seconds display
    • Small seconds at 6 o’clock
    • Calendar display window at 4:30
    • Chronograph-Flyback
    • 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock
    • Speedometer
    Strap and buckle:
    • Black rubber strap (smooth tire pattern)
    • Polished stainless steel folding clasp
    Model: 168535-3003-Limited edition of 100 pieces

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    Mb & F Legacy Machine No.1 Won Two Gphg Awards-the Brand’s Response

    MB & F Watch Machine Legacy Machine No.1 won two in one fell swoop at the most prestigious honour of the watch industry, held on November 15th, at the Geneva GPHG Awards Ceremony Grand prize.

    The brand’s first surprise was the LM1’s ‘Public Award’. To be honest, the people of MB & F were stunned by the public’s preferences at that time. You should know that LM1 is just one of these 70 fantasy watches shortlisted from the most famous and most famous brands.

    A few minutes later, Mr. Maximilian Büsser and LM1 were again invited to the stage to receive another award: Best Men’s Watch. According to industry experts, this is the first time in the history of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards that the same watch won both public and professional jury awards.

    The awards ceremony took place on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at the Grand Theatre in Geneva. Mr. Alain Berset, member of the Swiss Federal Council, a number of Geneva dignitaries and the most influential figures in the watch industry attended the award ceremony-gathered to celebrate the success of the 12th Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. The award ceremony further established the supreme status of the Geneva Watchmaking Awards in the world of watchmaking.
    To watch Mr. Maximilian Büsser receive the ‘Public Award’, click here and to see him receive the ‘Best Men’s Watch Award’, click here
    Learn more about MB & F’s Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) in our online article.
    Source: MB & F-GPHG

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    Timeless Classic Reappeared Yesterday Tissot Nostalgic Classic 1936 Replica Watch Tasting

    Tissot has a 160-year history of superb watchmaking and is constantly committed to the pursuit of perfect watch manufacturing. During the 2016 Basel Haute Horlogerie and Jewellery Show, Tissot launched this nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch. ‘Extraordinary creativity, rooted in tradition’, this watch reinterprets the classic series launched in 1936. The design inspiration can be traced back to the watch revolution of the 1930s. It is the watch that gradually replaced pocket watches and became the dominant Years. Now let’s recreate history and taste classic. (Model: T104.405.16.012.00)

    Timeless classics reappear yesterday

    Overall watch display

       After the First World War, men realized the importance of the practicality and portability of watches. Watchmakers began to study the manufacture of portable watches. At first, arched rings were welded on both sides of the pocket watch, so that Wear the strap to create a watch that can be worn on your wrist. At this point, people gradually abandoned pocket watches and switched to wearing watches. The Tissot nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch reproduces this traditional manufacturing style.

    Dial front view display

    Independent small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial

       The white dial follows the elements of the earlier models. The Breguet Arabic numerals and time hands have a strong retro style. You can see that there is a separate seconds dial at six o’clock.

    Case details

       The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the polished case has a round and smooth outline, exquisite and elegant. When exposed to light, it displays a unique luster of metal.

    Inherits the classic retro-style lug design

       This ‘U’ lug shape inherited the design of the important improvement of pocket watches at that time. The strap can be worn through the lugs for easy wearing. This is also the ’emphasis’ of re-engraving, because it is a very meaningful sign of watch transformation.

    Reversible back cover and movement display

       The back of the watch has a reversible back cover, which is also very retro and classic. After opening the back of the case, the Seiko-made movement has a panoramic view. The EAT6498-1 is a manually wound movement with blue steel screws and Geneva stripes. The Tissot brand logo is engraved below.

    Dark brown leather strap

    Stainless steel pin buckle display

       The dark brown leather strap has a vintage feel, and the strap design is also unique. In order to facilitate the flip of the case back, the strap is designed to be detachable, which is also a feature of history. Carefully sewn white thread, walks and straps on top, meticulous and neat.

    The overall effect of the strap removal

    Summary: The reason why the classics are called classics has its profound meaning, which means that history cannot be forgotten at the same time. This Tissot nostalgic and classic series, engraved the great change of pocket watches to watches, unique design with the retro style of early watchmaking, the classic reproduction. The flip-open cover and detachable strap are the highlights of the watch design and the essence of the classic. It is very connotative and retro.

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    Longines Is The Official Timing Of The Japan Cup International Horse Race

    On Sunday, November 30, 2014, the Japan Cup International Horse Race was held at the Fuchu Racecourse in Tokyo. Under the watchful eye of the audience, Chrisophe Soumillon drove the good horse Epiphaneia to cross the finish line first, and the racecourse won.

      To celebrate and commemorate this great victory, Mr. Walter von Känel, the president of the brand, and Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador, presented elegant Longines watches to the winning owners, breeders, trainers and jockeys. The Japan Cup 2400m International First Class was established in 1981. Horses aged three and over can participate in the championship.
      This year is the first time Longines has participated in the Japan Cup International Horse Race as an official partner, official timepiece and official watch. Horse racing has a long tradition in Japan, and Longines is pleased to join hands with the Japan Cup to show its sincere passion for horse racing.

      To celebrate the racecourse’s outstanding performance and exquisite Japanese elegance, Longines also held the “Longines Elegance Prize” in homage to Kimono for the first time on that day. Miki Uehara was selected as the most elegant woman of the day and received a fine Longines watch from Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines.

      The official timekeeper for the 2400m International Cup of Japan Cup is a Concas watch, which was created by Longines for horse racing. The stainless steel gold case with black dial, through the sapphire crystal back, you can admire the unique column-wheel movement.

      The cooperation between Longines and the equestrian sport has a history of more than a century. In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch engraved with the jockey and his foal. This model has appeared on the racetrack as early as 1881, it allows users to experience the timing performance accurate to the second. In addition, Longines cooperation with the equestrian obstacle course began in 1912. Today, the brand’s cooperation with horse racing has expanded to flat horse racing, track obstacle course and endurance racing.

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    Return To Minimalist Ultra-thin Watch Legend

    In the world of watches, thinness and slimness have always been the first choice for watch purchase. Almost from the 1950s, there was an ‘ultra-thin contest’ between top watch brands. Generally speaking, mechanical watches, manual winding watches, the movement should be considered thin around 2 mm, automatic winding watches, the movement grasped within 5 mm are very good. Today, although the interpretation of complex functions such as perpetual calendar and tourbillon has never been abandoned, the overall trend of watch development is still lighter, more accurate and thinner. You are even more interested in the low-key and elegant. Patek Philippe
    Ref. 5940 ultra-thin perpetual calendar
    Ref. 5940 ultra-thin perpetual calendar uses a clear and creative style to have a powerful and significant impact on art, architecture, furniture and product design. As a long-term design concept, it has been extolled in the Gondolo series. The special-shaped watch series covers all chronographs with non-circular cases.
    Blancpain Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch
    The thickness of the watch is only 10.83mm. The dial of the watch is a retro-radiation wave engraved lacquered surface with multi-layered transparent blue, which translates into an unparalleled ocean depth effect. Blancpain Villeret series ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch case diameter 40mm, built-in ultra-thin movement 7663Q (a total of 244 parts, 34 gem bearings), with a 3-day power reserve.
    Water-resistant to 30 meters, alligator leather strap with soft and comfortable Alzavel lining, the color of the strap echoes the dial, and is equipped with a folding buckle to ensure the comfort of wearing on the wrist.
    Piaget Altiplano watch
    The launch of Piaget Altiplano skeleton ultra-thin watch, once again achieved two world records, and raised the limit specifications to a new level: the world’s thinnest self-winding skeleton watch (5.34mm), equipped with the world’s thinnest self-winding watch Chain skeleton movement (2.40mm). Main splint and bridge polished in matte finish, hand-chamfered and hand-drilled cut bridge, gear train with radial sunburst or ring-shaped matte finish, black screws, black titanium matte polished micro-automatic disc, engraved with the count Decoration.
    Parmigiani Tonda 1950
    Tonda 1950 is the latest ultra-thin launched by Parmigiani
    Classic watch, available in rose gold and white gold, with hours, minutes and
    Small seconds key scale display. The new PF701 movement has a diameter of 30mm and a thickness of only 2.6mm. This movement is equipped with platinum 950 miniature eccentric automatic oscillating weight, which can work continuously for 42 hours. The Tonda 1950 watch features hours, minutes and small seconds, and 12 time zone indexes are displayed plainly and elegantly on the black or white polished dial. The principle behind shrewdness is the ultimate beauty without compromising time accuracy.
    With its precise and rigorous manufacturing process, RADO TrueThinline watches not only possess all the superior characteristics of high-tech ceramics, such as top comfort and hardness, but also have the advantages of extreme lightness. It has a simple and elegant case, with gold dazzling scales (real diamond models are diamond scales), placed under a sapphire crystal arc-shaped mirror, showing its charm.
    Hamilton Thin Series
    The brand new Zhen Thin series originates from the watch of the same name in the 1960s, reappearing nostalgia with modern craftsmanship. The entire watch reveals classic details everywhere. The timeless Hamilton vintage logo from the 40s to 60s, the slim and light hand scales and the pure and simple dial outline the timeless style. The arched mirror and exquisite shell exude elegant elegance. Swiss 2892-2 self-winding mechanical movement runs precisely in it, so that the thickness of the entire watch does not exceed 7mm, and the black leather strap with antique touch makes the classic temperament of the thin series endless.
    Hublot classic fusion ultra-thin hollow
    推出 The launch of this watch means Hublot’s attempt to challenge the ‘thin’ limit at once: a 45mm diameter dial equipped with a homemade ultra-thin movement with a thickness of only 2.90mm. The completely hollow design concept makes the watch’s internal structure-whether it is the adjustment part, balance wheel or escapement wheel-more clearly and intuitively displayed under professional eyes. The power reserve of up to 90 hours and the excellent waterproof coefficient of normal operation under 50 meters of water add highlights to the work.