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    The Voice Of Crystal Teana! Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Three Questions Table

    Chopard launched the first LUC Full Strike minute repeater, using the rare sapphire crystal reed to report the hours, quarter clocks and minutes, plus the unique expertise of the LUC series, creating a The minute question of the sound of nature.

    Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Minute Repeater

    In fact, the L.U.C series has already launched a small self-timer of the hour in 2006: the L.U.C Strike One watch, which tells the time at every hour. This year, the series adds a minute repeater entirely developed and manufactured by Chopard: the L.U.C Full Strike watch. It is made of ‘gold mining’ -certified rose gold, with a diameter of 42.5 millimeters, and has a beautiful hollow face plate. However, the exquisite appearance of the interior actually contains many major technological breakthroughs.
    The Chopard L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater is an extraordinary timepiece that strikes the transparent crystal gong to report the hours, quarter clocks and minutes. The tubular crystal reed coil is connected with the watch’s mirror surface into one, becoming a more perfect sound reinforcement device, accurately transmitting the sound of the sapphire crystal striking by the hammer (at a glance at 10 o’clock). . The sound of his watch sounds pure, rich in layers and rounded, and the resonance produces a strong and powerful sound of natural sound.

    L.U.C 08.01-L manual winding movement, this movement is specially developed by Chopard for this minute repeater and has three patents

    This minute repeater is equipped with the 08.01-L movement developed by Chopard for this purpose. This movement took nearly 15,000 hours and applied for three patents, with a 60-hour power reserve. Among them, the most special is that the movement is equipped with a safety protection system to protect the normal operation of the movement function. The crown of this watch is rotated in one direction to wind the movement, and in the other direction to wind the timepiece. The L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater therefore has sufficient kinetic energy to sound twelve times at the longest 12:59. In addition, it is also equipped with a dual power reserve display at 2 o’clock, and the two hands on it show the power reserve status of the timekeeping device and the movement. In addition, as long as you press the handle on the crown, you can hear the beautiful sound of the timepiece, the most exciting sound of nature.
    The movement is equipped with a three-question function to ensure the regularity of the alarm time. The worm cam is a part that determines the number of taps on the watch. Through the protruding parts on the rack, the operation information of the Chopard’s three-minute watch is activated by the operation of the cam to improve safety and ensure a regular beating rhythm. And the coaxial structure of the ratchet is used to ensure the high accuracy of the hammer lifting, and a constant force is struck on the gong. Furthermore, there is a flexible connection between the ratchet and the ratchet, which can ensure a constant and regular rhythm between the last beep and the first beep.
    Generally speaking, the gong of the minute repeater refers to the tubular parts that surround the movement. When the time signal device is started, it is struck by a hammer, and the sound is resonated through vibration. However, Chopard is different from traditional questionnaires that use steel or gold gongs. The LUC Full Strike minute repeater is equipped with sapphire crystal gongs, and this innovative design is further extended to make these gongs more integrated. harmonious. Therefore, Chopard made the sapphire crystal reed and the sapphire crystal with the same sapphire crystal. The connection is without any welding points, and it does not need glue or screws to fix it. This is a completely new design concept in the history of watches and clocks. For this reason, a patent has also been applied for, creating this simple and delicate phonological aesthetics.
    The Chopard L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater is clear and pleasing. The scale notes modulate do and fa and the sound is lingering. The rich sound has reached an unprecedented peak, and the sapphire crystal itself plays a role in conveying the sound. In addition, the sound intensity of the L.U.C. Full Strike minute repeater was reported at 12:59:16 in the spring. The sound of loud and balanced sound brought a distinctive sound expansion effect.

    It took 15,000 hours to make this 08.01-L manually wound movement

    In addition, for the minute repeater, the mute phase has the same importance. The regulator of this repeater, that is, the rhythm component given by the sounding device, is a rotating part and is placed at 8 o’clock. The regulator usually emits a buzzing sound, but the regulator of the 08.01-L movement does not hear any sound at all. The components used in the general beeping device sometimes make a clicking sound after the melody ends, but the L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater does not. Moreover, this watch changes a big problem of the minute repeater, that is, the silence period between the last beep and the first beep may vary according to the quarter clock to be reported. sound. And its three-question function of the spring time alarm mechanism is set on the surface of the disc, at a glance, the overall mechanism is completely different from the traditional, unique and innovative.
    Sustainability is also a decisive link. The L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater is equipped with two barrels with a sliding spring structure, which is similar to a self-winding movement barrel, preventing the winding movement from being too tight and preventing breakage. One of the barrels stores the kinetic energy required for measuring time, and the other stores the kinetic energy required for the timekeeping mechanism. Therefore, the L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater does not need to operate the time dial of the traditional minute repeater located on the side of the case. The power of the three-question function of this watch is stored in a dedicated barrel, which allows the watch to ring twelve ‘longest time’ at 12:59. To wind the spring, the large-diameter rose gold crown combined with a differential can directly transmit the power of the manual winding in the direction of the crown’s rotation to the transmitted barrel. At the same time, it is also equipped with a power reserve display system, which consists of two coaxial pointers. A gold hand shows the power reserve status of the movement, and another blue hand shows how many times can be activated. This power reserve display system is also the basis of one of its safety protection mechanisms.

    18K rose gold material / L.U.C 08.01-L manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / three questions function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 42.5mm / limited to 20

    The design of the LUC Full Strike minute repeater watch is also extremely elegant. Its dial has a Chopard logo at 3 o’clock, and the dial Ueno has a large area of ​​finely carved hollow decoration. Small seconds at the clock position. Various levels of the faceplate are also decorated with black pad printing, except that the track-type scale is engraved on the sapphire crystal.
    Overall, L.U.C. Full Strike minute question table shows Chopard’s attention to detail. Its movement and case bear the Geneva mark. This particularly strict certification standard makes the design and production of all components of the Chopard 08.01-L movement more complex, and it also highlights the brand’s superb craftsmanship.