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    Citizen Timeless Avant-garde Minimalist Classic

    Simple is beautiful
     In recent years, both in the fashion and art world, Minimalism has been embraced, and a simple design style has also been blown up. However, the simpler the design, the more classics can be created, and only the classics will become more and more beautiful and not be defeated by time. CITIZEN, founded in 1930, has always adhered to the aesthetic concept of He Shi Ya Jing, and created a distinguished and pure beautiful watch with the most avant-garde design and enthusiasm for process research. The top-of-the-line The Signature series watches are ‘return to reality’. There is no exaggerated decoration and shape. The elegant design makes it easy to match the shape. In addition, the thin watch is more ergonomic and has a perfect and comfortable arc. , Let people and watch become one, and the elegant and classic shape is also the same stream, it seems to be out on the fancy and exaggerated decorative watch, let people look at it.

    A simple aesthetic full of balance, with the most classic styling, the The Signature series watch has always been popular.

    The thinner ergonomic watch makes the wearer more comfortable and returns to the purest classic design.

    Mark of fashion
     The word ‘Signature’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Signatura’ in the middle of the sixteenth century. It means the official certification license. Therefore, as long as the official seal certification is obtained, it represents a distinguished high-end honor and quality. Therefore, ‘ The word ‘Signature’ is like a synonym for high-end fashion in Europe in the 16th century. CITIZEN’s The Signature series watches are noble and fashionable, creating this minimalist luxury fashion watch, with an obsidian-shaped faceplate, worn on the hand, like a mysterious black gem. The overall design excludes unnecessary and unnecessary details, with a handsome steel bracelet, unique and avant-garde fashion taste, showing the extraordinary design style of CITIZEN.

    Subtraction fashion movement even more points
     The simple design style is created by colorless color matching, while the case is returned to the most perfect golden ratio. With the optimal visual area of ​​40 mm, the wearer can easily recognize the timekeeping, and in the large black device On the stable surface, through the 3D three-dimensional construction method, the CITIZEN logo and the whole point mark are perfectly embossed on the face plate, adding a high-level texture. Behind this stylish appearance, it is equipped with the CITIZEN legendary watchmaking A080 light kinetic movement. ‘Eco-Drive’ is a patented technology of CITIZEN. As long as a visible light source is used, it can provide power for the watch. Electricity will be stored in a secondary battery that can be recycled. No need to replace the battery. Our planet. At ten o’clock on the surface, a power reserve display is more specifically set, so that the wearer can know at a glance the remaining status of the power, just like the fuel gauge of a car, which can accurately display the power. This model is also equipped with perpetual calendar function and accuracy reaches the level of + -10 seconds per year error. CITIZEN The Signature series innovative watchmaking technology and design craftsmanship create a model of aesthetics, make our lives more convenient and accurate, but also for us to create a classic masterpiece that will never go back to fashion and can be passed down forever.

    The unique power reserve display and clear design make the Signature watch more convenient to wear.

    The watch box and watch maintain a consistent design style, simple and generous, showing a clean and quiet aesthetic concept.

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    Every Element Deserves To Be Taken Seriously Rolex Precision (Part 1)

    In 2015, Rolex introduced a new accuracy standard with a daily error of only -2 / + 2 seconds. To measure this accuracy, brands must first figure out how consumers wear Rolex watches.

    Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Dayton

       From September 28th to 29th, 2016, the Swiss Timekeeping Association (SSC) held an international timekeeping conference in Montreux, Switzerland, and representatives discussed ‘Innovation, a success factor for watchmaking’. As the topic, this choice is appropriate. Watchmaking companies keep their timekeeping dreams alive with the latest high-tech technology; even further, they offer timepieces that are far more accurate and reliable than expected. What needs to be pointed out and emphasized is that innovation is a key element of the watchmaking industry. The watchmaking industry has created a wide variety of new labels and new certifications, some of which (and many of them) are self-established and set standards by brands to push mechanical watchmaking to the limit, or at least the limit that we ordinary people can understand .

     Rolex Cosmograph Daytona
    Global survey

       In 2015, Rolex launched the Superlative Chronometer Standard for top observatories to ignite the revolution. The following year, this certification standard extended to all Rolex watches. At the International Time Conference, Rolex representatives described the stringent procedures typical of brands. ‘Rate accuracy is a basic standard for watches,’ Emmanuel Dupas from Rolex introduced to the gathered audience. ‘Rate accuracy and watch design, quality of parts, assembly and adjustment of movements, and conditions of watch wear Closely related. ‘The last point relies heavily on gravity, which prompted Rolex to set up a distinctive’ user profile, ‘or Rolex’s’ statistical wearer. ‘

    The average daily wear of the watch
       Rolex conducted a global survey of more than 15,000 luxury watch wearers. The main findings are as follows: The wearer wears the watch on his left wrist (82.5%), and wears it every day (62%) or at least every weekday (30%). This means that the watch almost never stops functioning. They tend to wear watches (52%) while exercising, regardless of the type of exercise. The study also showed that the average altitude worn by the watch is 126 meters and that it is not exposed to magnetic fields exceeding 1,200 Gauss.

     Watch frequency
    Photorealistic technology

       Taking into account the different isochronism of each wearer, Rolex conducted a second survey of its 185 employees to determine the proportion of time the watch stayed in different locations (this is also an important consideration). The employees participating in the survey wore a watch-like device equipped with a direction sensor. The purpose of the second study was to establish a rate control model based on actual wearing conditions. At the same time, the position of the watch when testing water resistance, power reserve and automatic winding system must be taken into account, all of which means that it takes a certain time in a specific position. Aside from technical details, these studies performed a series of tests over three durations:

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date
    6 hours, Cyclostock spins and winds, testing all positions in the air
    4 hours, dial face up, horizontal position, corresponding waterproof test
    10 hours, rest test in six other positions

    Rolex Skymaster
       The duration of the three duration periods is determined and determined by research. By detecting the difference between the state before and after the 20-hour test, and converting it to a 24-hour standard, taking into account all other parameters (such as altitude and temperature), the accuracy of the watch can be controlled at a daily error of -2 / + 2 Within seconds. According to Rolex, “The new test standards have been determined, and this certification benchmark is statistically closer to the actual perception of each watch wearer.” Given the effective implementation of Rolex, Rolex is approaching the final stage, namely the realization of wearers and timepieces. People watch unity.
    Every element deserves to be taken seriously Rolex’s Way of Precision (2)

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    Audemars Piguet Millennium Women’s Watches Add Colorful Color Straps

    Audemars Piguet Swiss women’s millennial watch series launched a series of new color straps, rich and varied textures, patterns and colors to choose from, colorful and stylish grid.

    Colorful and diverse choices

       In November 2017, Audemars Piguet introduced new straps in new colors and materials to make the millennial women’s watches more colorful and add chic elements. The classic and special design of the new strap series complements the millennial women’s watch, showing the fun on the wrist. The new strap of the Audemars Piguet women’s watch combines rubber, crocodile leather, fabric and velvet materials with colorful colors, making blue, gray, red, pink, light green or purple and other colorful colors please your wrist.

       The design of the Audemars Piguet women’s watch not only echoes the ever-changing lifestyle, but also fully reflects the characteristics of female wearers. The strap is like a second layer of skin, which is both comfortable and beautiful.

       The millennial women’s watch was launched in 2015, inspired by contemporary design, architecture and art, showing design ingenuity from the inside out: the manual winding movement is flipped, and the dial can be seen through the dial Precision structure.

       The millennial women’s watch is fashionable and exudes strong femininity. This series inherits the design concept of Audemars Piguet women’s watches, breaks the rules and interprets the cutting-edge level of fine watchmaking technology.