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    Girard Perregaux And Boucheron Black Swan High Jewelry Three Gold Bridge Tourbillon Watch

    Girard Perregaux, a top brand in the watch industry; Boucheron, a jewelry company under the GUCCI Group. What is the effect of a strong alliance between two special luxury brands? The result is naturally amazing. Girard Perregaux and Boucheron, the top brands from the watch and jewellery worlds, combined the ultra-high craftsmanship of both parties for the third time to create a series of true masterpieces. In Greek mythology, the elegant swan is the symbol of the goddess of love and beauty, and the pure and beautiful appearance has become the favorite inspiration of BOUCHERON. In 2012, the black and white feathers of the swan spread their wings on the Sanjinqiao tourbillon, bringing a noble atmosphere to BOUCHERON, and transfiguring it into the CYPRIS TOURBILLON black and white swan three golden bridge tourbillon watch displayed by the extreme craftsmanship.
      In order to perfectly present the black and white swans symbolizing love and loyalty, the artisans of Boucheron delineate the swan’s holiness and mystery in two colors, one black and one white, to guard the change of day and night. For the steadfastness of love, the romantic interpretation of the perfect creature in Greek mythology. Girard Perregaux provided precision watchmaking technology. The perfect combination of the two was able to create amazing works.
      The black and white swan three-gold bridge tourbillon watch incorporates the graceful posture of the swan into the design. The special three-gold bridge movement placed counterclockwise off-axis for one hour becomes the body and beating heart of the swan. The case, elegant wings spreading from the case extends lightly to cover the wrist, each delicate wing flickers pure and shining. The white swan tourbillon watch is inlaid with white diamonds as a whole, more than 100 sapphires and more than 700 round diamonds, shining pure purity, highlighting the beak inlaid with coral and agate, giving a smart expression; the end of the wing is sapphire, depicting white A picture of wings spreading on the blue lake water. The black swan tourbillon watch is dominated by dark black spinel, embellished with more than 1,380 gems, cleverly matched with blue-purple corundum and white diamonds, swaying the gorgeous color of feathers, and the black agate bird’s beak is different from the white swan Deep mysterious style, reciprocating the sincere love between jewelry and watchmaking!

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    Chanel Surprises To Lead New Christmas Consumption

    The Chanel Beauty Shop in Covent Garden, London makes giant luxury calendars based on the shape of the apartment, hiding surprises behind each door.

    Chanel created a huge luxury calendar at the head office of 31 Campon Street in Paris. You can see the true content of this calendar in the Chanel Covent Garden store. This large calendar will open a door every day in December, presenting customers exclusive beauty gifts, luxury samples, beauty enjoyment or intimate services. Open doors 2, 4, and 11 and you will see a list of VIPs: Makeup artist Kay Montano visits Chanel Covent Garden on December 2; nail artist Sophy Robson is coming on December 4; famous celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell will be coming on December 11. These professionals are absolutely wonderful masterclass lectures. If you visit the store on December 5th, you will be fortunate to participate in a Chanel private fragrance workshop, which will help customers to choose holiday fragrance gifts. In addition, every Friday and Saturday in December, Chanel Royal writes gift cards for customers with hand-picked gifts. Isn’t it looking forward to it?

    According to the person in charge of Chanel, ‘This is a unique way for Chanel to interpret the Christmas world.’ This novel way has greatly satisfied the curiosity of consumers.