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    Introduction Of The Breguet Grand Opening Enamel Bell Watch

    Following the launch of the Tsar Bell watch with a metal face plate in 2003, Breguet launched a unique Grand Feu enamel dial bell watch in 2011. The name is still ‘Tsar Ring ‘Bell Watch’, but it is classified under the ‘Les Exclusifs de Breguet’ store-limited series, which is not available at other retail outlets.
     Breguet’s bell watches have a long history. Mr. Breguet himself has made a great contribution to the questionnaire gongs, but we must understand that modern bell watches have little to do with ancient question watches; The top brand of the Swatch Group, therefore, has the Austrian aid of an exclusive watch factory (originally Lemania). In the bells on the market, the top products are also in Breguet.
     The Tsar Bell (Le Réveil du Tsar) belongs to the ‘Les Exclusifs de Breguet’ series and is only available in Breguet boutiques worldwide. It continues some of Breguet’s traditionally preferred visual elements, such as coin tattoos, welded lugs, Breguet characters, Breguet needles, and iris lily minute marks. The biggest difference from Breguet watches that are ‘in impression’ is that they do not use fine hand-carved flowers. The twisted rope pattern face plate, instead of the white enamel face plate fired by the Da Ming firework method.

    Pure pedigree Rare first
     Some people may think that the Breguet watch without a metal face plate seems to be lacking in taste, but the author guesses that if Breguet first lived in modern times, he would be happy to use enamel face plates because the number of such face plates is relatively scarce. It is his real interest to produce works that no one else has. Before the second century, the metal face plate on the Breguet watch was mainly focused on scarcity. To be different, he also mastered metal surface processing technology that others did not have, otherwise it would be difficult to come out.
     The functions of the tsar bell watch are relatively complicated in the same type of works. Sometimes, minutes, seconds, bell switch, energy storage indicator, dual time zone and date window indicator; its heart is a homemade movement number 519F, which is said to cost Four years of research and development, the use of automatic winding, and is very different from the ordinary bell watch, it only has a set of mainspring, at the same time supply two systems of travel time and spring, also derived a clever design, when the bell is released When the clockwork reaches a stage, it will cut off the ringtone by itself, and the ringtone stops in about twenty seconds when measured.
    Gong spring inflated
     The ringtone is its biggest selling point, because it is a very rare bell table that strikes the gong, so the bell rings are extremely beautiful, but there are advantages and disadvantages, which also means that its sound will not be a big hit, even because of the ringtone. It sounds good, but I still forget why the bell was set when I heard the knock; the gong has another benefit, each sound is unique.
     Because of its complicated mechanism design, it requires two crowns and a handle to match all functions, but its operation is relatively intuitive and not difficult; the easiest to understand is to press the handle, which is a bell switch, rather than The evolution of other bell watches is that it also introduces a bell switch indication. There is a note mark in the small hole in the twelve o’clock direction of the faceplate, which is used to represent whether the bell is moving. If the bell is to be manually cut off, That is, relying on this button located at eight o’clock.
     The crown at two o’clock is responsible for upsetting, adjusting the time, and the second time zone. The position of the crown is divided into three sections, which also means that its date cannot be adjusted quickly. If the date is wrong, you must slowly rotate the hour hand day by day, but Such a date mechanism has always been more reliable; pulling the crown to the third segment is to adjust the time of the second time zone. It only adjusts the hour hand of the second time zone, but it is very good, it will be linked to the date and very practical.
    Show Complexity Reasonable Organization
     Its ring time setting is coupled with the main time zone (local time, that is, the main time display). The second time zone has only the effect of reference time in principle, and does not mean that the bell start time of the two time zones can be switched.
     On the bell tables of the two crowns, the second crown is used to ring the bell and adjust the ring time, but it is not the case, because the single clockwork system is designed, so it is not necessary to ring the bell; However, it should be noted that whether it is a single barrel or a double barrel; all bells must be refined after they ring, otherwise it will be muffled or shut down quickly.
     The faceplate display is of course relatively complicated. The subpanel at three o’clock is the bell time, the subpanel at nine o’clock is the second time zone indicator of the 24-hour clock, and the fan-shaped second hand indicator is intentionally designed at six o’clock. The date window, the bell energy storage indication at eleven o’clock, the bell switch at twelve o’clock, the information is very rich, it is difficult to guarantee that it is not dazzling; although the readability on the enamel plate is better than the metal plate, But after all, it is much more complicated than an ordinary bell.

    The engraved K gold automatic plate, non-card spring, fine-tuned balance wheel and unique gong ring mechanism together constitute this Cal.519F movement that others do not have.
    Edit comment:
     This czar bell watch is not strictly a new watch, but a special limited version of the faceplate. As for the custom of Swiss watches, replacing a valuable faceplate adds new life to the watch. . Fortunately, it was replaced with a large white fired enamel face plate, which was not only inferior to the precious metal face plate, but also rarer than it was.
    Daming fire enamel is already a traditional technique on the verge of being lost in Switzerland. After all, enamel artisans ca n’t be cultivated in a planned way like ordinary watchmakers, because they must rely on artistic talents to successfully master this trick, for a long time. The experience accumulated during training is indispensable. If there is a part that must be drawn on the faceplate, it can better distinguish the ability of the craftsman.
     This face plate is white and translucent, neatly drawn, adding a lot of texture to the entire watch; the case, lugs and other metal components are made according to the tradition of Baodi, and the quality is above the level; of course, the most worthy book is Its movement is driven by time. This should be the bell movement specially developed for it after the Swatch Group bought the Breguet. It integrates the advantages of most bell watches, of course, the shortcomings can’t run away. For example, if the switch is not turned off, it will ring twice a day and so on. The inherent characteristics of the ring meter, but strictly speaking, the instrumentality of modern ring meters is not as important as ‘craftsmanship’.
     Its price is high, the texture and rarity are good, and the operation may seem difficult, but you can get started just by operating two or three times. Unlike some bell watches, which have not been used for a period of time, the operation method will forget the light and humane. In terms of operation, obviously. The smooth operation of the push button is important for chronographs and stopwatches (with push buttons). Of course, besides the crown, the push button is also used more often.
     The production quality of the movement fully meets the requirements of the top Swiss watches. The polishing and details are meticulous. This watch is equipped with a rose gold case and also uses a rose gold automatic disc. It looks very good overall. Its energy storage is 45 hours. Of course, this is when the bell is not activated. Although not specifically noted, the balance spring and balance wheel are already non-clamping balance springs and fine-tuned balance wheels for easy adjustment and precise travel time. Degrees are guaranteed.