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    The Enduring Tissot Gentleman Watch

    The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot is deeply loved by all watch friends, and the Tissot gentleman series watches continue Tissot’s enduring classic watch legend and are very classic. There are nine models. The round dial is ‘collected’ in the slightly angular square case. The simple bar scales prominently use the large Roman numerals as the six-point and nine-point positions. The main colors of black and white are as complete as possible. Shows the gentleman’s elegance and restraint.

    The Gentleman series is unique among Tissot’s various models. The other series are round or square cases. Only her outer cushion type design is adopted. This ingenious shape was inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. The designer took inspiration from history and blended with modern aesthetic elements to create an elegant and classic work in Tissot’s classic watches. The size of this case is not small, the bezel is close to the edge of the case, leaving a lot of space for the dial, so it is more visually magnificent. The hands and three-dimensional hour markers on the dial are polished with hairline texture. They have a metallic rigid texture and match the Sven temperament that is biased towards the formal watch style. It has a soft and rigid atmosphere. In general, three small dials are usually presented with the same specifications; or they are distinguished by their functionality. The 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph dials have the same design, and the small seconds dial has another performance. The three small dials of this section break through the conventional thinking logic. The left and right small second dials and the 30-minute chronograph dial are made into white background. The 12-hour chronograph dial is only set at 6 o’clock in a low-key position, so it can The binocular chronograph has a more prominent appearance, while retaining the 12-hour long-time chronograph function. The edges of the case are not only chamfered and brightened, but also polished in horizontal and vertical planes, with no sharp right angles, and are comfortable visually and tactilely.

    The bottom cover is pressed in to reduce the thickness of the case, which is very suitable for this more elegant style. The internal movement is the same as the ETA 7753 produced by the group. This movement is basically the same as the 7750, except that the 30-minute chronograph dial is changed to the 3 o’clock position. The change of structure makes the date quick adjustment to be operated by the hidden button of the case at 10 o’clock. In terms of the operation of the timing push button, the hard feel of this movement is maintained, and it is not easy to start or stop due to accidental touch. The stability and reliability of the 7750 series of movements makes some so-called high-end movements feel bad. After all, it has been tested for decades after its publication. Even if the original design is not good enough, I believe it has been obtained. Amended. This watch’s movement splints are all decorated, and replaced with Geneva rippled gold-plated automatic disk, the aesthetics have been upgraded a lot.