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    Radar Hyperchrome Watch, Ceramic And Metal Blend Perfectly

    Rado radar watch dedicated to high-tech ceramics. In 2011, it launched the extremely thin and light ‘True Thinline’ series, and the ‘D-star’ series that goes beyond the past and new sports style. Outside of multiple applications, the biggest feature is the ‘younger’ trend. In the 2012 Pre-Basel data, the radar watch exposed the new ‘HyperChrome’. The watch model is made of ceramics with metal edges on the sides, which is a step forward in layer and texture. The changes in style and style of HyperChrome can also be seen in the brand’s eagerness to welcome young customers.

     Different from the traditional single-ceramic case and bezel method, this time the Radar HyperChrome watch is made with a special ‘shot molding’ technology, which allows the case to be perfectly combined with the side metal edges. The combination and texture have a certain level; whether it is paired with silver or gold steel, it adds a layered sense to a single color ceramic material. This technology is also the exclusive technology of radar watches, showing the brand’s leading position in the field of ceramic watches.

    The radar watch uses the ‘shot molding’ technology to make a new HyperChrome watch, which allows the case to have both the high texture of ceramic and the cold feeling of metal.

     The two HyperChrome watches pre-released this time are mainly based on the brand’s classic black and white. The black model is equipped with an ETA automatic winding chronograph movement with a large diameter of 45mm. The main body is black ceramic and the side is silver stainless steel. The metal and ceramic textures are perfectly integrated. The dial is still mainly black and white. The fine time scale and the middle three-ring chronograph dial have a layered appearance. In addition, the large crown on the side is covered with rubber to maintain the operating feel.

    HyperChrome black self-finishing chronograph, black ceramic body with silver stainless steel side combination.

     The white part of the HyperChrome watch is equipped with an ETA automatic winding movement. The main body is made of white ceramic and the side is PVD golden stainless steel. The combination of gold and white shows the nobility without losing youth. The dial is quite concise, with a gold hour marker on the white surface and a white luminous third hand; the crown is covered with white rubber to maintain overall consistency. Since the two-tone black and white models are equipped with automatic winding movements, the dial is equipped with an automatic watch exclusive, swingable anchor pattern. According to official radar data, HyperChrome series models are priced.

    HyperChrome white self-finishing watch, white ceramic body with PVD gold stainless steel side.

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    Cartier Captive De Cartier Watch Introduction

    The dazzling jewelry watch is full of sun-like enthusiasm and joy. A circle of radial diamond trim outside the hands makes the dial like a radiant sun. The rose gold dial is even more eye-catching with diamonds, and the entire watch has a bright and splendid temperament.
    Captive has the meaning of ‘captured’. The oversized dial with a diameter of 50 mm and the brilliant diamond decoration make this watch easily capture people’s sight and become a striking object like ‘Sun’ The magical shape design creates a legend. The dial is set with diamonds, and the bracelet is fixed with a dazzling diamond chain. Ambilight watches allow people to fully enjoy the fun and happy hour of life.

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    Taste The Charm Of Machinery And Time Tasting Panerai Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Time Titanium Watch

    The ability to present invisible time on the square of the wrist is the fundamental charm of mechanical watches. The tourbillon watch, which is very representative, is even more so. Aside from the precise structure, just listening to its rhythmic operation with ears is a great enjoyment. In 2018, the famous Italian watch brand Panerai introduced the 38mm Luminor Due series of watches for the first time at the SIHH watch exhibition, and presented two complicated timepieces in front of us. Among them, a watch named Lo Scienziato produced a titanium case with 3D stereo printing technology, and was equipped with a Panerai LUMINOR 1950 tourbillon titanium with two tourbillon movements equipped with a tourbillon device. With its classic design and ingenious dial layout, the watch has left a deep impression. Let’s take a look at this outstanding and complex watch together: (Watch model: PAM00767)

    A masterpiece of innovative timepieces

       I believe that friends who like Panerai will not be unfamiliar with this panel hollow design. In fact, as early as 2016, the brand launched the first Lo Scienziato watch with direct metal laser sintering technology. In addition to retaining the original features of the new model, the details of the appearance have also been adjusted accordingly. The dial is also equipped with blue hands, which are elegantly harmonious with the metal tone of the titanium case. The stitching of the black leather strap also echoes blue, emphasizing the sporty style and complementing the innovative technology used in the watch.
    Watch real shot display

       The new watch has a diameter of 47 mm and the case is made of direct metal laser sintering technology. It is made of titanium by 3D printing. The shape follows the brand’s usual pillow design, showing the unique aesthetics of Panerai watches. The bezel is polished and retouched, full and delicate, and the rest is frosted, showing a completely different visual effect. Thanks to innovative technology, the titanium case with complex geometry can guarantee the watch’s excellent water resistance (up to 10 bar, which is equal to a depth of about 100 meters), and it has strong characteristics such as anti-tension and anti-torsion. Has excellent performance, more reliable and durable.

       In addition, the patented design of the lug bridge is another major performance of this watch following the classics of the brand. And like the case, it is made of titanium, which has a good corrosion resistance and is about 40% lighter than stainless steel, showing the superiority of the material.

        The hollowed out dial, although it looks very lightweight, has a variety of functions, including hours, minutes, small seconds, dual time with day and night display, six-day power reserve display, and the brand’s unique tourbillon device. ; Another small dial at three o’clock shows the day and night indicated by the hands of the central second time zone (two places).

       The tourbillon is set above the small seconds at 9 o’clock, and the small indicator of the small seconds dial shows the operating status of the tourbillon. The design structure is different from the traditional tourbillon, which is patented by Panerai. In order to better compensate for the effect of gravity on the escapement operation and to ensure the accuracy of the watch’s travel time, the tourbillon frame is perpendicular to, rather than parallel to the horizontal axis of the balance wheel, rotating every 30 seconds. The speed runs one revolution, which is very different from the traditional tourbillon that rotates one revolution per minute.

       The function panel at 3 o’clock shows the day and night indicated by the hands of the central second time zone (two places).

       Arabic numerals, bar-shaped hour markers, central hands, second time zone (two places of time) hands, and two function disks are covered with luminous parts. Even in dark environments, the time on the disk can be read clearly, which is very convenient.

       If the mechanical feel of the disc surface is not enough, then through the back through the back cover, you can also watch the P.2005 / T manual winding hollow mechanical movement style. The special power reserve display (144 hours) and the spring movement of the spring in the barrel and the precise operation of the gear can be seen at a glance. The movement is hollowed out and equipped with a lower density titanium bridge and plywood to replace the commonly used brass material, which is twice as dense as titanium, which further reduces the weight of the movement, making it lighter and superior.

       The black leather strap is decorated with blue stitching and connected with a titanium pin buckle, making the watch easy and fast to wear.

    Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Tourbillon Time Titanium
    Summary: The new complex watch can be said to be another masterpiece that combines classic design with modern technology. Not only highlights the unique sports style of luxury watches, but also complements the innovative technology used in watches, making the charm of machinery and time perfect again. In general, complex models with tourbillons are rare. If you are interested in this watch, you may wish to pay more attention to it. Watch price: RMB1,018,000

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    Brilliant ‘star River’ On The Wrist Tasting The Parmigiani Toda Metropolitaine Galaxy Watch

    Women’s watches have been endowed with ‘romantic’ elements by designers, showing a style of artistic masterpieces. The Swiss watch brand Parmigiani Fleurier is also the same. Its Mastery Series Metropolitaine Galaxy watch launched this year is to ‘decorate’ the stars in the night sky on the dial, creating a bright ‘ ‘The Milky Way’, flickering and bright. Let’s enjoy this watch together. (Watch model: PFC273-1062500-HA3121)

    Fantasy night sky elves

      Parmigiani’s case is made of 18k rose gold, polished and retouched to present the unique luster and delicate beauty of precious metals.

    Asymmetric profile

    Crown engraved with Parmigiani logo

      The round case design of the new Tongda Metropolitaine Galaxy watch is more elegant and beautiful than other watches in the same series. The cleverness of this design is that the watch uses two asymmetrical contour styles. The crown-free outline on the left is a traditional design. The waterdrop-shaped lugs are at about 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock; the other side The outline including the crown design extends the lugs down to the position of the crown and surrounds it tightly. This delicate asymmetrical design adds more fashion and personality to women.

      The exquisite 18k rose gold bezel is set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds, giving the watch a more luxurious luxury.

      The midnight blue dial is dreamy and pure. Parmigiani uses aventurine to create the dial. Tiny metal inclusions give the aventurine a unique texture. It is embellished with subtle golden fragments, like a star shining in the night sky. It is wrapped around a female wrist. Watching is like having the entire starry sky, which is intoxicating.

      The center-set 18K rose gold hands use a hollow triangle design to prevent the hands from blocking the charm of the starry sky. Below the dial surface is an independent small second dial surface, with the slightly longer end as the second hand, and the other end indicating the date embedded in the dial surface, the overall layout is elegant and coordinated.

      The watch comes with a dark blue strap made of crocodile leather, which is tough and durable.

    PF310 movement

      The watch is equipped with the PF310 movement, which is entirely hand-made by Parmigiani Watchmaking Center. It is equipped with a double barrel, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and provides a power reserve of about 50 hours. The diameter of this movement is 23.9 mm, which is very suitable for women’s watches. All visible parts of the movement are polished with fish scales. The masters of the craftsmanship fully modify each part to create a unique effect that the machine cannot reproduce.

      Summary: This new Parmigiani Tonta Metropolitaine Galaxy watch is specially designed for contemporary urban women. With its elegant and unique beauty, the watch reflects the pursuit of perfection by contemporary dynamic women. The gorgeous and graceful appearance design, delicate and delicate The movement configuration is perfect for every woman’s wrist. Watch price: RMB 237,000