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    Observe The Fastest Blast And The Strongest Tornado Swirl

    The new Warman Warrior Chaser DLC Glow uses a striking all-black design as the theme to illuminate the mysterious concept of night light.
    活力 This dynamic masterpiece is based on the classic Warrior series chaser model, showing the charming contrast between darkness and light. Simple design without losing fashion chic, all-black appearance and unparalleled time-reading performance, in addition to highlighting male charm, it also contains exquisite new version of essence.
    Fighting Warrior Series Chaser Super Black King Kong has a Swiss-made automatic chronograph stopwatch movement, which provides accurate and reliable timing functions. In addition to the normal hour, minute, second hand, day of the week and date displays, this outstanding timepiece has two types of measurement scales, providing important information to the wearer. A speedometer (Tachymeter) measures the speed of the wearer over a distance. The distance meter (Telemeter) can easily measure the distance between the watch wearer and a certain sound phenomenon. For example, when the wearer sees the lightning, the distance from the location of the lightning can be calculated by using the time required to hear the thunder and the distance meter on the watch. These two types of measurement scales are important equipment for professional and amateur storm chasers.
    43 43mm case made of stainless steel with arched anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, treated with Diamond-Like Carbon to enhance scratch resistance and durability. In addition, to pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of Dr. Wurman, a member of the Bollist explorer, the bottom cover of the Warrior Series chaser Super Black King Kong is engraved with Dr. Hu Wen’s outstanding invention of mobile Doppler Patterns of Doppler On Wheels radars. This new technology allows Dr. Hu Wen to approach tornadoes from a close distance, directly observe them from the ground to the bottom of more than a hundred feet, and make real-time inspections of highly destructive tornadoes.
     In addition to the theme of mysterious black, Ball Watch uses its own 3H technology and night time reading design. It embeds self-luminous miniature gas lamps on the Super Black King Kong, which creates extraordinary time-reading performance. Even in a completely dark space, the reading is as clear and bright. The type, color and design of the dial highlight the functions of the watch. The dial is inlaid with 66 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps. The blue gas lamp is set at each minute scale, while the gas lamp at 12 o’clock is orange. The green gas lamp is set on the hands of the chronograph. The yellow gas lamp is set on Hour, minute and second hands create impressive glowing effects.
    Follower Super Black King Kong comes in two color dials: black or white. Both the black and white dials are fitted with premium rubber straps.

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    The Moment Of Heart Confession Lifetime Movado Couples Send Sweet Blessings To The Watch

    Love is as gorgeous as fireworks, but two hearts that are related to each other are warm and eternal as time. Every moment of traveling together is a footprint of happiness. The Movado couple watched the romantic and sweet moments on the Chronicle with precise ticking. When this Qixi Festival is coming, Movado watch is a beautiful and timeless blessing for lovers who are destined for three lives. May the years be gentle, work together for one lifetime, and never separate.

    Movado modern classic series couple pair watch

    Model: 0607124 (for men) / 0607116 (for women)
    Specifications: 39.5mm (male) / 28mm (female)

    Modern classic couple pair watch, 39.5mm men’s and 28mm women’s models, with romantic and stylish PVD rose gold plated case, black dial with three hands and two hands decorated with the same color outer ring, rose gold dots and hands , Embossed black calfskin strap with classic tongue buckle in the same color as the case. It is suitable for lovers to wear in their daily life, symbolizing the continuous love, and witnessing the bit of time spent by two people.

    Movado Ruidong series couples watch

    Model: 0606915 (for men) / 0606920 (for women)
    Specifications: 39.5mm (male) / 28mm (female)

    Movado’s movement series couples’ pair watch, the men’s model adopts the double-layer silver sun-printed three-hand dial decorated with silver iconic dots and hands, and the stainless steel bracelet uses V-shaped links and butterfly-type folding buckles. The women’s watch has a white mother-of-pearl dial with two diamonds, a diamond inner ring made of 29 brilliant diamonds, and sapphire crystal as the mirror. This elegant watch is suitable as a Chinese Valentine’s Day gift, accompanied by starlight and sweet time with lovers.

    Movado Ruihong Museum Series Couple Pair Watch

    Model: 0607007 (for men) / 0607010 (for women)
    Specifications: 42 mm (men’s) / 26 mm (women’s)

    The Movado Ruihong Museum series couples watch, the legendary single-dot dial is known as the simple and pure design in the history of watches and clocks, which embodies the model of modernism. The new strap made of selected high-quality alligator leather with gold PVD stainless steel buckle is simple and handsome. The 42mm men’s and 26mm PVD gold-plated stainless steel cases have a back case. Pleasing to the eye. Use it as a token of love that conveys each other’s love, and let time witness the endlessness of love.