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    Tissot New Member-1000 Swiss Francs Observatory Movement

    Earlier this year, François Thiébaud, President of Tissot, explained to Europa Star Watch World Magazine that he hopes to increase the company’s profitability by increasing production rather than increasing prices. Obviously, he intends to keep Tissot watches cheap and quality, with quality assurance, rather than gradually increasing the average price like other brands in the Swatch Group.
    The world’s highest altitude Tissot boutique opened at Jungfrau, Switzerland earlier this year. The store’s Tissot Tissot watches sold out at a rate of several hundred per month, which clearly shows that Tissot Tissot still has the strength to increase production and improve quality. Way to drive economic growth.

     Tissot New Luxury Automatic

    In the future, a large number of new watches (and further improvements) will be equipped with the new movement just launched by Tissot. The Powermatic 80 movement uses a new barrel and escapement technology to increase the power reserve time of the movement to an amazing 80 hours. The pointer device is removed from the movement, improving accuracy. This is the new precision movement brought by Tissot. It also provides an observatory movement certified by the COSC Swiss official observatory test organization.
    Tissot’s economic scale is huge (don’t forget that Tissot’s new logistics center has been put into use early this year, which is used to meet the demand for the production of five to six million watches per year), which allows the brand to bring his The price of the self-winding movement remains below 1,000 Swiss francs-even the observatory movement-the stainless steel and PVD gold-plated Tissot Luxury Automatic will be the first watch to use the Powermatic 80 movement.
    So far, the brand is relatively low-key, and there are no more important details about this new movement, but please rest assured that Europa Star World Watch Magazine will definitely offer you more in the next few issues. More details.

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    The ‘internet Red’ Big Complex Table At The Geneva Watch Fair

    I usually write popular and regular watches on the market, because these watches are the ones we buy the most and play the most. All kinds of large and complicated watches are destined to be just a few people in this world. For most players, we are mainly ‘watching lively.’ At this Geneva watch exhibition, there are two large and complex watches, sweeping the Internet, mobile phones, and circle of friends, and become ‘Internet celebrity’ large complex watches. One is the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle lineage series dual-core perpetual calendar, and one is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding tradition. Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar. Although we can’t buy these two watches, we can take a look.

    Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle inherited series dual core rate perpetual calendar

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar
    Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle inherited series dual core rate perpetual calendar
     The dual-core perpetual calendar is the most important watch at Vacheron Constantin this year and even the entire watch exhibition. The reason is that Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar is a major innovation in the traditional perpetual calendar. Vacheron Constantin dual-core perpetual calendar. On a watch, there are two moving wheels, one with high wobble frequency, one with low wobble frequency, and two high and low frequencies, which can be switched at any time. The high frequency wobble frequency is 36,000 times per hour and the low frequency wobble frequency is 8640 times. /Time. Under normal wear, switch to high frequency, and switch to low frequency when not wearing. At low frequencies, the power consumption of the watch is greatly reduced, and the power reserve time is astonishing 65 days (high frequency power 4 days).

    Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle inherited series dual core rate perpetual calendar
     Everyone knows that one of the more troublesome perpetual calendars is stop-and-go (the other trouble is turning over). Once the perpetual-days stop and you wear it again, you need to adjust the watch again. For a short time, the watch is stopped for a long time. When the watch is worn again, the date, day of the week, and month displays must be adjusted again, which is more troublesome. Although this problem can be solved by using the meter, many players are not assured of the meter and are worried about the watch being damaged. Now Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar perfectly solves this problem. If you don’t wear it, you switch to low frequency. Even if you don’t wear it for 2 months, the watch will keep running, and all kinds of dates, weeks, and months will work normally. The invention of Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar is simply the gospel of the perpetual calendar.

    Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle inherited series dual core rate perpetual calendar
     Let me briefly talk about the technical principle of Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar. Vacheron Constantin’s dual-frequency perpetual calendar has only one barrel. There are two gear trains on a barrel. Each gear train has its own escapement and balance wheel (like normal watches). One gear train is high frequency (small balance wheel) and one gear train is low frequency (large balance wheel). There is a switch on the two gear trains that can stop one gear train and start the other gear train at the same time (8-point button on the case). The switch is similar to the stop-second device on a normal watch, with a small reed to stop the balance wheel. Below I put the structure diagram, you can see at a glance.

    Vacheron Constantin double core rate perpetual calendar gear train structure.
     There is a small question. When one train is stopped and the other train is started, will the watch stop temporarily for this moment of switching? No, because Vacheron Constantin also thought of this problem. The solution is that when switching, one gear train will wait until the other gear train stops, so there will be no stall in the middle.

    Vacheron Constantin dual-core perpetual calendar high-frequency and low-frequency switching mechanism.
     Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar is another key technology for watch barrels. We mentioned earlier that Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar has only one barrel, but there are two barrels in a barrel. At the same time, there are 4 differentials in the movement (1 barrel differential, 2 power reserve differentials, 1 hour and minute display differential), and the differential can allow both springs to be driven. The barrel is running, and the differential can also display the power at 12 o’clock, showing 65 days power at low frequency and 4 days power at high frequency. These are the main new technologies of Vacheron Constantin’s dual-core perpetual calendar.

    Vacheron Constantin’s dual core rate perpetual calendar barrel.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar
     I think that the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar from Westminster is very good. The reason is that this watch reminds many players that Jaeger-LeCoultre is an expert on complications. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s popular watches on the market are master watches, master moon phases, clowns, flip watches and other conventional watches. Over time, it is easy to make people forget the absolute strength of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the field of large and complex watches. As soon as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar was announced, it swept across the Internet and the circle of friends, because this watch is extremely complicated and shocking when viewed from the outside. This watch mainly includes three functions: ball tourbillon, Zhongle three questions, and perpetual calendar. At the same time, each function contains the unique technology of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Let’s watch them one by one.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar
     The first is the ball tourbillon. Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the pioneers of the ball tourbillon (multi-axis tourbillon). From the first generation of the ball tourbillon in 2004 to this watch, the ball tourbillon has reached the fifth generation. The new feature of the 5th generation ball tourbillon on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar in Westminster is that the size of the ball tourbillon is reduced, and the size of the 5th generation of the tourbillon is the smallest in its history. Jaeger-LeCoultre made this design, I think mainly because the ball tourbillon watch in the past did not integrate so many functions, this time the 5th generation ball tourbillon is combined with the perpetual calendar and the three questions, so it is necessary to control Tourbillon size.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar
     The second is the Three Questions of Zhongle from Westminster. The difference between the Westminster Bell and the Three Questions and the ordinary three questions is that when the Westminster three questions are written, they will knock out a piece of music, so there are four hammers and four gongs, while the general three questions are simply knocked out. The sound of jingle, so there are only 2 hammers and 2 gongs. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Westminster’s Zhongle Perpetual Calendar contains three functions called ‘Remove Silence’. For general three questions, when only the time and the minute are reported, there is a large blank because there is no time mark. Delay. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a function of ‘remove silence’. No matter how the time is reported, there is no blank delay. This is a very practical function in the three questions. In addition, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch also has a set of constant force device, which can make the minute hand of the watch jump one minute, the role is to make the watch have no error in the time, time, and minute (for example, it will not appear When the minute hand is between 1 minute and 2 minutes).

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar Movement
     The last is the perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar function on the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch can be quickly adjusted back and forth. Fast forward and backward adjustment is the most practical and advanced feature of the perpetual calendar. Because the perpetual calendar is most afraid of turning around, for example, it is January, and you accidentally adjusted it to March. Generally, the perpetual calendar is more tragedy, because you can’t pull back, you can only put the watch, power is exhausted, Stop. Then wait until March. The perpetual calendar that can be quickly adjusted back and forth is very powerful. If I turn it over, I will call back.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Master Series Ball Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar Movement
     The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar, each function in this watch comes out individually, is a top-level complex function. Jaeger-LeCoultre concentrated all three of them on one watch, and few watches could be more powerful than the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Westminster Zhongle Perpetual Calendar.

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    Rolex Rolex Crown Cover Gathered In The Tennis Masters

    Shanghai Rolex Masters held an annual tennis feast at the Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. The world’s top watch brand Rolex, as the title sponsor and the designated timekeeper of the event, awarded the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daily Watch. It is worth celebrating that Rolex spokesman Roger Federer of Switzerland has won the Shanghai Rolex Masters after four consecutive days of competition. At the same time, the Shanghai Rolex Masters event organizer also officially announced that Rolex will continue to be the title sponsor of this event in the next ten years.

    Rolex Draw Ceremony for Shanghai Rolex Masters at the Bund 27

    The Shanghai Rolex Masters is one of the 9 ATP1000 Masters in the world, and it is also the top event in the Asian Tennis Tour every year. Since 2009, with the unremitting support of Rolex, the Shanghai Rolex Masters has won the player’s selection of the ‘Best ATP1000 Event of the Year’ for five consecutive times. This youngest ATP1000 World Men’s Professional Tennis Tournament has been recognized by players. Such an achievement is a miracle. Mr. Lu Huayong, Director of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, said: ‘During the collaboration between the Rolex Masters and Rolex in Shanghai, we were rated as the’ Best ATP1000 Event of the Year ‘every year. Without Rolex’s sponsorship and support, today is It is not easy. It is precisely because the two sides have the same conviction that we maintain and work together to achieve what we are today. ‘

    Roger Federer performs perfectly in Shanghai Rolex Masters

    The partnership between Rolex and the Shanghai Rolex Masters dates back to 2009. At the time, as the sole sponsor, Rolex began to support the event. Starting the following year, Rolex upgraded this partnership to title sponsorship. The sixth edition has been successfully concluded so far, and the event organizers have officially announced that Rolex will continue to be the title sponsor of the Shanghai Rolex Masters for the next ten years. Mr. Lu Huayong, the director of the tournament, said, ‘In global sports, it’s not just tennis. I think that when the sponsors welcome a new round of ten-year cooperation, it represents the success of the tournament and the time when the dream comes true. Some brands are willing to give such long-term support to the event. Maintaining this perseverance is like maintaining a marriage. It is very valuable. ‘

    Milos Raonic shines on the court with great effort

    On the day of the start of the event, the Shanghai Rolex Masters draw ceremony was held on the Bund 27, ‘The Rolex Experience’. This year’s men’s singles players, including Rolex ambassadors Roger Federer and Milos Raonic, drawn the draw. After fierce competition, the Swiss king Feidana fought for four days in a row, defeating defending champion Djokovic in two sets in the semi-final, and finally defeated French star Simon in the final, successfully winning the career The first Shanghai Rolex Masters Championship. This year, Rolex presented the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch, which, like every tennis ambassador and sponsored tournament, can withstand the test of trends and years, and has eternal charm.

    Roger Federer wins his first Shanghai Rolex Masters Championship

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    Gp Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Series Ceramic Watch Real Shooting Tasting

    GP Girard Perregaux’s legendary Laureato laurel series watch has launched a new ceramic model. This unique series of watches is the representative of the brand’s casual fashion, now with a new appearance of glamour black and shining white, extraordinary charm. The 38mm ceramic watch shines in glamorous white. Laureato laurel series ceramic watch once again demonstrates the power and time sense of GP Girard-Perregaux watchmaking technology, both in size and material are changing. (Model: 81005D82A732-32A)

    Watch the real shot
       Its inherent design genes have been passed down through the ages, and although its appearance details have evolved over time, its unique fashion characteristics have never changed. Laureato’s laurel series polished and detailed octagonal bezel integrates all the structure of the case into a shape without lugs or rings. The Laureato Laurel Collection, a classic in the watch industry, strives for excellence and continues to incorporate modern elements into it. This time, the architectural aesthetics of the collection are presented to perfection with new ceramic materials.

    Watch ceramic strap real shot
       Noble and elegant ceramic material, lightweight and exquisite, also has anti-scratch characteristics, excellent wearing comfort, combined with the characteristics of ceramics and ergonomic advantages, to create the ultimate comfort for the wearer. It also reflects a series of ergonomic skills.

       The white dial has a ‘Paris stud’ pattern, and the unique octagonal bezel is set with diamond decoration, which is very exquisite and fashionable. Girard Perregaux proudly promotes the white ceramic Laureato, which is pure and precious, as always a model.

       The iconic 38mm Laureato sports fashion watch is transformed into an out-of-the-box ‘toward the light’. With a new pure white color, Laureato has once again proven its powerful design and timeless classic. No matter how time changes, it can change according to the trend, regardless of size or material.

    Movement at the bottom of the table
       Self-winding mechanical movement with 48-hour power reserve, 218 component counts and 27 gems, steel oscillating weight, the movement has Geneva ripples, round grain, and chamfering, through a back-through watch Cover, you can clearly watch the movement of the movement, and time to walk. Watches are simple, stylish, and exquisite craftsmanship, it is a must-have watch for elites.
    For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

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    Exquisite Craftsmanship And Extraordinary Creativity, Cartier Libre Series Watch Debuts At Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2019

    When exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity, Cartier constantly interprets unique design elements to fulfill the tradition of graphic watch modeling watches. This year, the Cartier Libre collection presents new and colorful watches. It interprets the beauty of metaphor through color contrast or depth effect.
    Cartier TANK CHINOISE RED watch
       This year, Cartier is not only committed to breakthroughs in watch styling, but also to pursue a distinctive feature in the watch name: Tank Chinoise. Born in 1921, this work has become Cartier’s masterpiece of rich style. Combined with Chinese-style red, it symbolizes enthusiasm and vitality.

    Tank Chinoise watch

    Tank Chinoise Red watch in 18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds and rubies, black enamel, black lacquered dial (164 diamonds, about 1.12 carats), black alligator strap, quartz movement, limited edition and number 100 Piece

       The new Tank Chinoise watch is like a prism of color. The square case is elongated and rectangular, with ruby ​​edges and black enamel. The side of the case is set with a whole row of diamonds. Color elements and dazzling diamonds contrast each other, forming a visual tension, paying tribute to the three-dimensional style of the prototype watch. This watch is limited to 100 pieces. Continuing the tradition with styling and highlighting the aesthetic creativity are the challenges of the Cartier Libre collection.
    Cartier DIAGONALE watch
       The unique style of the watch is obviously derived from Cartier’s creation. Mother-in-law’s beautiful curve breaks all rules.

    Cartier Diagonale watch, 18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, black and burgundy enamel (70 diamonds, approximately 0.90 carats), burgundy crocodile leather strap, quartz movement, limited and numbered 50 pieces

       The contrast between red or black enamel lines and pavé diamonds is a clear contrast to the novel and bold harmony. Cartier Diagonale watch’s exquisite dial fully reflects the iconic style of Cartier, praising the brand for daring to break through the traditional spirit of excellence.

    Cartier BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE watch

       Cartier designers are creative and regard the watch shape as creative material. The watch is decorated with emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, black spinels, yellow sapphires or diamonds. Each gemstone gathers light and becomes the focus of sight. At the same time, the central dial is set with bright diamonds.

    Cartier BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE BLACK watch, medium model, 18K yellow gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, black spinel and yellow sapphire, dial set with brilliant-cut round diamonds (473 diamonds, about 1.75 carats), black crocodile Leather strap, Cartier 1917MC workshop hand-wound mechanical movement, limited and numbered 50

    Cartier BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch, medium model, 18K white gold, case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, emerald and Paraiba tourmaline, dial set with brilliant-cut round diamonds (573 diamonds, about 2.57 carats), Green crocodile leather strap, Cartier 1917MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, limited and numbered 50 pieces for sale

       Limited to 50 pieces, this watch is available in 18k white or 18K yellow gold. The work breaks the rhythm through color changes, bold and unique, and at the same time exudes iconic elegance.