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    Detailed And Stunning Blancpain 3740-3744-58b Day And Night Display Watch

    At the Baselworld 2015, Blancpain released a female watch with day and night display 3740-3744-58B. It is equipped with an exclusive dual retrograde trajectory moon camera core, Blancpain’s new day and night display watch uses a large number of technological innovations, and is used on the finely crafted dial. In order to strengthen its DNA, Blancpain has put a lot of effort into this new movement.

       The 3740-3744-58B has an 18K red gold case and diamond-set bezel, with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.35 mm. The dial is entirely in mother-of-pearl and is divided into three sections and four levels. The four-layer dial is entirely made of mother-of-pearl, divided into three areas, and the different heights of each layer create a strong depth of field effect. Increasing the height of the layer requires careful and careful craftsmanship at each step on the mother-of-pearl dial, because this layer of material embedded in German silver will be thinner and therefore more fragile than the previous layer fragile. At the same time, the bezel and dial are set with a total of 2.257 carats of diamonds.

       Day and night roulette, rotating twice a day. Each rotation takes about 4 minutes. As the dial itself is exquisitely decorated, all the details on the two dials will suddenly come into view when they are interlaced. The creation of this day and night dial also introduced many artistic techniques and craftsmanship, such as: la
    décalque (precipitation material), le champlevé (embossed outline), and le
    marquetage (integrated overlay pattern on mother-of-pearl) and more. The blue gradation precipitated on the mother-of-pearl shows the time change from day to night. The moon consists of 50 crystal flash diamonds, while the sun uses the same dazzling 50 yellow sapphires, and the yellow mother-of-pearl dot pattern on the embellishment plate and 14
    Gorgeous diamonds that symbolize the stars make a brilliant contrast. In addition, this gorgeous Zhenpin also has a unique feature, that is, the perfect combination of the minute hand (second hand and time hand) double retrograde indication function. The watch uses a conventional minute hand, which continues to rotate clockwise in the center of the dial, and the second hand advances in an arc
    After 60 seconds, it will return to the starting point instantaneously and restart a new round of journey.

       Blancpain has perfected the retrograde logo design. Based on a snail-shaped cam, Blancpain’s design guarantees arcs and positive, rapid movement along the hand
    But without vibration, it moves back smoothly to the starting point. The gear train of the day and night disk is fixed, which means it can be set at any time of the day. The time setting is independent of the disk. By setting the crown hour and minute, by a lever, disconnect the train running from the watch instructed. Blancpain’s signature design elements, such as the case of double reinforcement, and its rounded shoulders are found in this timepiece. The bezel is set with two helical rows of diamonds 140. Blancpain
    Blancpain further perfected the retrograde indication function to make this design perfect. Based on the design of the snail cam, the brand’s new design ensures that the pointer runs smoothly along the arc curve, and can return to the starting point accurately, quickly and smoothly.

       1150 movement, measuring 34 mm in diameter. The deck is engraved and polished to enhance the aesthetics of complex movements. The movement is made up of 372 components and 47 jewellery. Blancpain has not yet confirmed the power reserve hours. The watch is equipped with a white ostrich leather strap, and the pin buckle matches 18K red gold. It is definitely one of the most elegant beauty watches. I think if you want to give your lover a great surprise, this is a very good choice. .