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    Earn Big Money: 110,000 Buy 28 Bulgari Watches

    Estimated price: 110000 ~ 156000 HKD
    Falling Hammer: 110,000 HKD (about RMB 96900)
    Including commission: 137,500 Hong Kong dollars (about 121,100 yuan)
    [Limited release, 1993]
    Accessories: Bulgari box
    Size: 33.5 mm diameter
    Condition: Plastic case, black dial. 21 ruby ​​movements, single metal balance wheel, flat hairspring. The dial, case, and movement are all signed.
    Buy 28 tables with 110,000 and calculate by dividing. What is the average value of each table? The result was less than 4,000 Hong Kong dollars. Never think that a watch with a plastic case is a cheap ‘big deal’, the manufacturer is very important! Although it is an ETA movement, with the gold-colored signboard of Bulgari, it can definitely be bought and given away. However, to say that buying 28 pieces is just for collection, is it because of the different city names on the dial?