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    Thin Wrist Still Has To Come With A Small Square Table

    It has been dumped more than once by the mighty 42mm large dial, and has also been shocked by the large dial-like design of Peking Opera. Unfortunately, every time I wear such horizontal goods on my hands, I find that Why is the wrist so thin, the lugs are almost beyond the wrist boundary, a sense of uncontrollable frustration arises, and maybe Asians are not suitable for controlling the market. How to do it?
    The situation is this. Although we persist in exercising and have developed a good pecs and biceps, the thickness of the wrist is completely natural, and it is impossible to practice the day after tomorrow unless you wear the watch on the forearm. So when you wear a large and thick steel watch, you will find that the lugs cross the wrist, and the case and the strap show an inverted triangle connection. This is a taboo, indicating that this watch is not suitable for you. . Because when you lift your wrist in the crowd and want to put on a new watch, the heavy dial will slide to the side of the wrist indisputably, just like when you were wearing dad’s big leather shoes on the ground when you were a child, you’ll plant a face .
    Europeans and Americans generally have thicker bones. Our beautiful visual impression of a large plate surface is most likely to be seen in a European tavern with a large, hairy wrist wearing a IWC pilot, or a The Rolex of the steel chain is really a perfect match. Hairy will also visually feel that the arms are thicker, the hair will nourish the strap, and the watch and the wrist will be integrated. Asians generally have small skeletons and fair skin, and wearing a large steel watch can’t help it, and it will have a part larger than the whole sense, unless you are intoxicated with this show-off and let this watch enter the other person’s sight before your face.
    When choosing a watch, you must wear it. Sometimes you see a very good watch from a magazine, and when you really buy it, you find that it is not suitable for you. For example, the Portuguese series that I have always been fond of all over the world, the atmosphere is elegant and very clean. However, because this series uses the past pocket watch movement, the disk surface is more than 40 mm, and it is too large when worn. It is true that some people like to wear a large watch, but in the eyes of others, your watch does not grow on your body, like who you borrowed it from, which overwhelms your personal charm. Real taste men will not allow this to happen. Be sure to show it implicitly. In recent years, because Chinese people are buying too much momentum, European big names have also begun to modify the style of the big plate in the past few years, reducing the size to about 38 millimeters to suit the Chinese body type. However, after repeated research and comparison, the author found that the small square watch is more suitable for men with thin wrists, showing elegance, and the rectangular case slides at both ends more easily to fit the hand, whether it is naked or hidden In the cuffs, they seemed so calm. Here are some classic square watches for you.
    In fact, when I said the small square watch, the picture reflected in my mind was the Reverso series of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. This legendary watch came out in the 1930s. The flip is to prevent the disk from being broken when playing polo. The aristocratic temperament can be seen from the people it targets. Small and exquisite, impeccable in terms of craftsmanship and movement design, it is indeed a classic in the entire history of watchmaking. It is emphasized that the square case must have a formula-shaped movement to represent the development level of the manufacturer. Finding a round movement and inserting it into the square case can only be regarded as a compromise. It is also necessary to use multiple parts to fix the movement.
    Small square table
    EGrande Reverso Calendar Large Reverso calendar watch, in addition to the hour and minute display, plus week, month, date and moon phase display functions. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can savor the exquisite workmanship of its manual winding mechanical movement. The rose gold case with the brown crocodile strap is a perfect match. At the same time, the Reverso steel watch without the moon phase function is also recommended. It is not too complicated, and its volume and shape have already demonstrated its temperament. Imagine that even if you wear a polo shirt and big shorts in the summer, the small square watch on your hand will firmly circle you in the gentleman camp, and the IT men wearing pressure multifunctional electronic watches are not around. Already. (Left 1)
    还有 I also have a big love brand is Lange, whose technological level and movement development ability have always enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. This rectangular ‘Cabaret Tourbillon’ stopwatch tourbillon is a masterpiece. Every corner of the slender case fully matches the precision movement. Its originality is that it can make the tourbillon stop instantly according to the user’s wishes, becoming the first tourbillon watch with a stop-second function. The dazzling edge line brought a solemnity, and the black dress with Lange died. (Left 2)
    Patek Philippe 5101 series tourbillon with super complicated functions. Although the most memorable part of the Patek Philippe is the two-and-a-half-pin shape of the white plate, but I really feel that this rectangular watch is more elegant. The three-layer superimposed rose gold case looks very gorgeous, just to neutralize it with a gray white gold rhodium-plated dial, to avoid being too flamboyant. (Left 3)
    Cartier’s Santos series is also an evergreen tree. It is really the most versatile watch, regardless of fat and thin, outgoing or introverted, it is suitable to wear, both masculine silhouette and powerful big The rivets are interspersed with some soft lines, even if the ladies wear men’s Santos. Perfect as your first luxury watch. This model is made of stainless steel and 18K gold. (Left 4)
    When it comes to the square watch, I can’t stop mentioning Cartier’s tank series. It was first introduced in 1922. According to the sketch of the watch that year, it can be seen that the design of the case was inspired by the shape of the tank body. The frame on both sides of the case is like the aluminum strip of the tank. When it comes to watch, buy this. This is a rose gold tourbillon watch based on the ‘American Tank’. (Left 5)