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    Preparing For The Start Of The School Season To Help Newcomers In The Workplace

    The bright and hot summer is about to say goodbye to us, and the harvest season is close. It’s another school season and another year when newcomers enter the workplace. Casio is also looking at the right time to bring a new set of watches for October to this group of energetic young women, helping them show their skills in their new lives.
     The vibrant Baby-G has updated several models, including the BA-110 and BGA-170, which are youthful, and the JOYRICH collaboration model BG-6900JR with a hot jungle style.
     BA-110 launched two colors of black gold and ivory white last month. Two new colors were added in October-bright silver and light transparent white, adding a lot of science fiction; this model can support neon lighting, shockproof, Water-resistant to 100 meters, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, fully automatic calendar and 12 / 24-hour switching, priced at 1290 yuan.

     BGA-170 re-launched for the golden autumn. It is still the familiar four fresh color schemes. The yellow, blue, white, and gray colors are very suitable for the vibrant girl. Compared with BA-110, it has more daily alarms. And intermittent beeps; the price is exactly the same.

     BG-6900JR uses wild leopard print elements embellished by JOYRICH to make the watch sexy and mature, but it still retains the cuteness and strength of Baby-G. It can support shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, EL backlight, 48 world city time, 3 programmable alarms, stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, 12 / 24-hour system.

     SHEEN series women’s watches for mature women, new products of this season are distributed in SHE-3028, SHE-4029, SHE-4030, SHE-3504 and SHE-5517 models. The SHE-4511, which featured sapphire glass on the moon last month, also has Show up. All watches are embellished with Swarovski crystals and support 50 meters water resistance and date display.

     The SHE-3028D, priced at 1490 yuan, has a generous and elegant multi-dial and multi-pointer design, which has a charming appearance while considering practicality; SHE-4029D and SHE-4030SG are fond of rose gold bezels, and the pricing is 1490 yuan and 1390 yuan; SHE-3504 wins by volume. The entire dial is covered with finely carved Swarovski crystals, which are luxurious but elegant. According to the specific style, the price ranges from 2090 to 2390 yuan; SHE -5517 attaches great importance to dial details. The ceramic bezel is supplemented with gold ion coating, which makes the sense of luxury shine. The rose gold SHE-5517SG-7AU is priced at 2590 yuan, and the SHE-5517D-7A is 2490 yuan.

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    Gemstone Mosaic Art: Adding Beauty To Timepieces

    In order to sublimate the appearance of a noble timepiece, the inlaying process requires the master of craftsmanship to create impeccable masterpieces with ingenious craftsmanship. This is far from a simple assembly process. The inlaying process at the beginning of the design determines the meticulous and precise details in the watch structure.
       The mosaic method adopted by the inlay craftsman and the jewellery giant depends not only on the shape of the timepiece, but also must be adjusted according to the functions of the watch.
       The first step is to choose the gemstone, because the gemstone itself must not only be pure and flawless, but also adjacent gemstones must be able to fit perfectly with each other. The three major elements of modeling, cutting method and color must be perfectly matched, because the limited space of the case or dial does not allow the slightest error. The forging of the watch case is based on the drawings containing the gem setting process. At this stage, the master craftsman must know the diameter of each gem.
       Next, the preparation of the watch case is changed according to the type of inlaying process, and different brilliant gems are inlaid by section. Any piece inlaid with precious stones must strictly follow this meticulous preparation process.
       After the pre-polishing is completed, the setting process can be officially performed. This process can be subdivided into claw setting, particle setting, enclosing setting and concealed setting, etc. Although the technology used is endless, every master of setting technology must have superb skills. It should be noted that the rigorous work, which requires extremely high precision, is only mastered by a few craftsmen.