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    Ignite World Cup Passion And Features

    On June 12, 2014, a four-year event covering the world’s largest and top sports event covering the Olympic Games—the 20th World Cup in the history of world football, will be held in Brazil. The football kingdom, which has won 5 World Cup titles, kicked off! By that time, people in the world, whether you like football or not, will be involuntarily involved. Although I am not a fan, no one can refuse the passion and appeal that the World Cup has released.

       In the face of such a world’s highest honor, highest specification, highest gold content, and highest visibility of the huge commercial value contained in the football game, major watch brands will naturally remain indifferent. For example, Hublot is the official designated timekeeper for this World Cup. . Most people may think that in addition to being able to provide sponsorship, how can these watch brands have anything to do with football? In the face of this doubt, I didn’t think it really mattered before, but when I slowly learned some football related knowledge, the surprised discoverers actually had some fate in the two fields.

       First of all, I admit that I really do not know football. Secondly, I was still a person who did n’t like football and did n’t play football, but I always have a question that makes me have to understand football. I just want to know why. So many people in the world love football. What is the charm of football? Due to the professional relationship, I will subconsciously understand the unknown standards by using the watch standards and methods, so when I understand football from the perspective of a watch, I find that a great team is like a Only making exquisite watches, each player is like a perfect part, and through accurate pass-through cooperation, the team can win the final victory. In addition, due to the different opponents, each team will change the players and formations before each match, and studying the use of these formations and tactics is really like studying the technology and process of different models, which can be described as ever-changing. Endless joy. So that in the end I can proudly say that the watch made me fall in love with football.

       The frontcourt of a football game can be said to be the most exciting position of the entire court. Not only the most exciting goals must be completed in this area. Various penalties, headers, corner kicks, free kicks will also be completed here. Of course, there are also large-scale fouls that usually occur in this area. In short, as long as the attacking ball reaches this area, the smell of gunpowder will increase by N times, and a large-scale ‘killing’ will begin. We study a watch usually divided into four parts, namely the case, dial, movement and function. A team is also divided into four parts: goalkeeper, backcourt, midfield and frontcourt. Let’s start with the most ‘bloody’ frontcourt.

       The protagonist of the frontcourt is naturally the forward, and the forward is divided into center, second forward and winger according to position duties and position. No matter where the total forward is, in addition to the player’s strong physical fitness, it is more important to be flexible With changing minds, it is necessary to use various techniques and routines to attack the ball into the enemy’s door. This seems to be equivalent to the functions on the watch. The more functions, the higher the added value of the watch itself. The more comprehensive a player’s skills are, the greater his chances of scoring. Among the many watch functions, the most closely matched function to the striker is probably the non-timer function. A wonderful goal and the start, stop, and reset of the timekeeping function are all completed in an instant.

       Let’s first understand the center. A center is a type of forward. It is the sharp knife of the team’s offense and the main scorer. The range of activity is mainly near the opponent’s penalty area in the frontcourt, and it is the person closest to the opponent’s goal on the football field. Scoring is the main responsibility of the center. They don’t need to have a good breakthrough and passing ability. It doesn’t matter if the overall situation is close, but the sense of smell in front of the door must be sensitive, and the feeling of shooting must be good. The ball, this is the traditional center. They often have excellent technology, strong ability to break through, and no shortage of organizational assists has become an important part of contemporary centers.

       As we all know, the most popular striker in the world today is Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo). As the captain of the Portuguese national team, he can also be a center at the same time. He is extremely fast, good at breakthroughs and shots, has a strong physical fitness and is very comprehensive in technology. Facing such an important position on the field of a center and such a superb football star, only TAG Heuer’s Mikrotourbillons watch can be matched with it. This watch not only has the world’s fastest tourbillon, It also has the world’s first tourbillon that can be started and stopped on a 1/100 second chronograph. One tourbillon rotates at a frequency of 4Hz for one cycle per minute, and the other is an amazing 50Hz at a frequency of 12 cycles per minute. This is the most bold innovation in the history of watchmaking, and it is challenging the accuracy of timekeeping and watchmaking The limit. So this watch is called TAG Heuer’s unparalleled great work.
    Shadow forward

       Gui is one of the greatest strikers in the World Cup history and is also known as one of the most powerful strikers of all times,
    Klose is a German legend

       The second forward, also known as the shadow forward, is behind the center. In the offense, follow the striker behind or do a ballless run. Once the striker is shoveled or successfully blocked, he should have the action to protect the ball or divide the ball to an unmanned position. At this time, the shadow forward Will immediately take the ball to break through and create scoring opportunities. The main role of the shadow forward is to create opportunities for the center and to break the score with the ball. The players in this position have relatively high requirements. They often have good foot skills, good dribbling level, good passing ability and shooting skills. They must be very comprehensive.

       According to the text description at this position, I feel that Hublot’s Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph World Cup official watch is really suitable for it. This watch witnessed the first double retrograde technology equipped with a central chronograph movement in the history of Hublot. Its unique new movement is a tribute to the world of football by the engineers and watchmakers of Hublot. Watch series equipped with Hublot Unico’s self-produced movements are stunning in the watchmaking industry with their unique craftsmanship. The iconic design of integrated column wheel and double horizontal clutch on the dial side perfectly shows the excellent flexibility of Unico movement. After 18 months of intensive R & D and testing, the new self-winding HUB1260 self-produced movement is officially unveiled-a dual retrograde chronograph movement with 385 parts and a central timing function vibrates at 28,800 times per hour. This is the only innovation of the same type in the watchmaking industry that uses this movement technology.

       When this watch presses the chronograph button, the chronograph seconds and minutes hands will start timing from left to right in a circular track in 45-minute units, which is also the time of the half-time football match. An additional 15-minute time zone is added to make the entire timing time up to 60 minutes. There are two timing buttons on both sides of the crown, which represent the start, stop and reset of the timing. The timing button at 2 o’clock will also be used to control the timing of 4 modes: first half, half time, second half and end of the game, and it is clearly displayed through a window at 12 o’clock. The dial uses yellow and green, inspired by the national representative of Brazil, the host country of the World Cup. Among them, ceramic carbon fiber material is limited to 200 pieces, and Wang Jin carbon fiber material is limited to 100 pieces.
       A winger is also a type of forward, whose main active area is the two wingers in the frontcourt. The winger is not only responsible for the wing attack. And through interleaving to complete a variety of tactical tasks. The winger can break through to the wing to complete a cross, assist his teammates to score, and can also break through to the midfield to score. The biggest advantage of the winger is speed. Only extremely fast speed can help the winger to easily break through the wings. Of course, certain passing ability is also the housekeeping skill of the winger.

       Lionel Messi is a top player who can also serve as an attacking midfielder, and can be perfect for any position of the forward. Just like this Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Messi Limited Edition watch, as a standard chronograph, the diameter of 41 mm gives it a stylish, atmospheric but unobtrusive character. At the same time, this limited edition model abandons the traditional stainless steel bracelet and instead uses a crocodile leather strap with a more sporty rubber strap. The elegant and concise dial of this watch does not follow the Royal Oak’s signature ‘Tapisserie’ check pattern. Instead, a dark gray dial with vertical satin finish and rose gold hour markers is used, and the outer areas of the three chronograph dials and small seconds are carefully polished with silver plated and ring-shaped satin finish.

       In addition, the tantalum bezel of this watch is equipped with 8 platinum polished hexagonal screws, and the connection of the strap is also made of tantalum metal, which slightly glows blue-gray. These chic shades are derived from the use of tantalum, which has amazing corrosion resistance and is twice as dense as steel, making it extremely difficult to machine and polish it. It is equipped with a 2385 automatic mechanical movement with 304 components, a 40-hour power reserve, a swing frequency of 21,600 times per hour, and an integrated 18K gold rotor. This rose gold style is limited to 400 pieces.