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    Breitling Watch Is Rough And Full Of Male Masculine Power

    Men are born adventurers. Heaven, into the sea, adventure can inspire their maximum happiness. Not only does the Breitling watch have many complicated functions of precision timepieces, its rough dial and military style full of male masculinity are undoubtedly the most worthy gifts for 2011.
    Breitling Navitimer

       Recommended reason: The chronograph Navitimer launched in 1952 is a classic of Breitling. This best aviation chronometer has the famous ‘Aeronautical Calculator’-circular flight slider. Through the conversion scale in the bezel, the wearer can quickly perform flight time, fuel consumption, climb or landing rate, average speed, etc. Various operations required for flight.
       Because of such outstanding features, Navitimer has been recognized by the World’s Largest Aviation Industry Association, the World Pilots Association (AOPA), as its designated flight-specific watch.
    Breitling Superocean

       Recommended reason: Breitling’s entry model, Superocean is designed for naval diving and other professional forces, but with the increasing popularity of diving activities, it has gradually become the new favorite of the public. Superocean has a sturdy case with a water-resistant depth of 1,500 meters, a screw-fastened crown, and a thickened sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare treatment.
       In addition, the rubber unidirectional safety bezel, the eye-catching color matching on the minute scale, and the dynamic digital design all make its appearance full of unique personality.
    Galatic 36 Automatic

       Recommended reason: The dynamic and versatile Galatic 36 Automatic is the perfect combination of mechanical and elegant. Equipped with Breitling Caliber 37 self-winding movement and small window of second hand certified by the Swiss official observatory; scratch-resistant double-sided anti-glare arched sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 meters; the case size is feminine and feminine without losing the atmosphere , There are two options of polished steel or polished steel.

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    Taste The Historical Classic Panerai Booth First Look

    On September 29th, 2014, the ‘Hats and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Fair, the annual event of the high-end watch industry, was grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Panerai, as a high-end watch brand with Italian descent, fuses local design styles with high-end Swiss watchmaking technology, showing us the brand’s original military watch style. At this exhibition, Panerai continued its unique style and integrated modern design concepts to show the people of the watchmaking tradition over the years.

    Summary: The design of the Panerai Pavilion is particularly unique. The center position of the exhibition area is composed of 8 large columns. The center of the column is hollowed out and used as a display window for watches. The floor of the exhibition area is decorated with a classic Panerai dial and presents a luminous pattern. Each of the participating friends can feel the strong wind of Panerai, and also show the unique concept of the brand to the fullest. For more information on Panerai, please continue to follow the Watch House follow-up report.

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    Pre-sihh 2016: Iwc Launches A New Pilot Series Watch: Orthodox And Elegant

    Swiss luxury watch brand IWC Schaffhausen’s 2016 pilot watch series covers a wide range, taking into account different types, from orthodox large pilot heritage watches to stylish Mark XVIII pilots Watches, then the elegant Pilot’s Watch 36. Emotionally exclusive ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ special edition and ‘Little Prince’ special edition watches will once again capture the hearts of many collectors.
       ‘In 2016, we added entry-level compact pilot watches without losing sight of this long tradition.’ IWC Chief Executive Georges Kern explained, ‘We launched fashion The Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch and the Elegant Pilot’s Watch 36 are attractive to men and women with thin wrists who value elegance and understated style. On the other hand, we have also created orthodox large precision navigation watches. ——Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch, reminiscent of the large pilot’s watch from 1940. Finally, as every year, we also offer the special edition of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and the special edition of ‘Little Prince’ Watches, with their unique design concepts, such as the annual calendar function specially designed for this purpose. ‘
       Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 (model IW510401) and Large Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48 (model IW510301). They clearly inspire the inspiration of historical precision navigation watches, which seem to pass back to the era of flying pioneers through time, but also highlight the watchmaking skills of modern IWC.
       The eye-catching highlights of the current series are undoubtedly the large pilot heritage watch 55 (model IW510401) and the large pilot heritage watch 48 (model IW510301). They clearly inspire the inspiration of historical precision navigation watches, which is not only reflected in the huge case diameter of 55 mm or 48 mm. Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC Schaffhausen, explains: ‘We have always focused on loyalty to the original design in the heritage of watch design-from the dial Design, to the color of the luminous numerals, to the shape of the propeller pointer, to the riveted calfskin strap. The watch looks like it has passed back to the era of flying pioneers, but also highlights the watchmaking skills of modern IWC. IWC-manufactured calibre, sliding clutch to prevent manual winding mechanism from over-winding, titanium case, and anti-magnetic soft iron inner case. ‘We implement anti-magnetic protection in a large Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48 with a caseback window and connect our tradition and watchmaking skills in a clear and concise manner,’ said Kristian Knup.
    The Pilot Automatic 36 (Model 3240), with a case diameter of 36 mm, is the smallest model in the Pilot’s Watch queue.
       IWC has expanded the entry-level models in the new Pilot’s Watch series, making it more attractive to watch lovers who prefer elegant watches of smaller size. The Pilot Automatic 36 (Model 3240) has a case diameter of 36 mm and is the smallest model in the IWC pilots’ current watch queue. This elegant and timeless three-hand watch is designed for watch fans with smaller wrists. There are three dial designs for the five watches, which have a simple and bright appearance.
       Big Pilot’s Calendar “Little Prince” Special Edition (Model IW502701), the brand’s second watch with an annual calendar function, with a midnight blue dial, a tobacco brown dial and a calfskin strap with cream stitching Reminiscent of the color of the flight suit worn by Saint Exupery that year.
       A picture of the famous little prince was engraved on the solid gold pendulum of the bottom cover. The little prince opened his eyes and stared into the sky intently. The little prince rotates around his axis and winds the watch.
       The special editions of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and ‘The Little Prince’ have played an important role in the pilot watch series. IWC Schaffhausen has paid tribute to the French writer and pilot, as well as its most famous work, The Little Prince, from 2006 and 2013. Throughout his life, Anthony Saint Exupery has been constantly involved in flying and writing, as well as between technology and poetry. The watch engineers and designers of the special edition of the small pilot’s calendar ‘Little Prince’ (model IW502701) now merge two worlds: they engraved the famous portrait of the little prince on the pure gold rotor of the bottom cover, The prince opened his eyes wide and stared intently into the sky. The little prince rotates around his axis and winds the watch. Three non-limited edition pilot watches were also paired with a special edition of the Little Prince midnight blue dial in 2016: the large pilot watch (model IW500916), the pilot chronograph watch (model IW377714) and the Mark XVIII pilot watch ( Model IW327004). Design of the IWC IWC through the special edition of the large pilot’s perpetual calendar ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ (model IW503801) and the pilot’s chronograph watch ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ (model IW371808) The division inherited the brand’s tradition and made it easy to see: all watches have a tobacco brown dial and a calfskin strap with cream stitching, reminiscent of the color of the flight suit worn by Saint Exupery .
    Pilot’s watch started in 1936
       The first IWC pilot watches in the 1930s and 1940s had already set a technical benchmark, and the dial design deeply affected the appearance of today’s classic IWC pilot watches. Earlier in the history of human flight, wristwatches designed for flight were very rare, so most pilots had to fly with pocket watches. In contrast, IWC has created the first ‘Special Edition Pilot’s Watch’ as early as 1936, with a solid glass mirror and a rotating bezel with arrow-shaped hands to record a short time. In addition, the watch has an anti-magnetic escapement and contrasting, legible hands and numerals that are easy to read.
       From 1940, IWC Schaffhausen started to produce large pilot watches (52 TSC) designed in accordance with military specifications, equipped with homemade movements and large seconds. The watch case has a diameter of 55 mm and weighs 183 grams. Until 2016, it has been the largest watch made by IWC. It met the astronomical watch standards in terms of accuracy, as well as the technical specifications of precision navigation and military watches at the time.
       The appearance of this cockpit instrument inspired IWC to design the Mark XI watch with a 89-type manual winding movement. Production is now scheduled to begin in 1948. This Schaffhausen IWC’s most famous pilot series model was originally produced by the Royal Air Force and has been in use for more than 30 years. Its movement is surrounded by a soft iron inner case, which protects the movement from magnetic fields.
       In 1988, the Pilot’s Chronograph was launched, continuing the long tradition of the Pilot Collection. In 1992, the Pilot’s Chase Chronograph was introduced, equipped with a Chase Chronograph and an automatic movement. The Mark XII Pilot’s Watch was launched in 1994 as the successor of the Mark XII. It was equipped with an automatic movement and date display, which was the pinnacle of its time. In the same year, IWC pioneered two trends through ceramic models of pilot chronographs, which benefited the watchmaking industry. One is the wonderful design of the pilot’s watch all black. Secondly, the watch factory applied ceramic materials with extremely difficult processing for the first time on this watch. The Pilot’s UTC Universal Time watch can advance the time and date through the crown, so IWC responded to the increasing mobility in a globalized world in 1998.
       In 2002, IWC Schaffhausen revived the tradition of large-scale pilot watches and launched a new watch with a 7-day power reserve movement and a Pillerton automatic winding system. The size of the watch was a sensation once it was launched, and the design inherited the classic watch with a larger diameter in 1940.
       Since 2003, IWC has launched a pilot watch series named after the legendary British Spitfire. The most successful British fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of all these times has played a very important role in the Battle of Britain, and its identity has also become the object of worship in its hometown from the largest aircraft model in Britain to date. The Spitfire of the year was a masterpiece of technology and exudes legendary elegance, so it became the design model for the IWC watch family of the same name.
       Since 2006, IWC has launched a special edition of pilot watches, paying tribute to the great achievements of French poet and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Saint Exupery was a legend before his death. His books have been translated into 50 languages, attracting readers around the world, and his adventure biography, deeply influenced by flying passion, is equally fascinating. During World War II, he fought against the Germans as an Air Force pilot. On July 31, 1944, the ‘Sacred Religion’-an emotional alias his admirer gave him-stepped into its P-38 Lightning fighter cabin and performed reconnaissance missions over French occupation . He never returned. In 2003, the wreckage of his lightning fighter was salvaged in the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille.
       In 2007, the pilot series TOP GUN navy air force chronograph watch joined the IWC pilot watch queue. Its name is derived from the U.S. Navy Fighter Defense School (also known as Top Gun), which provides special training courses for Fighter Tactical Instructors. Anyone who completes the course will become the world’s most trained, responsive and brave elite pilot.
       Flight missions have strict requirements for young pilots, and pilots also have extremely high requirements for watch materials. No weaknesses are allowed under supersonic flight above the clouds. For this reason, Schaffhausen designers use two materials. IWC is one of the first watch factories in the world to use these materials in watchmaking: high-tech ceramics for case and Titanium operation buttons. 2012 is another year of pilot watches for IWC Schaffhausen. The TOP GUN Navy Air Force watch series debuted with five new models in one fell swoop, making it a stand in the IWC Pilot’s Watch series. Encouraged by the era spirit of the US Naval Pilot School Air Base in Miramar, California, IWC launched the first MIRAMAR watch models with orthodox military style designs. The Spitfire series has a modern design, new features and a self-made movement, which has risen in an unstoppable momentum. The IWC Classic Pilot Series covers five timepieces with an orthodox cockpit design. Whether for original pilot watch players or watch enthusiasts who love elegant modern timepieces and rare complications, the new Pilot Watch Series 2016 is an attractive choice.