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    Classic Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116610lv Watch Appreciation

    Rolex is definitely the first watch brand in the eyes of most people. When I was a child, the earliest brand-name watch I heard was Rolex. Its major series have captured the hearts of many watch fans. So far, it is still a classic among classics. Come today to enjoy the best-in-class classics, Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116610LV green watch, also known as ‘Green Water Ghost’.
    The material of this 116610LV Green Water Ghost is the expensive 904L stainless steel, which has very good corrosion resistance; and his watch glass is sapphire crystal glass, which not only sets off the stunning luxury appearance of this watch, but also wear resistance Also strong. The round green dial gives this watch a distinctive sense of fashion, and it is more gorgeous with the sapphire crystal; the silver strap embedded between the lugs is also made of the same 904L stainless steel as the case In order to highlight the fashion of this green water ghost, a folding clasp is used to draw a perfect end to the appearance of this watch.

    This ‘green water ghost’ stylish and generous dial is a difficult color for some people, but it is a great gift for those who like personality. The stylish green dial is paired with elegant Mercedes-Benz hands. The fashion sense of the watch is vivid and vivid, which is very worthy of collection for those who pursue fashion and personality.
     Calendar: 116610LV “Green Water Ghost” This watch has a small window convex lens display and instantaneous change of calendar display on the sapphire gemstone surface. At the instant of 0 o’clock every day, the date jumps together with the small window convex lens to make the date clear and accurate to the user Right now.
    Rotating bezel: The unidirectional rotating outer ring with this watch accurately marks the scale. Turn the bezel clockwise to align the triangular scale on the bezel with the minute hand, and use the scale display to calculate the landing time.
    Water resistance: The enhanced airtight case makes this watch waterproof to 300M, which is the first choice for diving and outdoor sports.
    The Rolex 116610LV watch is simple and practical. The instant change calendar is a major feature. The highly air-tight case and convex mirror display allow users to observe the date clearly and conveniently when diving or exercising. And its scale and hands are covered with fluorescent coating, so that people can clearly see the time no matter in the dark night or the deep sea bottom. The unidirectional rotating dial with precise scale display can easily calculate the time difference.
    劳 This Rolex 116610LV watch uses Rolex’s classic 3135 fully automatic mechanical movement. There are fewer gears in the movement wheel train, making the movement more robust and reliable. By swinging the wrist with the wrist to rotate the automatic disk with the core, it can maintain long-term running power, and its power reserve of 48 hours can meet the daily habits of ordinary people, helping us to spend the weekend with confidence.

    This Rolex 116610LV ‘Green Water Ghost’ watch uses the Swiss Observatory-certified 3135 movement is the most common movement in the Rolex series. The 3135 is accurate and stable. Wear for more than 8 hours to store enough kinetic energy.
     The design of 116610LV ‘Green Water Ghost’ is simple and generous. Under the appearance of the most memorable green theme is Rolex’s 3135 fully automatic mechanical movement. The function is simple and practical. When wearing it, pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise and shake the watch for a long time To avoid damage to the movement. The bold and outstanding appearance design is a great innovation for Rolex’s traditional brand. Green Water Ghost has undoubtedly become one of the hottest products of Rolex since its launch. And because this watch has only one batch, its next batch is replaced by a black water ghost with exactly the same function and appearance, making this watch priceless and highly collectible. Therefore, when a green ghost appears in front of you, you must cherish it, and don’t regret it until you lose it.
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