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    Talking Again About ‘clocks And Miracles’ I Will Pay For These Watches

    On the night of October 1, when the fireworks exploded in the quiet night sky of Victoria Harbour, the colorful and beautiful sounds blooming cut through the silence of the night sky. The magnificence before the destruction, leaving a beautiful shadow, until the smoke disappeared. Blooming and then dying out are just momentary things, leaving behind the beauty in memory.

       At the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center next to Nangang, a time-related event gathered a group of people who sought to explore the mysteries of time with the ultimate craftsmanship. From Caliber 89 of Patek Philippe in 1989, to Vacheron Constantin Caliber 57260 26 years later, the crown of the most complicated pocket watch has been retaken. Whatever the era, what is called the ‘most’ is always defeated by the emergence of the stronger.

       Although the 3rd ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch Fair has ended, it is the beginning of a new era. New materials, new machinery, new ideas, masters of watchmaking and craftsmanship devoted their efforts, the birth of classic time wrist art.
       They all say, ‘The classic cannot be owned forever, you just save it for future generations.’ But at least for a while, it belongs to you. Need to know that the flowers can be folded and must be folded.

       Panerai’s California noodles (model: PAM00424) are flattering. But perhaps Luminor’s case is more popular than Radiomir’s case. The California version of the bridge version was born. The Luminor 1950 series 47mm 3-day power reserve titanium DLC watch introduces the California surface for the first time. The case is made of lightweight, strong and anti-allergy titanium, and is coated with DLC (imitation diamond crystal carbon) coating. Brown leather strap with contrast stitching, embossed OP logo, P3000 movement. If you insist on being short, the only shortcoming is the limited edition of 300 pieces, and the price is only 91,000 Hong Kong dollars. Similarly, Radiomir 1940 3 Days equipped with the new P.1000 movement is also a good choice.

       The three major complications of the movement may be beyond the reach of some. However, Montblanc has broken this situation. In the past two years, Montblanc’s watch pricing policy can be said to be ‘powerful’, making many brands in the circle feel more or less a threat, in terms of brand price and value. This heritage collection perpetual calendar watch is 39 mm in diameter and only 10.24 mm thick. The bezel and case back are polished and the middle part is satin-finished. The brilliant transparent faceplate is made of light smoky sapphire crystal glass, which allows all the information related to the perpetual calendar complex functions to be clear at the same time, and also has a unique moon phase display, which is particularly noticeable. Rose gold and stainless steel are two kinds of materials. The price of stainless steel is more than RMB 70,000. This price can buy a perpetual calendar, which is incredible.

       The jadeite in China enjoys the blessing of blessing, and its green halo is warm and touching, bringing long-term good luck to the wearer. The Baume & Mercier watch incorporates emerald into the new appointment series watch, the new appointment emerald watch, with an oval bezel created by emerald embellished with 61 diamonds (total weight 0.65 carats), dazzling charm. The diameter of the case is 34mm. The silver dial is decorated with draped patterns, with Roman numerals and 8 brilliant diamonds. It is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement. Jadeite means to ensure that the wearer can enjoy health, abundance and happiness forever. The price of more than 80,000 yuan and the limited number of 8 pieces are very interesting.

       Although the two-button timing is an evolution of the single-button timing, it is unsatisfactory in the sense of balance, which is a little bit meaningless. The single timing button is placed in the crown, which makes the complete timing function easy and visually moves the index finger. The Portofino series of IWC famous for its simple design style. Manually wound single-button chronograph watch. The start, stop and reset of the chronograph function can be easily realized by repeatedly pressing the crown button, highlighting the aesthetics of watch design. Consider. This is entirely due to the newly developed 59360 movement, which inherits the characteristics of the 59000 movement series and a 192-hour power reserve (a precise movement time of 8 days). Two models are available: a white gold case with a rock grey dial and a grey SANTONI alligator leather strap, or an 18K red gold case with a silver plated dial and a brown SANTONI alligator leather strap.

       The second hand of today’s mechanical watches runs smoothly, just like the minute hand, with a regular slow movement. And if the second hand on the watch can run every second, it is usually a quartz watch. The mechanical seconds jump function is a very complex function that requires extremely complex structural support and does not hinder smooth operation. Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic® True Second® Geophysical Observatory series of real seconds watch, not only in many aspects of appearance and practical performance considerations. Its ‘true seconds’ is a constant force jumping seconds device equipped with constant force springs. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.770 automatic winding movement not only has the seconds jumping function. The non-circular structure Gyrolab® balance adopted by the movement can effectively Reduced air resistance provides the entire watch with accuracy that can be certified by the Observatory. Available in rose gold and stainless steel, the price of stainless steel is very attractive.

       The technical principle of the moon phase display function is not difficult, but this technology can be played to the fullest, and the accuracy of the moon phase display reaches a certain level, and few are available. The normal moon phase display needs to be adjusted every two and a half years to compensate for the one-day error, but the astronomical moon phase display of the Piaget Limelight Stella watch only needs to be adjusted for 122 years. It can be said that it is not necessary to adjust it for life. The oval case with a large fan-shaped moon phase display window, the combination of different materials, different strap colors and diamonds, proves that this is Piaget’s first ‘exclusive women’s complex watch’.

       Since Lange launched the big calendar in 1994, although many Swiss brands are studying, today when referring to big calendars, people still think of Lange first. Naturally, Datograph comes to mind when referring to Lange’s chronographs. But the new Lange 1’s big calendar has been changed to the instant jump. Is the new Datograph still far away? For those who really like Lange chronographs, 1815 timing is also a very good choice. The absence of a large calendar display also improves the price / performance ratio. This special edition of the 1815 Chronograph store, which is only available in Lange stores, has a beautiful blue print and silver-white dial. In addition to the dark blue printed dial elements, this watch is set on the peripheral pulsometer scale to measure heart rate. Each hand also forms a rich color combination, the hour and minute hands are made of rhodium-plated 18K yellow gold. Sweep chronograph seconds, integrating dial, small seconds are made of blue steel. The simple and brisk Lange style is addictive.

       Cartier’s Clé de Cartier series launched this year, the new design and the enthusiastic response caused by the ‘male god’ Zhang Zhen’s publicity, I think it is likely to become the second ‘blue balloon’. French ‘Clé’ means key, the new crown looks just like the same key, and the time and date adjustment is as easy as unlocking. This Clé de Cartier watch is a perfect combination of mysterious hands, two hands suspended on the dial as if there is no connection. How can traditional craftsmanship and ingenious creativity fail? 18K rose gold and white gold.

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    Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Watches Teamed With World Cup Rugby

    In cooperation with one of the most popular sports in the UK, Rugby, TAG (TAG Heuer) has become the focus of media attention throughout the world during the six-week championship in New Zealand.潮流 Sports trend watch brand TAG Heuer will be the official watch sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2011
    The TAG brand spokesman said that the rugby sport has demonstrated its unremitting pursuit of success, commitment and perfection. ‘The TAG Heuer brand not only displays this value, but also penetrates its bone marrow.’ Speaking of this new cooperation, Jean-Christophe Babin, Chairman and CEO of TAG said, ‘The cooperation with one of the world’s largest events, the Rugby World Cup 2011, is another example of TAG Heuer’s support for the world’s elite events. ‘He added:’ The reason why TAG can become the most coveted luxury brand in the world is because of the correct concept we convey in sports and lifestyle, which has contributed to the success of TAG. ‘
    TAG Heuer has a long history of cooperation with world-renowned sports events. Its brand endorsers include Maria Sharapova, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, all of whom are from the sports industry. The Rugby World Cup 2011 will be held in New Zealand from September 9 to October 23.

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    When Facing The Previous Generation Of Water Ghost 14060m And The New Caribo Diving Watch, What Choice Should We Make?

    It is not too late to get to the topic. I have to admit that it is not easy to write articles and share some opinions on the watch house. Because different players from Tiannanhaibei are gathered, everyone watches are different, the depth of play is different, and the channels for buying watches are different. Especially those who buy watches and play second watches in the store have completely different perceptions about the value of watches. In a previous article, a friend said that the article did not stand in the position of consumers, and did not look at the true value of watches from the perspective of the secondary market. Therefore, today I want to discuss a small issue with you. This problem does not occur in the case of buying watches in the store, but is happening in the domestic secondary market at this moment. When we face the previous generation of water ghost 14060M and the new Cartier Caribo diving watch, how should we choose? To be honest, this is really an interesting and tangled puzzle.

    Three different types of water ghosts, from left to right, are 14060 with ‘two-line characters’ on the surface, 114060 ‘Fat Needles’ currently on sale, and 14060M with ‘4-line characters’ on the surface. Please pay attention to these three different water Subtle differences in appearance between ghosts. All three water ghosts are in circulation on the market.
       At present, Rolex’s calendarless water ghost is 114060, 14060M is the previous generation calendarless water ghost, and it is no longer sold in specialty stores. The 114060 water ghost currently on sale costs a little more than 60,000. Many people like water ghost, and 114060 is also a popular model. However, because Rolex watches and LV bags are the same, there is no discount, so whether you buy a watch overseas or buy a second watch, the difference is actually small. Now buying a 114060 from overseas is about 45,000, and a second-hand 114060 is also about 40,000 (usually a little over 40,000). Compared with other brands of watches, the price difference is very small. On the other hand, in the secondary market of domestic watches, there are many previous generations of waterless ghosts 14060 / 14060M in circulation, because the price of the previous generation 14060M was lower than 114060 at that time. After entering the secondary market, the used price was basically It dropped to about 30,000. The previous generation of 14060M and the current 114060 are basically the same in appearance, and the price is better, so many players will buy 14060M. In the recent period, Cartier’s new Caribo diving watch has also begun to enter the domestic secondary market, and the price is basically the same as the previous generation of water ghost 14060M. This presents a very tangled situation. For the same price, whether to choose the previous generation of water ghost 14060M or the new Caribo diving watch, I have been entangled in the choice between the old and the new for a long time. The reason is as follows.

    14060 with two lines of characters on the disk.
       First of all, I can say without hesitation that when most people see this problem, they will tend to water ghosts. But when we think about it, it won’t be that simple. The advantage of 14060M is that it is a Rolex. And it is the most classic calendarless submarine, with a high degree of recognition and altar status. But beyond these auras, we also have to see the current problems with the 14060M. 14060M is the previous generation of water ghosts. The first problem is that the production year is early. We know that most of the 14060M in domestic circulation are produced in the past few years (14060M from 2001 to 2011). Of course, I cannot rule out that some of them are likely to be produced in the 1990s. The 14060 produced in the 1990s is very common in auctions (the 14060 dial has two lines without the word superlative chronometer, and the 14060M was later changed to four lines). So the state of the watch is definitely not as good as the newly produced watch. Secondly, the 14060M movement will definitely be in good condition after maintenance. However, the submarines before 114060/116610 are all aluminum rings. The biggest problem of aluminum rings was scratches easily, which is not as good as scratch resistance of ceramic rings. And the aluminum ring is easy to fade. This is a technical problem of the previous generation of water ghosts of 14060. Third, the buckle of the previous generation 14060M is a Rolex vintage buckle with a grain, which is completely different from the appearance of the current buckle. Differences in details, hollow bracelets, these are not easy to see).

    14060M of the ‘four-line character’ on the disk.

    114060 currently on sale. Note that in appearance, the crown shoulders are larger, the lugs are wider and larger, the minute hands are thicker and fatter, and the bezel pits are finer.
       As you can see, for the previous generation of water ghosts like 14060M, I don’t really care about the movement, because even this watch does not use the blue hairspring, it has no effect on the movement of the movement. The problems of the previous generation 14060M were mainly concentrated on some issues in the year of production and appearance recognition.

    Cartier Caribe Diving Watch is Cartier’s new professional-grade diving watch with high configuration and beautiful appearance.
       Although I know very well at the Watch House, Cartier is not without high voices. But in the domestic secondary market, the situation is exactly the opposite. Cartier Caribo, including Caribo diving watches that have appeared frequently in the recent period, and Caribo, which has been drilled back, have all been ‘hot’. The most appealing feature of Cartier Caribe diving watches is the ‘new’. This is a new model of a new diving watch. From the bezel, case and movement of the watch, the various configurations represent the current mainstream configuration in the field of diving watches. The Caribe diving watch is a rare new type of diving watch that does not use a ceramic bezel but uses an ADLC carbon-plated bezel. The entire watch passed the ISO6425 standard and is undoubtedly a professional-grade diving watch. At the same time, it uses Cartier’s self-produced 1904MC movement. The dual barrel provides strong torque to the watch and maintains a high swing. Another thing that attracted me at the time was the blue spinel on the crown, which was very beautiful. All of this looks perfect, but the biggest disadvantage of this watch is that its opponent is a Rolex Submariner. We can make a simple comparison of two watches for the key parts of a diving watch.

    The 1904MC self-winding movement used by Caribo dive watches.
    Case: Both watches are steel, Rolex is 904 steel, Caribo is 316 steel, in fact, there is not much difference.

    Bezel: Rolex 14060M is an aluminum ring, Carbo is an ADLC-plated bezel. ADLC coating is similar to diamond coating, which increases the hardness of the bezel. This is also a new technology in recent years. Carbo’s bezel configuration is higher.

    Waterproof: Rolex 14060M is a 300-meter water-resistant professional diving watch. The Caribo dive watch is also a 300-meter waterproof professional diving watch. Caribo has passed the ISO6425 international standard certification. This certification includes more than 20 (I remember it) tests, which are strict and credible.

    Movement: Rolex 14060M 31XX series movement and Cartier Caribo 1904MC movement, Rolex 31XX advantage lies in the top observatory, and a good reputation.

    The blue spinel crown of the Caribe diving watch is very beautiful and very eye-catching.
    In the 14060M and Caribo diving watches, the two options of the same price, there will be two solutions, and there are good reasons.

    1. According to the second watch ‘buy new but not old’ buying watch theory, we should choose Cartier Caribo diving watch. Because this is a new diving watch on sale. Cartier’s brand awareness is not much worse than that of Rolex, and the brand value is also relatively high; the appearance of the Caribo diving watch is completely the current aesthetic trend, decent hands-on; the watch itself is very high configuration, technical performance is better. At a glance, you can see that it is a new watch, so at the same price, you can choose the Caribo diving watch.

    2. According to the previous generation of 14060M and the currently sold 114060, the appearance is basically the same (except for nuances such as buckle, crown shoulder, bezel, etc.), and the same movement (except for nuances such as hairspring), so 14060M can be used as A replacement for 114060, so you can choose 14060M. As long as the official Rolex maintenance, even the earlier 14060M production year can reach a brand new state. Therefore, at 114060 all the way up now, 14060M is very cost-effective.

    The buckle of the previous generation Water Ghost 14060 / 14060M is the old belt buckle, which is the most intuitive way to identify new and old Water Ghosts.
    I know very well that any comparison and choice must have a result, and a choice without results is meaningless. So let me tell you my ‘results’ first.
       I really like the Cartier Caribo diving watch (I am also a fan), because I think it is a combination of technology (professional-grade diving watch) and art (small three-pin, spinel, disc details) Diving watches, and Cartier’s brand value is also very strong. I’ve had the urge to buy Cartier watches many times, but every time my family would persuade me because the family would say ‘rolex forever’. Two watches are like the two ends of a balance. When they are in a balanced position, this sentence will become an external force to Rolex. Therefore, I would really take a 14060M and send it to work clothes.