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    Gucci Releases New Le Marché Des Merveilles Jewelry

    Recently, Gucci has introduced a new bee design element. This fascinating and influential new logo is used in the jewelry’s own Le Marché des Merveilles collection. The bee design in this series is eclectic and poetic, and has entered the public eye for the first time at the Gucci 2016 spring and summer fashion show.

       The collection is crafted in 18K yellow or rose gold and includes pendant necklaces, earrings and rings. This new design element justifies Gucci’s consistent innovative spirit and creative strength.

       All Gucci jewelry is handmade by skilled Italian goldsmiths, and the high-end jewelry series is a true portrayal of flawless craftsmanship. Using precious materials to create a luxurious texture, each design reflects its unique characteristics and attention to detail. Gucci jewelry is carefully crafted in Italian style, suitable for your daily wear and worthy of permanent collection.

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    Grand Seiko Enters Shanghai Sanlian Group’s Hengdali Watch Store

    GRAND SEIKO grandly held the opening ceremony of ‘GRAND SEIKO Blue Lion Settled in Hengdali Watch Store of Shanghai Sanlian Group’ in Shanghai. Important guests including Seiko China Chairman Yoshimura, Senior Sales Manager Zhang Yunyan, Seiko Offline Sales Manager Wu Guowei, Shanghai Sanlian Group Co., Ltd. Watch Brand Manager Min Feng and Shengshi.com CEO Yu Xin attended the event.

    In order to witness the opening of the GRAND SEIKO watch counter, guests including Seiko China’s Chairman Yoshimura and senior manager of Seiko’s sales department attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    Founded in 1864, GRAND SEIKO’s Shanghai Sanlian Group’s Hengdali watch shop is a well-known century-old watch brand in China, and it is also an enterprise group specializing in clocks, glasses and photographic equipment. Nowadays, Hendali has rich experience in the retail industry. Many front-line international brands have settled in. With their unique vision and rich experience, they have sought out watch boutiques from all over the world for watch enthusiasts to obtain a unique watch experience. In addition to the brand’s advantages, watchmaking is also a great magic weapon for Hendry. The watch repair center established in cooperation with Hengdeli is provided with a team of highly skilled professional repairmen to provide consumers with professional maintenance, repair, refurbishment and consulting services to relieve consumers of worries.

    Mr. Yoshimura and others attended the opening event

    In his speech, Mr. Yoshimura, Chairman of Seiko China, said: ‘I believe that GRAND SEIKO’s table friends can get the best experience and service at the Hengli watch store of Shanghai Sanlian Group.’
    GRAND SEIKO watches always adhere to the unique style of clear and elegant, aiming at ‘the world’s best practical watch’, and pursue the highest realm of watch basic functions such as high accuracy, legibility and durability. The pursuit of the ideal watch goal has also allowed the GRAND SEIKO team to pursue excellence and continue to innovate.

    Ribbon-cutting event

    In the future, GRAND SEIKO and Shanghai Sanlian Group will continue to work together to create a win-win situation between the two parties and consumers, which will help the development of China’s watch industry. Make an introduction to the market. At the same time, GRAND SEIKO will continue to present more advanced watchmaking technology to consumers.