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    International Antiques Show 2013 Jaquet Droz Showcases 275 Years Of History Classic

    International Antiques Exhibition 2013 will be held from May 25 to 27 this year in the 5G exhibition hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Among them, Jaquet Droz exhibition area will display the brand’s 275 years of carefully crafted, watches and machinery-related treasures, including antique pocket watches, music perfume bottles and songbird boxes.
    The International Antiques Exhibition, hosted by Hong Kong’s famous antique dealer Di’s Investment Co., Ltd., has entered its fifth session since its establishment in 2009. Every year, the International Antiques Fair brings together the elites in the industry to display a variety of carefully selected art and antiques, making the International Antiques Fair the industry’s premier sales event. The exhibition not only provides a high-quality communication platform for those who are good at it, but also takes the public’s interest in antique arts as its mission. Founded in 1738, Jacques Droux, a well-known Swiss watchmaker with a history of 275 years, is one of the oldest watch makers in the world. As early as the Qing Dynasty, Jacques Droew produced excellent and excellent clocks for the Chinese royal family , And was named ‘Jakdró’ by Emperor Qianlong, and is still in use today. At this year’s International Antiques Fair, Jacques de Lo presents the brand’s legendary automatic doll technology with more than 200 years of history, as well as a series of antique pocket watches, music perfume bottles and songbird boxes that came out in the 18th century.

    Love and Loyalty-‘Music Perfume Bottle’ specially made for the Chinese market in 1790, gold material, painted enamel, perspective escapement system

    Gold enamel self-winding chronograph pocket watch

    Set with pearls and a central seconds hand. The Louis XVI-style shell is inlaid with pearls, the oval frame of the enamel bottom cover is painted with a picture of a vase placed on the lakeside, and it is embedded on the painted background of brown carved transparent enamel (Flinqué). ) Craft decoration. Circa 1785 was customized for the Chinese market by Pierre Jacques Dro and Reso in London.
    Before the 18th century when mechanical timepieces began to germinate, Jacques de Loire had mastered two major elements of haute horlogerie: complex mechanical functions and elaborate decorative craftsmanship, created by Pierre Jacques Pierre Jaquet Droz combines the two to create a classic. Jacques Droe was also one of the first watch manufacturers to enter the Chinese market. Many of the watch works displayed in this exhibition were customized for the Chinese market. In order to meet the requirements of the Chinese royal family at the time, they all still have the esteem Qunlun’s superb craftsmanship.

    Gold Enamel Bottle Clock

    18K Gold Enamel Binaural Neck Bottle Clock with Pearl in the Central Second Hand. Circa 1770 Manufactured by Pierre Jacques de la Chaux-de-Fonds.

    Off-centre hour and minute dial

    Equipped with a large seconds dial, circa 1785. Manufactured by Pierre Jacques de La Chaux-de-Fonds.

    Automatic puppet ‘painter’

    More than 1,000 parts. After starting, first stabilize the paper with the left hand and the feather pen in the right. After finishing, raise your left hand to indicate completion. The head can swing with the movement of the right hand, and the eyes can blink.

    Automatic puppet ‘Magic’

    1,437 parts, the head can swing back and forth, left and right, the eyes can blink, the arms are made of complex skeletons, can move back and forth, up and down, left and right, control the opening and cover of the built-in mechanical bird. The birds can turn, flap their wings, open their mouths and swing their tails, and they can even scream.
    In addition to being an outstanding watchmaker, Pierre Jacques D’Oro also has unparalleled skills in making automatic puppets. More than 200 years ago, he has successfully produced the ‘writer’, an automatic doll with more than 600 parts, which quickly swept the European court. In this exhibition, Jacques de Loire will also show two automatic dolls ‘Magician’ and ‘Painter’ made by more than 200 years of craftsmanship. Both automatic dolls have more than 1,000 independent mechanical parts. Drive the automatic puppets to perform the magic of turning the birds away and draw a horse-shaped pattern with a pen. The dexterous and delicate design and superb craftsmanship are breathtaking.

    Gold Enamel Warbler Pocket Watch

    61 mm diameter, gold, enamel songbird pocket watch set with pearls and rubies. A Louis XVI-style case, the outer frame is alternately inlaid with rubies and pearls, and the enamel back cover is an idyllic scene drawn from A. Conte’s embossed work called Evening. The timekeeping bird device is driven by a sesame chain transmission system, and the bird’s song is controlled by a sliding piston organ tube, which can adjust the size of the sound. Using the ‘mini-whistle bagpipe’ technology, the sound of the bird song is exactly the same as that of the bird song in nature. Circa 1785 Pierre Jacques Dro tailored for the Chinese market in London.

    Songbird box

    Engraved with the Jacques de Roche mark, made around 1790. The 18K yellow gold oval pearl songbird box specially made for the Chinese market. It is believed that the songbird box made by Jean-George Rémond is divided into three parts, decorated with transparent blue enamel, and carved with the patterns of Champlevé and Paillonné. The cover is set with two rows of pearls. The songbird’s lid is simply decorated with enamel paintings for romantic scenes. Unscrew the bolt to open the lid, the bird rose, hummed softly, and its wings, head and mouth danced with the music. After the song is over, the songbird will automatically return to the box and the lid will be closed slowly. Gold-plated copper oval movement with sesame chain, the movement of songbirds is controlled by 8 cams. The cam also controls the playback of the song by the piston under the cylinder. Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 40 mm.
    Jacques Dro invites enthusiasts of clocks and antiques from the city to come to the “International Antiques Exhibition 2013” ​​and visit the Jacques Dro exhibition area to experience the many masterpieces created by the brand with infinite creativity and extreme craftwork since the third century.
    International Antiques Show 2013
    Venue: 5G, Exhibition Hall, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Exhibition Date: May 25-27, 2013
    Exhibition time: 11 am to 7 pm
    Free admission