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    Roger Dubuis

    The highly anticipated celebrities at the 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH) will show up with looming charm. Roger Dubuis presents the world’s most compelling film events with an immersive 24-story red carpet staircase setting, while Roger Dubuis and the timepieces they wear suddenly become A dazzling star in this extraordinary world. In the inner world, every woman is a famous figure who is emancipating herself.

        Lights, shots, performances begin! Roger Dubuis, always creative and imaginative, Mr. Alvaro Maggini, creative director of Roger Dubuis, draws extensive inspiration and combines the atmosphere of the Hollywood golden age with the fascinating mystery of gorgeous theaters to create an amazing exhibition hall . As if the filmmaker puts out a list of people involved in the filming on the screen, Mr. Maggini also pays tribute to all those who have provided inspiration for the scene design of the exhibition hall: firstly, the dancer-themed design theorist born in Geneva in the early 20th century is also an architecture Adolphe Appia.
        He is good at matching colors, depth of field, horizontal dynamics, light and shadows, and also attaches great importance to the close connection between the stage background and the actor’s signature movements and gestures. These elements are all subtly used here and are integrated into the unique style of Roger Dubuis.

    With everything, why choose?
        Being a famous figure in the world of Roger Dubuis means having an extraordinary temperament and variety. The complexity of feminine traits gives them the unique ability to present a variety of personalities, and also allows them to boldly show the specific features of their personalities with the state and mood of different moments. The title song ‘I am what I am’ of the famous female singer Gloria Gaynor will become the background music of the exhibition hall, perfectly emphasizing the strong will and responsibility of women’s self-expression: in At any given moment, present the true style corresponding to it.

        People who enter the exhibition space will not only be audiences, but also experience a red carpet time of their own. The subtle combination of perspective axes, scenes and lighting effects will stimulate people’s excitement, especially when they find themselves standing in the center of this magic dance and becoming the visual focus. Are we witnessing theatrical performance and shooting in a studio? A film shown at a film festival? A premiere in a world-renowned cinema? In this charming scene full of questions and contradictions, the starring role of Roger Dubuis is beyond doubt.
         Speaking of how he created a timeless and dramatic image for today’s feminine traits, Mr Maggini admitted that he took inspiration from the popular idol Madonna and her diverse face like a chameleon. Madonna is constantly innovating , Also created ever-changing personas. Roger Dubuis at the 2016 SIHH Geneva is a fusion of art styles from the 20th century, creating a stunning atmosphere and cleverly combining elements such as the cover of Vogue magazine, Hollywood street scenes, movie sets, theater curtains, and more. The pavilion’s scenery is very cleverly applied to the illusion effect, allowing visitors to fully engage with it, and provides a perfect stage for the brand’s latest Velvet series of timepieces.

         In this world of celebrities, every posture and gestures have been noticed, and it is even more profound under the cleverly arranged lighting. These modern beauties won the applause of the audience with their classic gorgeous style and ultra-modern twist. They are not only an aura and imaginative alternative muse, but also a mysterious red face that is fascinating and shocking, which vividly reflects the peerless elegance of Roger Dubuis.

    Interpreting Model Art

    Mr Alvaro Maggini
         Roger Dubuis Alvaro Maggini, creative director of Roger Dubuis, draws inspiration from Ralph Pucci’s work and his innovative insights into modeling art, such as the concept of supermodels, and uses it in this pavilion Ingenious thinking, transformed 12 window models into lifelike celebrities, these model celebrities have brought impact on our attitude towards human body, fashion, identity and so on. A rustic white pyramid covered with a red carpet stretches to the endless depths, and also symbolizes the podium. Two models wearing red off-shoulder evening dresses stood on the top of the red carpet, holding their hands together in a display box containing three gorgeous watches. The other ten models are scattered around the stairs, with a charming and graceful body faintly conveying the image atmosphere of the award-winning fashion photography master Herb Ritts.

    Comprehensive and extreme display

        Lightning returned to the classic work of fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky in 1963. We saw the supermodel Simone D’Aillencourt appear on the Seine in Paris. A bubble glass ball. Today, when people see this surreal photo taken for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spring 1963, they say, ‘This must have been processed by computer graphics software.’ Now Roger Dubuis’s scene layout If you take a photo, it is easy to be mistaken for Mr. Maggini himself to modify it with a computer. However, this is a brand-new interpretation of a real scene, where the bubble glass ball of the past completely presents another dimension here. Roger Dubuis is specially designed to set off the latest watches of the Velvet celebrity series. It transforms bubble glass balls into timepiece display boxes appearing on the celebrity’s wrist in an absolutely ‘play in play’ technique.

         The fascinating appearance of the Velvet celebrity watch series is the beauty of high-end watches. Now it has been carefully conceived to reflect the five looks of Roger Dubuis woman with extremely delicate methods. Roger Dubuis decided to show the movements of these models in a way that combines film shooting and dramatic effects, not only highlighting the mechanical complexity of each movement, but also showing its design beauty. This approach may be called a pioneering work in the watchmaking world.
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