2019 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship Elegantly Kicks Off, And Concas Series V.H.P. Accompanies Guo Fucheng To Explore Equestrian Charm

[May 4, 2019, Shanghai] From May 3rd to 5th, the 2019 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship (Longines Global Champions Tour) will be performed elegantly on the south side of the China Art Museum in Shanghai. As a five-star obstacle course of the International Horse Federation, the event attracts first-class riders from home and abroad and a hundred good horses to compete in the same field, presenting a high-level equestrian event together. On May 4th, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined the elegant image ambassador Guo Fucheng to witness the highly anticipated Longines Grand Prix and experience the unique charm of equestrian sports. As the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch, Longines presents the Concas V.H.P. watch. With its five functions and the spirit of exploration, Longines praises the 150 years of longines and equestrian sports.

   The five-star equestrian event is gracefully staged, and domestic and foreign riders perform the ‘Shanghai Leap’
   From May 3rd to 5th, the 2019 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship once again performed elegantly. As a five-star equestrian obstacle course under the International Equestrian Federation, the event sets a maximum obstacle height of 1.6 meters, brings together world-class riders and a hundred good horses, and staged a ‘Shanghai leap’ in front of the landmark Chinese Art Palace. Among them, Chinese riders Yuan Maodong, Zhang Xingjia, Zhang You and Zhang Bin will compete with many international riders to compete for the highest honor in equestrian obstacle course.

Israeli rider Daniel Goldstein rides Lizziemary to win Longines Grand Prix

Longines Grand Prix runner-up, Irish rider Darrag Kennett rides love foal Baloudu Reventon hurdle

Dutch rider jul wellinzer rides VDL Glasgow v. Mereisnest to win Longines Grand Prix season
   In the afternoon of May 4th, the highly anticipated Longines Grand Prix kicked off. In the end, female rider Daniel Goldstein from Israel won the championship with outstanding performance, while Irish rider Darrag Kenny and Dutch rider Juer Wehrling ranked second and third. Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Guo Fucheng, Longines’ Elegant Ambassador, presented awards to the award-winning riders and awarded them Longines timepieces.

   Award ceremony (from left to right) Mr. Jan Tops, founder and president of Longines Global Equestrian Championship, co-founder of team championship; Mr. Zhong Guowei, second vice-chairman of Asian Equestrian Federation and secretary general of China Equestrian Association; Shanghai Sports Bureau Mr. Xu Bin, Director; Mr. Chen Qun, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai; 2nd Longines Grand Prix, Irish rider Darrag Kenny; Longines Grand Prix, Israeli rider Daniel Goldstein; Longines Grand Prix Season, Netherlands Rider Joel Weirin; Mr. Gu Jinshan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government; Mr. Zheng Yuanhu, President of Shanghai Jiu Shi (Group) Co., Ltd .; Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China; Mr. Guo Fucheng, Longines’ Elegant Ambassador.

   Guo Fucheng appeared elegantly with stars, star Vlog explores equestrian charm

Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joins with elegant image ambassador Guo Fucheng and brand friends Xi Qingzi and Wu Qian on the blue carpet

   On May 4, Longines Elegant Ambassador Guo Fucheng joined hands with two close friends of the brand, the elegant goddess Xi Qingzi and Wu Qiansheng to make appearances, and recorded the wonderful moments in the arena with Vlog (video blog) to fully experience the elegant charm of the equestrian obstacle course. : Visit the Longines exhibition area, listen to historical explanations, learn about the long-standing relationship between Longines and equestrian sports; before the race, go deep into the venue to conduct route surveys and understand the deep meaning behind the obstacle course design; watch the races up close to witness the excitement of riders and horses Cooperate and enjoy the moment of graceful movement.

Guo Fucheng, Longines’ elegant ambassador, took a picture in front of the Longines exhibition area

Longines’ best friend Yan Qingzi makes an elegant appearance on the blue carpet ceremony

Longines’s best friend Wu Qian appears handsome in a rider suit

   In the arena, the rider and the horse are united in one heart and tacitly cooperate to complete each leap. Even if you drop the horse, you will get up gracefully, soothe and encourage your horse racing to meet the next challenge. The respect and trust of ‘one man and one horse’ on the field, and the chivalry of riders who fall and fight again, not afraid of losing, are also the elegant attitude that Longines has always upheld.

   Precise wrist watch, witnessing Longines’ 150 years of equestrian passion

Longines exhibition area presents elegant experience space

   In 1869, Longines created a pocket watch engraved with horses, which opened a deep relationship with equestrian sports for 150 years. In 1878, Longines’ first chronograph was born with the engraved on the back Riders and his mounts are widely used in timing of equestrian events due to their precise performance; in 1926, Longines served as the official timing for the international equestrian obstacle course for the first time. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as obstacle course, flat horse race, endurance race, etc., and has served as the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch.

Historical wall of Longines exhibition area, interpreting 150 years of equestrian passion

   This year, Longines presents the Concas VHP watch as the designated watch for the event. With five major functions and an inherent spirit of exploration, it demonstrates the brand’s infinite passion for equestrian sports: the annual error of the exclusive movement is only ± 5 seconds, Accurate travel time is exactly as the rider’s precise judgment on the field; GPD (Gear Position Detection) system automatically adjusts time when impacted by external impacts and magnetic fields; ultra-long-life battery, smart crown and perpetual calendar function, to accompany you to explore the equestrian events The unique charm also pays tribute to the 150 years of deep friendship between Longines and equestrian sports.