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    Running The Vast Icefield, Chasing The Gorgeous Aurora Hublot And The Chinese Entrepreneur Flying Club Release The Documentary Film ‘cold Wonderland At The End Of The World’

    On August 23, 2017, HUBLOT and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Flying Club officially released the documentary ‘Cold Wonderland at the End of the World’ in Beijing, telling the wonderful Alaskan polar journey of 9 elite entrepreneurs. The premiere sharing meeting was held today. The precious photographic work recording the trip accompanied the chill and cold weather, making guests feel like they are in the polar world of Alaska. Mr. Xu Dong, Chairman of Beijing Shengshichun Culture Media, Mr. Wang Dongfeng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yunyou Holdings, and Ms. Wang Taoya, Director of Beijing Miura Education Investment Co., Ltd., as witnesses of the trip to Alaska, are also the first batch of Alaska Editaro The successful challengers of the German Dog Sled Contest attended the premiere and shared their journey stories and inspirations.

       As the leader of the top lifestyle, Hublot accompanied the warriors who challenged the polar events to complete this trip to Alaska. In March 2017, with the special approval of the Alaska government, 9 members of the Chinese Entrepreneur Flying Club experienced the 45th Alaska Iditarod Dog Sled Race as non-professional players-the event started in 1973 In the year of commemorating the touching story of the emergency delivery of anti-diphtheria serum by sledgers and sled dogs in extreme weather, it has developed into a highly competitive international competition and has been hailed as ‘the last great journey on earth’. This is the first time for the Chinese to participate, and it is also the first time that a non-professional player has participated in history.

       With the support and guidance of the three generations of the champion family of the Iditarod race, the members of the Seavey family (Xiwei family) lasted for 12 days and worked closely with the sled dogs. They drove the sled in the ice in the freezing temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius. , Forest, and tundra; feel the beauty of the collision and fusion of time, nature, companions, and true self in the vast and sparsely populated world. At the same time, the Chinese Entrepreneurs Flight Club practiced the concept of ‘extreme travel’ and provided comfortable and comprehensive professional services to help members successfully cross the Alaska Icefield and complete this unique and outstanding journey. The entire journey was followed by the famous documentary director / photographer Jin Haifeng, showing the magnificent beauty of Alaska in the cold wonderland. It also recorded the details of the interaction between members and the dogs, companions and locals. The change of mindset finally presents the precious documentary ‘Cold Wonderland at the End of the World’.

       Hublot and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Flying Club are associated with each other for advocating a unique and elite lifestyle. This cooperation is another initiative of both parties in the field of high-end lifestyles after the 5,000 km Sahara self-driving journey. It has explained Hublot’s pursuit of the first, unique and different philosophy, and has always been respected ‘ ‘The art of fusion’ once again.