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    Like An Art Palace Breguet 2016 Baselworld Exhibition Hall List

    The annual BaselWorld Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair has gradually kicked off. The staff in front of the Watch House are eager to bring you the latest watch exhibition information. Let’s follow the footsteps of the House of Watches and admire Breguet’s pavilion-like pavilion in this year’s Basel watch exhibition.

        The pavilion’s pavilion has a strong modern element, which reflects the cultural concept of modern watchmaking of Breguet, respects the tradition, and conforms to the cultural connotation of modern watchmaking.

        The internal display layout is orderly, showing the classic and exquisite concepts of modern European display.

    Summary: As the representative brand of Swiss fine watchmaking, Breguet’s heritage of traditional watchmaking technology is amazing, so what surprises will the brand bring us this year? For more updates on Baselworld 2016, please watch the special report on Baselworld :.

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    Cai Zhuoyan Attended The 185 Anniversary Celebration Of Baume & Mercier Watch

    Baume & Mercier, one of the world’s oldest Swiss watch manufacturers, coincides with the 185th anniversary of the brand’s celebration this year, and especially in the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Show invited Miss Cai Zhuoyan to attend 185
    Anniversary celebrations, witness a new page of the brand.

       At the celebration, A Sa personally performed the 36.5mm automatic watch of the Chrysmak series. The round bezel is set with 78 diamonds and dazzling. The dial is made of moisturized mother-of-pearl, and the hands are delicate and elegant. The alligator leather strap is more noble. At the meeting, she shared the unforgettable moments of her life with everyone. In her opinion, in addition to measuring time, the watch can also retain precious memories, which is the best testimony of unforgettable moments in life.

       The Baume & Mercier watch also prepared a small surprise that day, and presented another exquisite 36.5 mm moon phase watch of the same series. The crescent window in the center of the dial shows the moon phase, and every detail is delicate and unique. The bottom of the table is engraved with the intentional words designed by agent Mani: ‘STAND
    ‘You’ means that no matter what happens, Mani always stays with Ah Sa. This watch is of special significance, which makes Ah Sa jealous. I hope that with this gift, I can accompany my precious memories and stay forever Time. The 36.5 mm diameter women’s watch of the Chrysler series is equipped with an elegant and round polished polished stainless steel case, which shows the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology. The watch is equipped with a high-precision Swiss quartz movement with an appearance design Bright and generous: The white dial is extremely simple, with Roman numerals and elegant Barton time scales, a low-key date display at 6 o’clock, and a crescent-shaped window in the center of the dial showing the moon phase, each detail is delicate and unique.
    The wear-resistant sapphire crystal perfectly protects the watch from wear and tear over time.

       For the third consecutive year, the masterpieces participating in the “Watches and Miracles” Asian Haute Horlogerie show coincide with the 185th anniversary of the brand’s celebration this year. A number of timepieces will be launched on the exhibition to pay tribute to traditional Asian culture and highlight the brand’s nearly 200 years Extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship. The new work blends traditional Asian culture and once again shows the unique emotional significance of Baume & Mercier watches beyond the test of fashion and time. The brand also celebrates the 185th anniversary of the founding, and hereby presents an exclusive new work: the Clayton series 18K red gold 1830 five-minute timepiece pocket watch, this pocket watch is specially launched for the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia Advanced Watch Exhibition, limited edition of 30 pieces, A tribute to the brand’s birth year 1830.

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    Fire Eyes And Golden Eyes, Teach You 10 Tips To Broken Cottage Tables

    Real high-end watches never leave any regrets to buyers. Every workmanship, from appearance to movement, is delicate and touching. When there is truth, there are fakes. At the same time, counterfeit products are slowly flooding this small market. Difficult to distinguish between true and false? We help you show the way, maybe you can see through the cottage faster. 1. Look at the movement
      The identification of the movement should be based on the familiarity of the movement model and movement identification used in the real watch. For example, a hollow watch, you must carefully observe the words of the movement, the real watch carving is clear and beautiful, the fake watch is rough and humble. Finally, a deep understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the winding method and the sound of the movement of the movement, will help you to add points to the recognition.
      2. Look at the details
      Carefully observe the appearance of the watch, such as the appearance of sanding, the real watch grinding method is delicate and sophisticated, and the fake watch technology is far from it. In addition, the craftsmanship of this watch, such as the shape of the screws, the grinding and engraving of the bottom of the watch, some brands have their own special marks and logos in terms of craftsmanship.
      3. Look at the label imprint and number
      The true watch has its own pattern and digital mark on the strap, buckle, bottom, lugs, etc. Usually, the watch’s bottom label has the digital logo of the brand LOGO and the watch model. Some watches also have laser anti-counterfeiting on the bottom label. paper. Usually, the fake watch’s label is printed lightly, and the size of the code is not regular.
      4. Look at the glass
      At present, the production level of watch glass is relatively high, and they are all made of sapphire crystal glass. In terms of identification, there are still some clever methods. Some brands of watches will be labeled on the glass, such as Rolex watches will have a small row of ROLEX English letters at 6 o’clock. There is also an easier way to distinguish, with a light tap on the glass surface with your fingers, the real sapphire crystal will make a crisp sound.
      5. Look at the dial
      The dial surface technology commonly used in high-end watches includes enamel surface, engraving technology, metal radiation disk surface, shell disk surface, etc. Some watches also have their own unique technologies, such as Rolex computer disks, Cartier’s pure gold silver-plated carved disk surface, etc. Fake dials will never use precious metals or inlaid with real gemstones. Many rhinestones and artificial zircons are used. Some even use natural diamonds, but they are unevenly set, uneven in size, large or small in diameter, and often broken.
      6. Look at the function
      Most fake watches will not work hard on the function, which is the best breakthrough to distinguish true and false. The functions of many fake watches are furnishings, such as moon phases, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc. In fact, this function is not available.
      7. Look at the pointer
      The hands of the genuine watch are very different from the fake in terms of length, thickness, shape and material. For example, the ‘blue steel hands’ often used in high-end watches. The hands of real watches are fired through a complicated process. The color is full of faint blue, while the blue of fake hands is simply brushed up. The brightness is not enough, and the pointers are uneven and the edges and corners are not distinguished.
      8. Watch box and certificate
      The value of the watch is reflected in all aspects, and the packaging is naturally not sloppy. The box of a high-end watch is very elegant, and the certificate will also be printed with the watch model and unique production serial number, which is generally called ‘birth paper’. Some brand certificates will also be printed with pinhole big-eye technology, and the watch number is printed on the certificate to prevent counterfeiting.
      9. Look at the strap
      The belts of high-end watches are mostly made of high-quality crocodile leather and hand-stitched, regardless of the material technology. The fake watch is rough, with larger pins and a loose feel.
      10. Look at hidden places
      Observe all the edges and corners, such as the inside of the strap, the lead of the real watch will be numbered, which is difficult to do for fake watches, and it is also the most easily overlooked by sellers. For more professional identification, you need to disassemble the appearance and check the mechanical parts, such as the piercing of the strap, the sleeve, and the strap section. The crown tube of true and false watches is quite different in the installation process. If it is a K gold watch, the crown tube should also be gold. The fake watch may be steel and has no internal teeth. This can be seen by pulling out the crown.