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    Practical Is The Best Review Of Mido Pilot Series Titanium Watch

    Watches, former timekeeping tools, and today’s accessories are fashionable. Many people regard watches as the most important thing that a man should have, no matter from his own preferences or from his identity, status, and taste. representative. However, most watches are not luxury. People buy watches not purely for decoration. They still have requirements on their functionality and quality, such as being able to be worn in daily life. Such a simple requirement is actually not easy to meet, because there are still many use of ‘restricted areas’ for watches. These restricted areas often exist in daily life, such as swimming, bathing, putting together with mobile phones, not wearing during holidays, etc. It is unreasonable to keep the watch easy to use in these non-special circumstances, but at the cost of high-end watches. In 2016, Mido launched a new Pioneer series sports waterproof watch, which is considered to be one of Mido’s most worthy watches to buy this year. The official model is M026.430.44.061.00.

        The reason why this watch is put together with the needs of actual users is that the watch itself is more instrumental and personally believes that it is stronger than its decoration. Positioned as a sports watch, then it needs to meet the requirements of many different conditions, such as corrosion resistance (sweating), lightness, and clarity when reading. Of course, there are many kinds of sports, and watches are not suitable for strenuous sports, and Intensive exercise is actually not suitable for wearing a watch.

    Mido Pilot Series Waterproof Watch

        The Mido Pilot series was first introduced in 1944. At that time, Mido took the Europa Point Lighthouse as the design inspiration, showing the temperament and charm of this historic building. Today, the Pilot’s Watch has been preserved and sublimated from its historical heritage, becoming a classic of Mido’s modern professional sports waterproof watch. The Pilot series is its current official name, and in the workshop, because its English name is OCEANSTAR, everyone also calls it ‘Starfish’. From its name, we have already appreciated the special feature of this series, which is that it is highly waterproof.

    Watch side

        This brand new watch is a reassuring sincerity, because it fully considers many factors of sports waterproof watches, such as luminous, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, sturdy and prominent diving scale. The watch uses a titanium case and the bezel is made of aluminum, so the watch is comfortable to wear as a whole, even when in motion, it will not cause too much burden on the wrist.

    Crown Shoulders

        Most sports watches will have a crown guard because the crown’s water resistance is very important. The shoulder guard can effectively reduce unintentional collisions on the crown caused by some collisions during exercise, and then on the crown and the waterproof system. Make an impact.

    Titanium bracelet

        The material of the watch’s bracelet and case is the same, and both are titanium alloys, which not only greatly reduces the weight of the watch, but also this material is strong, resistant to wear and corrosion. The bracelet is a three-section structure, which is a more common style, and is equipped with a folding buckle with a diving safety section.

    Not thick case

        I have to say that many aspects of sports watches are very attractive to me. The brushed and polished side of the case makes people feel that it is not unpretentious, and the polished corners show their own exquisiteness and delicateness. Although the watch is a highly waterproof watch, its thickness is as gratifying as an ordinary dress watch.

    Bezel with orange scale

        The unidirectional rotating diving bezel is considered to be the symbol of a highly water-resistant watch. The water-resistant depth of this watch is up to 200 meters, far beyond that of ordinary sports watches. The aluminum bezel is embossed with a non-slip, textured surface for easy manual operation. The orange diving countdown scale is used on the bezel, which is a test of professionalism and detail, because there is information that orange is one of the most recognizable colors on the dimly lit ocean floor. But with these scales, only the white dot at 12 o’clock will glow.


        The scales and hands of the watch are treated with Super-LumiNova® and have a luminous function. At the same time, the watch with day and date display is suitable for daily leisure and work wear.

    Watch feature text

        At 6 o’clock on the dial, there are three lines of small print. The former ‘OCEAN STAR’ refers to the series name, and the red font ‘CALIBRE 80’ is the internal movement number. Is the basic automatic movement that has been popularized by the Swatch Group in recent years. ‘TITANIUM’ means that the material of the watch case is titanium, which is rare in Mido watches, and even titanium is used in high-end sports watches.

    Starfish pattern on the sealed caseback

        Turning over the watch, the tightly waterproof metal case back is engraved with the ‘starfish’ pattern, which shows the characteristics of the watch on the one hand, and the close relationship with the ocean, on the other hand, it also serves as decoration to convey the mysterious taste of the watch .

    Summary: Overall, the characteristics of this watch are very obvious, light, sturdy, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, 80-hour power, dual calendar display, 200 meters high waterproof and diving bezel, etc., these characteristics are enough to counter daily life Most of the non-special situations we have to face are very practical watches, and they are also the most worthwhile watches to buy.