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    Shangpin Fashion: Summer Watches With Blue Dial Refreshing Watch

    Many times, we find that despite the trend, the size, thickness, and even the shape of the watch are changing. Relatively speaking, the color of the dial is not so changeable. Most of the colors are white, business and elegance, black is sporty and bold. In addition, although there are dials of coffee, dark green and other colors, but they can not always compete with the former two.
    今年 But this year, we found that many manufacturers have begun to introduce blue as the color of the dial, and looking at it, the ‘blue dial’ really has a strong response.
    Blancpain Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch
    宝 The Blancpain Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch with a thickness of only 10.83 mm perfectly demonstrates the elegant and capable temperament of the classic Villeret series. The dial is Flinqué retro radiant engraved lacquered surface with multi-layered transparent blue, transfiguring an unparalleled deep ocean effect. With this delicate balance rule, the watch retains pure lines and presents classic art methods with original touch. The built-in ultra-thin movement 7663Q has a 3-day power reserve and provides source power for the central hour, minute and snake-shaped date hands. The sector of the retrograde small seconds hand is set at 6 o’clock. The lugs directly behind the 5 o’clock position allow quick adjustment of the date.
    Louis Vuitton launches Time whirlpool watch
    In 2010, Louis Vuitton launched the Time Scroll series, replacing the traditional hour scale with 12 small cubes, creating a new way to read time. This year, on the basis of this, combined with the newly revised America’s Cup new race system, this new type is dedicated to sailing. It has a charming blue sapphire dial, which not only highlights the nautical features, but also provides a glimpse into the beauty of the movement. Once entering the countdown phase of the game, the push button at 8 o’clock on the bezel, the small pane at 12 o’clock, the hands of the 30-minute chronograph dial, and the five square scales on the right of the dial will all respond accordingly. Prompt the passage of time.

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    Let’s Be The Focal Point Of The Tasting Cartier Cheetah Bracelet Watch

    Cartier, which originated in France, was born in 1847. In the centuries-old history, Cartier has maintained close contact with royal nobles and celebrities of various countries, presenting many exquisite works, highly appreciated Everyone’s favorite, especially girls. Cartier has a lot of styling in jewelry and watches. Panthèrede Cartier embodies the essence of jewellery and watchmaking technology, and constantly evolves and innovates. This year, Cartier Panthèrede Cartier has added a new timepiece, showing the feminine charm and tenderness on the watch. Let’s enjoy it together next.

      This watch interprets the soft and agile characteristics of Cartier Panthèrede Cartier. The design is very special. It can be seen in the details that Cartier is constantly challenging the limits of jewelry craftsmanship.

    Watch real shot

      This watch is made of 18K yellow gold, and the bezel and bracelet are polished to give a warm and beautiful precious metal surface.

      The crown is set on the back of the watch. This design will not damage the overall shape of the watch and it is very convenient to adjust the time.

      The small dial is slanted on the bracelet. The square bezel and dial design are Cartier’s very classic design, and its recognition is very high. The dial continues the iconic design of Cartier Panthèrede Cartier. The dial is decorated with a radial sun pattern, black Roman numerals and blue steel hands complement each other, and the Roman numerals at 10 o’clock is printed with ‘CARITIER’.

      The smooth and flexible bracelet is soft and comfortable, and the scattered hollow links make the skin loosing, making the bracelet look more transparent and light, and set off the women’s slender wrist. The quartz movement powers the watch, creating a wrist timepiece that is accurate, light and comfortable.

    Summary: Cartier has its own unique aesthetic style, which can understand women’s inner desires and satisfy their dreams. This Cartier Panthèrede Cartier new bracelet watch with a dazzling and charming design and elaborate jewellery technology has made women the focus of life. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

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    The Louvre Is A Century-old Friendship Of Baodi

    Breguet has been in existence for more than two centuries. Although it was born in an ordinary street in Paris, France, its life is not ordinary. The Louvre, a famous museum in France and it is Close friends. What kind of friendship is there between Baodi and the Louvre? Watch House takes you to find out.
      The Louvre, one of the oldest, largest and most famous museums in the world, has a collection of 35,000 pieces. Among these tens of thousands of treasures, treasure timepieces are also hidden. Timepieces are an important part of the 18th-century decorative arts of the Louvre. As early as the second French Industrial Fair in 1802, some of the masterpieces of the timepieces of the founder of the Breguet brand, Abraham-Louis Breguet, were invited to On display at the Louvre. A few years later, Vivant Denon, the first ‘sponsor’ and first curator of the Louvre, purchased a Breguet minute repeater and a Breguet ceramic clock in 1810 and 1811, respectively. The Louvre’s 18th-century art collection includes a collection of timepieces. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet provided the Louvre Museum with an outstanding collection of timepieces before the 1830s, such as Souscription Table, questionnaire, etc. These unparalleled timepiece masterpieces and innovations have established Breguet’s reputation as the world’s outstanding watchmaking brand.

     The history of more than a century is once again revealed. It is the last phase of the Louvre renovation project in the early 1980s. Its purpose is to restore all the 18th century art collections. The Breguet brand sponsored this project with millions of euros. The repair project was successfully completed. The sponsored project was initiated by Nicolas G. Hayek in 2009, and ended in 2014 under the witness of his grandson, Marc A. Hayek. The 2,500-square-meter space in the Louvre Museum has never been open to the outside world for the last 10 years, and the area has now been completely restored to reveal the mystery to the public. Relevant exhibition promotional materials in this exhibition area have also been thoroughly revised. All the collections have been rearranged and subtly integrated into this unique and magnificent building, so that visitors can appreciate these exhibits more clearly. As a result, these historical heritages are profound, and the masterpieces of art that represent Europe’s rich cultural heritage can bloom to their true charm. Through this sponsorship, Breguet not only continued the brand tradition of supporting European cultural heritage, but also further strengthened the historical friendship between the brand and the Louvre.

      Today, the relationship between Breguet and the Louvre is even closer, thanks in particular to the initiative of the then President and curator of the Louvre, Henri Loyrette, in Louvre in 2009. A thematic watch exhibition entitled ‘Breguet at the Louvre. An Apogee of European Watchmaking’ was held in the palace.

      In 2011, Breguet and CNN worked together to create a week-long special show that featured a special Da Vinci masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, which was then resurfacing. In cooperation with Breguet, CNN has shown every detail of this most important artistic discovery in nearly 200 years and explained the entire restoration process in detail. In 2013, Breguet and CNN joined hands again to broadcast the ‘Inside the Louvre’ program on the company’s famous news channel for a week in a row, perfectly displaying the Louvre in front of the audience and inviting global audience ‘Explore’ the world’s largest museum.

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    Hublot “Big Bang Out Of Africa” Women’s Watch

    In support of Veronica Varekova and her work at the African Wildlife Fund (AWF), Hublot created the ‘Big Bang Out of Africa’ ​​women’s watch, a portion of which will be donated to African wildlife foundation. The Foundation has been conducting various activities for the past 50 years to protect communities, wildlife, endangered species and natural landscapes in Africa. The foundation conducts the protection and management of ecosystems and habitats, and works with its scientific, legal, and government partners to develop various programs dedicated to the research, education, and protection of natural resources. Hublot will incorporate the African Wildlife Fund (AWF) logo in an advertising campaign with Veronica Varekova to increase public awareness of its activities.
    Hublot ‘Big Bang Out of Africa’ ​​Women’s Watch
    Through the cooperation with Veronica Varekova, Hublot also hopes to promote the perfect female image that can interpret the spirit of Hublot. For example, she needs to have the same values ​​as Hublot, be creative and break through, and protect Hublot. Awareness and value of the environment. Veronica Varekova is exactly the ideal ambassador that Hublot has been seeking to perfectly integrate luxury and nature. She is elegant and creative, energetic, natural, trustworthy and beautiful.
    ‘Big Bang Out of Africa’ ​​This elegant women’s watch, 38 mm in diameter, with an all-black case, decorated with a striking red rubber strap and side inserts, and rectangular cut spinel inlaid at the bezel . The African Wildlife Fund (AWF) logo stands out at 6 o’clock.
    Hublot ‘Big Bang Out of Africa’ ​​Women’s Watch
    Technical Parameters
    Case ‘Big Bang’, 38mm diameter, black ceramic
    Bezel 18ct white gold inlaid with 48 rectangular spinels, 6 recessed H-shaped titanium screws (polished and polished, mold forming)
    Table glass Sapphire, anti-reflective treatment inside / outside
    Lugs black synthetic resin
    Front side red synthetic resin
    Bottom cover Pure titanium
    冠 Crown steel, red rubber inserts
      Water-resistant to 100 meters or 10 atmospheres
    Dial Micro-sandblasted matte decals, red AWF logo at 6 o’clock
    Hands Nickel chronograph hands with black fluorescence
    Movement quartz movement, Hublot HUB2900 movement
    Strap lined with red rubber
    Clasp Black PVD steel buckle
    Quantity Limited edition of 500, No. 01/500 – 500/500

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    Classic Audemars Piguet 26100bc.Oo.D002cr.01 Watch Tasting

    Audemars Piguet adheres to its brand philosophy of ‘driving the routine and forging innovation’, and has created a highly skilled watch, becoming one of the world’s three major watchmaking brands. Audemars Piguet has always attracted the attention of watch lovers with its fresh sports style. While high-end people play watches, they will naturally choose brands that are innovative and work well. His personality, coupled with the brand’s reputation, is highly regarded.
    The watch I appreciate today is the 26100BC.OO.D002CR.01 watch under the Audemars Piguet classic series. It combines the chronograph and classical elements to reflect the charm of classical chronograph.
    The Audemars Piguet 26100BC.OO.D002CR.01 watch embellishes the watch with rich classical elements in its appearance, and puts the timekeeping in it through a reasonable layout, which is a contradictory breakthrough.

    In previous watches, it seems that classicism and timing elements full of movement and passion are not compatible, because the precipitation and taste of classical needs are static, but the timing needs are exactly the opposite active and dynamic. of. Audemars Piguet combined the two to create the 26100BC.OO.D002CR.01 watch.
     Inside the platinum case, there is a ‘tangled’ dial, classical Arabic numerals, track-like scales, and pear-shaped hands, exuding a strong classic taste, especially the beige color of the dial, which can not help but let the wrist The surface is covered with a mysterious veil, and it seems to have a special meaning.
    On top of these elements, it is full of dynamic elements such as timing, speed measurement and small seconds, which makes its positioning ambiguous. In the end, is it a watch worn on the wrist for appreciation, or a watch that can be used in the arena? A watch that provides accurate timekeeping? Obviously, it is ‘special.’
    In terms of functions, as mentioned earlier, it has two functions: timing and speed measurement.
     The chronograph is no longer familiar. The chronograph is to place the stopwatch in the watch and use the mechanical structure to time. The central large chronograph second hand counts seconds, and the 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock counts the minutes to form a chronograph function. With the advent of chronograph, the second hand can only be placed on one side of the watch. Of course, the second hand can “recapture” its own position unless it has the same structure as the common second hand and chronograph second hand like Patek Philippe’s Nautilus.

     The speed measurement function is a function relying on timekeeping. It is indicated by the central chronograph second hand. The standard unit is one kilometer. At the end, the scale indicated by the chronograph second hand is the average speed in the process. Unlike most other speed measurement functions, it can measure sports that take more than one minute, so it has a wider range of applications, and can basically measure the speed of normal running.
     The Audemars Piguet Classic Series 26100BC.OO.D002CR.01 watch is rich in classical elements, including color, scale, hands, track scale, round case, etc., which makes the watch’s appearance exceptionally elegant and full of retroism. Functionally, it integrates the two functions of timekeeping and speed measurement that are incompatible with classics, making the watch unique. On the movement is the Cal.3126 / 3841 movement produced by the brand. With the module, the movement thickness is 7 mm and the diameter is 29.92 mm. It is also equipped with a 110 ° two-way automatic winding 22k gold automatic oscillating weight, and Using ball bearings, the most important thing is that it uses a balance wheel stop device and a cam timing device to improve the performance of the watch.
     In general, Audemars Piguet’s classicism ‘classic watch’ can be said to be a combination of contradictions, or a new direction of development.
     Watch details: aibi / 2804 /

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    Tissot Launches The First Nba Championship Limited Watch For The Cleveland Cavaliers

    Last year, Tissot announced the largest cooperation in the history of the brand, becoming the first official designated timing of the world’s top basketball league NBA. The new cooperation includes sponsoring sports, launching special watches, launching a series of marketing activities, and developing and installing the same shot counter clock on each court of the NBA to coordinate and regulate the league’s timing standards. Today, this partnership goes one step further, with Tissot launching the PRS 516 2016 NBA Championship Watch, which is also the brand’s first watch specifically designed for the NBA Championship.

    Tissot President Francois Thiebaud presents Cavaliers guard Iman Shumper with PRS 516 2016 NBA Championship watch

       This is a three-eye chronograph with a diameter of 42 mm and a date display at 4 o’clock. It is equipped with a quartz movement provided by ETA for Tissot. Unlike most racing-style PRS 516 models, this watch’s stainless steel case is decorated with rose gold PVD coating and a black ceramic bezel for a more formal look. At the same time, the case back is engraved with the NBA championship trophy and the Cleveland Cavaliers logo.

    Tissot PRS 516 2016 NBA Championship Watch

       In addition to launching this watch, Tissot also announced a multi-year partnership agreement with the Cleveland Cavaliers to become the team’s official watch. This is another precedent. The Cavaliers have never signed a watch sponsor before. The cooperation agreement will include future watch releases and stadium brand displays. Tissot has presented a watch to each Cavaliers champion member. This watch is available in limited editions of 100 pieces. Come to Tissot chronograph cousin and affordable positioning, list price 795 dollars.