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    Sapphire Story Cartier W69012z4 Men’s Watch

    Cartier is best known for its bracelets, but as a wrist accessory, Cartier also has extraordinary masterpieces in the watch. Cartier was founded in 1847 and was founded in Paris, France, full of romance. Cartier’s outstanding craftsmanship, unique style and expertise to convey the value of the brand. The blue balloon series introduced today is also one of Cartier’s classic series, using an expensive sapphire crown to highlight the style of the series. Let’s enjoy this W69012Z4 watch together.

     The Cartier Blue Balloon W69012Z4 has a 42 mm stainless steel case. This design is simple and elegant and suitable for most Asians. In fact, there are many sizes of blue balloons, but I think that men represent masculine, so the size of the watch is not easy to be too small, but if you choose 47 mm, the blue balloon is a bit large, and the price is too high, so 42 mm is appropriate. benefit. The dial is silver with black Roman large hour markers on it. Large time markers can make it easier to read the time. If you don’t say enough, the editor thinks that the calendar window is too small, although it is as clear as looking at the date. The blue steel hands can clearly indicate the minute scale, and the style of the small three-pointer with the date also expresses that it is a formal watch. If the stainless steel strap is worn in the summer, it will reduce the heat brought by the hot summer, and the stainless steel folding buckle is very convenient.
     The Cartier Blue Balloon W69012Z4 watch has few features because it is not a functional watch in itself, it belongs to the basic dress style. On the surface, there is only a date window function, and the date of the month can be displayed at 3 o’clock. Unfortunately, it is not a regret to display the day of the week instead of the dual date. It is convenient to adjust the crown. Since this blue balloon is designed without a back and a dense bottom, it also has good water resistance. Although it is only 30M waterproof, it is indeed airtight. Simple style is also the first choice for successful men.
     The movement of the Cartier Blue Balloon W69012Z4 watch uses the Cartier Cal.049 automatic winding movement. This movement is a modification of the ETA’s 2891-A2 movement. The eta’s 2892 movement is a classic of the eta in recent years. Production Large, fine workmanship, precision and stability, many brands use this movement. The movement is 25.6 mm in diameter and 3.6 mm in thickness. There are 21 gems on it, which can provide a 42-hour power reserve. And the original 2892 movement has a history of more than 30 years, eta is constantly improving its movement, and the use of eta micro gears to reduce friction to a minimum, thereby increasing transmission efficiency.

     This Cartier blue balloon is a classic in the classics. First of all, its size is particularly in line with national conditions. Second, its rounded lines and elegant appearance are suitable for men in formal business dresses. The crown sapphire is more luxurious. And this watch is quite recognizable. Many watches have their own characteristics. Like Panerai and Omega Constellation series, they are watches that can be recognized at a glance, allowing the wearer to be in many watches. You can recognize your love form by accident. The price of 49800 is not very expensive. Because it is made of stainless steel, there are no other gemstones except special sapphire, which is a more suitable watch for the public. And the variety of size and movement also makes the blue balloon series the first choice for couples.
    Watch details: cartier / 1071 /

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    Continuation Of The Classic And Innovative Breakthrough Nomos Baselworld 2015 New Product Summary

    After several days of stunning new product releases and fiery media activities, the 2015 Baselworld Watch Fair has gradually come to an end. At the International Watch & Clock Fair, the famous German watchmaking brand NOMOS released new masterpieces of the Metro, Minimatik, Tangente, Lambda and Lux ​​series, which is still the traditional Bauhaus Academy’s simple style, but also has the innovation of automatic movement Luxury embellished with gold texture. Let’s review the most noteworthy models of NOMOS together.
    Lambda white gold watch
       NOMOS is known for its simplicity, but there are also luxurious models made of 18K white gold. In the award-winning round manual winding watch, Lambda is one of the most attractive watch series. NOMOS launched this series for the first time a year ago, and thus officially entered the higher level of watchmaking. Crafted with incredible materials and crafted in incredible craftsmanship, this is a fine watchmaking wonder from the Glashütte workshop.
       The dial layout is neat and generous, and the power reserve display is located at 12 o’clock and spans 297 degrees, distinguishing the atmosphere. Through the sapphire glass case back, you can admire the DUW 1001 movement, the gooseneck trimmer, rhodium-plated 3/4 splint, delicate chamfering and polishing, and exquisite solar radiation decoration. This movement is equipped with a dual barrel, with a power reserve of up to 84 hours. It is manufactured with NOMOS’s superb mechanics and can only produce two to three pieces per week on average.
    For more watch details, please click: Bordeaux red lacquered hands, dark blue Arabic hour markers and gold scale on the outer ring, with the new and precise DUW 3001 movement, it is still the simple style of the NOMOS logo, but it is full of youth. Breath, showing a subtle fusion of rigorous tradition and joyful vigor. In addition, the DUW 3001 movement is also equipped with the highly praised NOMOS homemade high-precision Swing system escapement.
       This Minimatik watch does not have the typical feminine characteristics, but its curved sapphire crystal glass, elegant silhouette, beautiful posture, as well as ingenious color matching and superb design are all full of classic and timeless charm, showing a low-key elegance. , Perfect interpretation of the unique style of modern women.
    For more watch details, please click: 38 Datum Watch
       Metro is a new watch series released by NOMOS in 2014, and has won various German design awards since its launch. Overall, the diameter of the new 2015 model is 1.5 mm larger than the former. The dial design abandons the power reserve display, further strengthening the minimalist style of the Metro watch. From this point of view, NOMOS Metro is the purest German table, the purest Bauhaus.
       The details of the watch show the rigorous and exquisite German craftsmanship. Oxidized carbon black hour and minute hands, red lacquered small seconds, delicate surface sanding, carefully stitched Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan horseshoe leather strap, and even Glashütte stripes, sunbursts and NOMOS fish scales on the movement parts. Its equipped stop-seconds and shockproof mechanism, the fully-made Swing system escapement show NOMOS’s superb mechanical accomplishments.
    For more watch details, please click: Automatik
       To discuss NOMOS’s best-selling watch series, it must be Tangente. Since its introduction in 1992, its clear linear silhouette and simple elegance have conquered numerous industry award judges. The highlight of the new model in 2015 is the application of the new automatic movement DUW 3001. Most parts of this movement are placed between the base plate and the three-quarter plywood to avoid adding any extra thickness to it; the production tolerance of the parts is reduced. It also reaches 50%, ensuring that the movement can still provide high-precision travel time performance even under such slender conditions.
       In the end, this automatic model was only about 0.3 mm higher than the manual-winding model. The appearance continued the classic design style, and several adjustments were more subtle. Tangente Automatik’s combination advantage is quite breakthrough. So far, no other automatic mechanical model can be so thin, precise and economical. NOMOS watch fans no longer need to hesitate between manual and automatic models because of their size.
    For more watch details, please click: 20150321 / 30582.html