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    Some Suggestions For Newcomers Who Want To Get Started With Antique Watches

    For newbies, wanting to get an antique watch is undoubtedly a difficult task. Of course, if you go there arbitrarily, there may be rich gains, provided that you have not encountered a deceptive shameless watch dealer . Here are some suggestions for newcomers who have an idea to start an antique watch.

    1. Have a goal. Take a moment to browse through auction catalogs or web pages and find your favorite watch. If you do not do this, the seller will recommend to you the watch he wants to sell to you, and it will certainly not give you a cheap price.

    2. Do your homework. Once you know what you like, such as the Jaeger-LeCoultre full calendar in the 1950s, do some necessary homework to understand the background of this watch, and understand the description of this watch prototype. Often those features that are very simple and obvious on the original watch cannot be found on those ‘re-engraved’ watches. You can browse some watch websites (such as the Watch House and its forums) to see if anyone has done a comprehensive study of your favorite watch, or if there are any other related articles or books. On the homepage of the Watch House, there is a watch library that can be searched online, and there are a large number of watch parameter resources.

    3. Learn to speak jargon. Take the time to learn what collectors and watch sellers often care about and need to know. For example, are all parts of the watch original or are some parts replaced? If so, by whom and when? Is this watch still under warranty? If so, where and how? Whether this watch has been reinstalled with the dial, and in some cases, it indicates that this watch has been dismantled and touched the dial (this is certainly not a good thing).

    4. Make a few friends who know how to watch. The best way to learn about watch knowledge is to take the time to learn from watch collectors and other enthusiasts, who are your best and most trusted learning resources (not watch dealers).

    5. Don’t be a fool. My final suggestion is to always assume that watch sellers are all bad guys. This may not sound very friendly, but it can prevent you from being deceived, unless you are sure that the antique watch you see is 100% original, but he tells you that is not the case. What you should do is to remain skeptical and let watch dealers find a way to prove to you that this watch is indeed worth what he describes to you.

    Summary: The above experience is only for junior enthusiasts who want to buy an antique watch that has been discontinued and cannot be seen on the market. If you want to buy a watch that is available on the market, it is recommended that you start with regular channels. After all, there is no free lunch in the world. If you just want to save some money, sometimes it will only bring you greater losses. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Peng Yuyan, The King Of Asian Film Industry, Visits The Opening Event Of Longines Top Brand Store In Longines

    Longines Longines has a history of 184 years, and has carried over the clock and watch technology for many years and has been passed down to this day. Following Taipei 101 and SOGO BR4, Longines has finally opened a third store in Taiwan, the Far Eastern 100 Stores in Banqiao, New Taipei City. On the opening day, it invited the Longines spokesperson and the Asian film king Peng Yuyan to celebrate together.
       This is the first Longines brand store outside Taiwan. It continues the brand’s consistent white and elegant clean style. It is based on a simple white color and a low-key and dark brown wooden cabinet. It complements various Longines watches. Top craft. The world-class meticulous decoration conveys the long history of the brand, echoing the elegant gentleman style of the spokesperson Peng Yuyan, showing the long-term brand value of Longines.
    Peng Yuyan came to the event handsomely in a carriage
       Despite being busy with the intensive promotional schedule and new filming of the film ‘Break the Wind’ recently, Peng Yuyan still returned to Taiwan, wearing his ‘Longines Characteristic Wearer Classic Series Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph’ to congratulate the Longines platform.
       ‘No matter how busy you are, you must set aside time to return to Taiwan to attend Longines’ events, because I have a deep friendship with Longines. Since I was invited to become the global spokesperson for Longines last year, my film work and Longines events attended from Without interruption, Longines has always supported me. Each of my film works, from shooting to premiere and special screenings, Longines has supported me with practical actions. For me, Longines and I have already surpassed the relationship between the spokesperson and the brand. I feel like I am part of the Longines family. As long as the family needs it, I will definitely appear. ‘Peng Yuyan said.
       Peng Yuyan’s opening event wore the ‘Conqueror Classic Series Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph’. Stainless steel and rose gold case, 42 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, month, week, date, moon phase display, sapphire crystal, waterproof 50 meters. Equipped with L678 automatic movement.
       Another ‘Conqueror Classic Series Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph’. Stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, month, day, date, moon phase display, sapphire crystal, waterproof 50 meters. Equipped with L678 automatic movement.
       The Longines watch on the spot specially presented the ‘Conqueror Classic Series Two Time Watches’, allowing Peng Yuyan to easily grasp the local time and Taiwan time no matter where he was.
       Longines presented Peng Yuyan’s ‘Conqueror Classic Series Two Time Watch’. Stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, sapphire crystal, waterproof 50 meters. Equipped with L704 automatic movement.
       Zhang Zhengxun, deputy general manager of Longines Taiwan, said, ‘In fact, I noticed Peng Yuyan many years ago, and found that he was serious and dedicated to the film industry. At that time, he thought he would be the star of tomorrow. He was positive, Xiangyang and filial, and Actively self-breakthrough, has been challenging and creating his own new record. These personality traits are consistent with the spirit of Longines. In addition, Peng Yuyan also plays a positive role in the film, setting an example for young people. From ‘ Let’s roll it! Ashin, from “Cold War” to “Guild War”, from “Huang Feihong” to “Broken Wind”, we are very happy to see him constantly challenging himself and changing again and again, maybe in the near future, Peng Yuyan You will step from an elegant spokesperson to an equestrian spokesman. This positive attitude is the best expression of Longines’ elegant attitude. ‘
    Peng Yuyan signs blessing on lightbox

    Zhang Zhengxun, deputy general manager of Longines Taiwan presents Peng Yuyan Conqueror’s classic series two time watches

       Today, this ‘Conqueror Classic Series Two Time Watch’ also symbolizes Longines’ watch for Peng Yuyan to enter the international stage, glowing in the international film industry, and becoming a shining superstar, making both Longines and Taiwanese Peng Yuyan. feel proud.